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Trump and Rosie

Come to Blows!

1/5/2007 2:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Have you taken sides in the Rosie O'Donnell/Donald Trump feud? Ever wish you could punch The Donald or kick Ro? Now's your chance!

Rosie vs. Trump has put together a Rosie vs. Trump fighting game. You can take control of either one and duke it out -- Babwa and Miss USA Tara Conner will even root for you as you knock money out of Trump or slug Rosie until magazines fall out of her!

Each character has their own special moves and catchphrases; Rosie will yell, "How do you like 'The View' from down there?" as she slaps you upside the head with her tongue. Trump says things like "You mental midget!" as he whips his hair for maximum damage. Too good!


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Donald Trump is such a cocky, unattractive, jerk. if he were arguing with someone as sh*tty as OJ Simpson or Satan i would route for Satan on principle alone.

2792 days ago


Babwa's signs are hilarious

2792 days ago


Love kicking that "Mental Midget" Ass!!!!!!!~

2792 days ago


And Rosie is one smelly carpet munching slut

2792 days ago


I love both Rosie and The Donald dearly. But I am definitely having a bit of trouble recently with the King of Morocco, who can be a real...horn dog, as you can see from what happened during my recent Yuletube show.

2792 days ago


D-man you are an ass......Rosie is a lot more then just a lesbian, she is a smart woman with a voice.....

2792 days ago


i love how people are so excited to use the gay and lesbian word they dont even care that it has nothing to do with it. it's a good drama filled fight and Trump is making himself sink to low levels.
he wentoff on meredith vierra for bringing it up in an interview. i am pretty sure she does not write the questions.

2792 days ago

Dr Gruv    

truly to become a cult classic game,,, would'nt it be nice if they made
a paris vs brit... that would be totally awesome!!

2792 days ago




BOYCOTT THE SPONSERS..................

2792 days ago


flashbacks of Joey Buttafucco's tirade against boxing match with Chyna, anyone?

2792 days ago


I think that Donald Trump has blown this whole Rosie thing WAAAAAAY
out of proportion.......she was giving her "view" of his decision, I
mean isn't that what her show is about? Giving/getting opinions about
different subjects from all different types of women? A lot of what
she said, in addition to being opinionated- was TRUTHFUL.....They
booted Vanessa Williams out of her title for taking nude photos YEARS
before becoming Miss America......yet, here you have this underage,
drinking, coccaine ingesting bimbo- making out with Miss Teen
USA.....and you give her anothewr chance? I thought the Donald liked
saying "YOUR FIRED".......or is that only for the women he deams
unattractive? Fat? Beneath him? He made a poor decision, and he hates
that fact that Rosie had enough gumption to speak her mind, instead of
yesing him to death......"fat little Rosie" a good woman, she
has adopted children, given to a variety of charities- is she
perfect,? NO....but, then again I don't know anyone that is.......

What Donald Trump said about Rosie, should be considered as offensive as what Micheal Richards said about black people......

2792 days ago

Dr Gruv    

negative -not going to happen luv the apprentice too much... this season is suppose to be unlike any other... besides rosie is much more annoying then trump could ever be

2792 days ago


Rosie is a bully who picked on a bigger bully........ what did you think would happen?

Rosie is only getting back some of what she dishes out on a daily basis.

2792 days ago


I think a lot of what she said was factual......

I don't think a MISS AMERICA like the one we have NOW is a good role model for our children.....>not to say kids should look to the t.v for a role model......but, if we are going to critisize the baseball players, rappers, models etc. for being poor role models, then shouldn't we also penalize the person who's job description INCLUDES the words role model in it????? When she is accepting her flowers and tiarra, they are saying the words "should so and so be unable to fulfill her commitment".......didn't she break a rule????

2792 days ago


The only reason Donald can get any women is because of his billions if he was just joe schmo the car salesman do think his current wife would even look at him its laughable!!!!!! Rosie said the truth and all he comes back with is petty remarks about weight and looks.Trumps is an a**hole!!!!! I hope his current wife got a good prenup!!!!

2792 days ago
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