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Britney: Screw the Apology

1/6/2007 4:08 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsIs she kidding? Although Britney just apologized for the mess she's gotten herself into, the girl still won't slow down!

Brit was spotted partying till the wee hours on Thursday night at the West Hollywood club Area, according to Perez Hilton. Was this her last big hurrah before she cleans up her act? Probably not.

Oprah WinfreyOprah Loves Rich White People

It seems Oprah still has a soft spot for white kids. While her new South African school for girls grabbed headlines, Oprah has also been lending a helping hand to some ultra-white establishments. According to FOX News, Winfrey gave $1 million to Miss Porter's, an exclusive finishing school in Connecticut, where she sent her nieces. Annual tuition is $38,000, and graduates include Jackie Kennedy, the Vanderbilts and the Rockefellers. The talk show queen has also contributed to Chicago's Lake Shore Academy, whose student body is pretty much entirely white.

Brad and Angelina: India Sucks

Brat Pitt and Angelina Jolie are sick and tired of being modest. Page 6 reports that the globetrotting duo has ditched their Third World lifestyle for an upscale vacation in the Virgin Islands. They have been living in the lap of luxury in a five-bedroom, $8,000-a-night beachfront villa, which was formerly the private digs of the Rockefellers. Along with their kids, they had 97 pieces of luggage and a huge entourage in tow.

Party Favors: NYC Workers Busted for Helping Out Busta Rhymes ... Nicollette Sheridan Makes Her Singing Debut ... Chris Kattan Engaged to Model

Two courthouse workers helped Busta Rhymes dodge photographers after he posted bail on a recent assault charge. The workers drove Rhymes out of the courthouse in a prisoner transport bus and dropped him off down the block. This type of special treatment violates the department's policy ... "Desperate Housewives" star Nicollette Sheridan sings for the first time on boyfriend Michael Bolton's upcoming CD. "It was terrifying," she tells the Hampton Sheet. "Michael encouraged me to do it. So I did it out of love" ... Comedian Chris Kattan is engaged to model Sunshine Tutt. He popped the question on Christmas Eve at Tutt's grandmother's house in Texas. They plan to wed next year.

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No Avatar


Britney, Oprah and Brangelina all make me want to vomit.

2856 days ago


Um This is report is coming from the same gut I mean guy that said Britney and Matt Leinart were seen making out in AZ, and also your reports are conflicting cause according to your custody report she should be in Miami now, so I don't beileve it until I see some Pics. I can't stand Britney but I'm pretty tired of these blog sites trying to make a story out of nothing, Did you all read that stupid spot about Vanessa Minnillo shopping, it was earth shattering.

2856 days ago


Actually, the 1 million Oprah gave to Miss Porters is in the form of scholarships for underprivileged minority/inner city students. The school also has one of the highest percentages of minority students, including those from prograa ms like A Better Chance, which sponsors urban students through high school and college. In addition, MPS hasn't been a finishing school in over a hundred years - it is one of the most liberal, and the most challenging, academic environments available for girls. Their main message is one of empowerment for women, including ground breaking programs in financial literacy and math/science.
-a Porter's grad currently working towards a human rights law degree

2856 days ago


Bekka, thanks for that info. I'm no fan of Oprah's but I am seeing a lot of misinformation regarding her charitable work and donations. Good luck to you in your law career.

2856 days ago


Brad & Angelina: So what.
One, name another couple who have put as much time, effort and money into their charitable causes.
Two, pick on someone else. Shouldn't be that hard, considering all the aimless and selfish egos in Hollywood.

2856 days ago

J Doe    


2856 days ago


Oprah's donations to elitist all-white girls schools should shock me -- but as a girl who grew up half Mayan in the United States, the virulent racism of white people such as Oprah and Mel Gibson no longer surprises or even shocks. What modern American has not seen touches of this "Apocalypto" mindset in our workplace and our local malls?

2856 days ago


#8 - Oprah's white? When did that happen?

2856 days ago

He's Boring now    

Oprah sends her closest kin to an elite private former finishing school? Why does that not surprise me. Take care of your own baby, who wouldnt want to?

But do slow down a bit on your ripping of the "little people" and their twisted want for Ipods and sneakers---for those same neices of your own attending such school would choose Ipod and sneaker as well if not granted the privledge received from you.

Do note as well commentary today from the Chicago Tribune Editorial Page

"How strange to hear one of the world's richest women--whose TV show is built on advertising, ah, consumer products--complain about materialism among Americ'as city kids. Perhaps if she thinks they're so materialistic maybe she could invite them the next time she does one of those shows where all the people in the audience truck off armloads of goodies from those same sponsors she benefits from...You're all getting a NEW CAR."

2856 days ago



No, you are mistaken. My sister goes to this school and my parents are very involved with endowment/donation matters. Oprah's $1 million gift was given to the school WITHOUT any stipulations. She's also donated more than just money. But I'm sure you know that.

2856 days ago


Way to get in that self-promo Tyler. And to call yourself a rising "superstar"? yeah, i'm sure you'll be right up there with the beatles, elvis, stevie wonder et al.

2856 days ago


Forget about Oprah.

What is the US government doing for US inner city schools. That's more of an outrage and injustice then Oprah's comments. Why doesn't the US government suspend spending on Iraq for 2 months and pour that money into US inner city schools.

What have any of you done for inner city scools/children? NOTHING. Oprah's still way ahead of you. She's donated MILLIONS of dollars. She got tired of the ROI (Return of Investment). Low test scores, high drop out rates, bad attitudes, etc.... So, she's decided to take her money elsewhere.

She's just telling the truth!

2856 days ago


Maybe Britney is apologizing, but she's not partying as much. I believe in her apology and for setting the record straight in her message on her website.

2856 days ago


I can understand why Oprah WInfrey chose to open a school in South Africa. I find it hard to believe that some inner city students want extravagant items like Ipods and shoes, when they should be getting something more educational. Those African children want uniforms as well as futures in their lives. I don't think she's contradicting anybody. She's donating from her heart, what she feels. Now all these critics can lash at Oprah all they want, but those South African girls had some unfortunate beginnings and this new school will brighten their days and futures. It is a beautiful building.

2856 days ago


Bringing political attention to the Millennium Goals is hardwork... Let brad and angolina vacation in peace.

2855 days ago
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