It's War!!!

1/9/2007 10:45 AM PST

It's War!!!

A full-out battle between Rosie O'Donnell and Barbara Walters has broken out at "The View" over the Donald and his Rosie-bashing.

Rosie lashed out at boss Babwa yesterday morning in a pre-show dressing-room bitch-off, calling her "a [bleeping] liar," according to Page Six, and was furious with Walters for not sticking up for her during the Rosie-Trump feud of the last two weeks.

When Walters saw Rosie yesterday morning, a couple of hours before "The View" aired, she tried to hug Ro – but Rosie, who'd been on vacation over the holidays, wouldn't touch her. And, according to the Post, she fumed, "You didn't call me for 10 g**damn days ... You never called [Donald] a liar."

Then, on yesterday's show, Babwa proceeded to brand Trump as such, which prompted the Donald to tell 'EXTRA,' "Barbara lied, as she knows very well." Rosie and Walters' rep says it was "hardly a squabble" and that everyone has "moved on."

Brit's Pre-PURE Sake Spree

Britney Spears got in the mood to, well, pass out early on New Year's Eve with a good ol' Japanese oiling up beforehand, despite what her reps say caused her premature departure. We have sources who saw the drink-by-drink as Brit put away "lots of sake" before she made it to Las Vegas' PURE nightclub for a reported $400,000 party-hosting gig.

Yesterday, reports swirled that Britney might be losing her six-figure appearance fee for ditching PURE early, and that her exit may have been caused, in part, by the catcalls of other PURE patrons, but a club rep told us they were overjoyed, saying, "The crowd LOVED Britney and they cheered her on everywhere she went... She is always welcome at PURE." No word yet on whether all the sake-slurping before her paid gig would affect her contract.

Angelina Says She Didn't Mean to Slam Madonna

It could've been such a delicious catfight, but Angelina Jolie moved quickly yesterday to quell any speculation that she'd taken the Material Mama to task for her adoption of a Malawian baby.

Angie was quoted in a French magazine as saying, with reference to Madonna's controversial adoption, "Personally, I prefer to stay on the right side of the law. I would never take a child away from a place where adoption is illegal." Yesterday, however, as People reports, Angelina said that the article "included many falsehoods" and omitted positive comments. Added Jolie in her statement, "All that should count is the happiness of her little David." And so the claws recede.

Party Favors: Miss USA "Ridiculously Flirtatious" at Dog Shoot ... Borat Had to Evade Cops 37 Times ... Cameron's "Avatar" on Its Way ... Van Halen, REM Rock Their Way into Hall of Fame

Rehabbing Miss USA Tara Conner's famously supercharged hormones were very much on display at a cover photo shoot for New York Dog magazine, says Page Six. Before the to-do over her randy behavior, Conner was "ridiculously flirtatious" with male photo assistants at the session. Alas, Conner won't make the cover because she couldn't do the interview ... Sacha Baron Cohen tells the Los Angeles Times that, by his count, Borat had the cops called on him 37 times during the filming of "Borat," and that he never washed that gray suit once or wore deodorant for, you know, authenticity's sake ... James Cameron's long-awaited "Avatar" is finally coming to theaters – in 2009. The $190 million sci-fi epic will "blow you to the back wall of the theater," promises Cameron. ... Van Halen might have to reunite after all – at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The rockers made the cut this year, along with REM, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, the Ronettes, and Patti Smith.

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