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Is Britney Beyond Repair?

1/11/2007 10:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

You know things are bad when even your own stylist throws up her hands in disgust.

That's what's happened to Britney Spears, who just can't seem to get a grip on anything, especially her own appearance. According to In Touch, a former stylist for the pop princess claims that Britney just can't be helped, at least when it comes to her look. "Don't blame me, okay? I make her up and she just takes everything off and does her own thing," said Britt Bardo, whose other, more pliant clients include J-Lo and Kate Hudson.

Britney's recent fashion disasters have included cavorting around town in a fluorescent bikini and a see-through top, and a continuing predilection for leaving her pants (though, thankfully, not her panties) at home.

Angelina Not Such a Saint, After All

Angelina Jolie has made plenty of hay for adopting kids from Asia and Africa, but it turns out that Jolie isn't such a role model for many adoption advocates. As Page Six reports, When she took in Maddox from Cambodia, Jolie used a Seattle-based agency that was then found guilty of fraud. "Angelina is not a hero in the adoption community," said one advocate, who suggested that the scandal caused Cambodia to shut the door on many other families waiting to bring children into their homes. Jolie was recently quoted in a French magazine as criticizing Madonna for her adoption of Malawian baby David. Angie later said she was misquoted. Still, in her defense, Jolie wasn't aware of the agency's woes when she adopted Maddox.

Richard Gere: Click to watchGere Tells Sex Workers to Double-Bag It

One of moviedom's most famous johns – Richard Gere – is stumping for prostitutes in India. Gere, who played a call girl's customer in "Pretty Woman," led a rally of 10,000 sex workers in Mumbai, getting them to chant, "No condoms, no sex!" to raise awareness for AIDS in the country. "Before, there was a total lack of knowledge among sex workers about HIV," said Gere. "Now there is a radical change. When sex workers speak of condoms as a norm, it is a powerful statement, it empowers them."

Party Favors: Verne Troyer in Mini-Rehab ... Pregnant Marcia Cross Ordered to Rest in Bed ... George Michael Nabs $3 Million for Russian Lumber Man's Party

Verne Troyer, aka Mini-Me from "Austin Powers," has checked into a rehab facility, according to Us Weekly, to deal with alcohol-related issues. Troyer's been in rehab before, and he recently peed in public on an episode of VH1's "The Surreal Life." ... Desperate housewife Marcia Cross, 44 and expecting twins in April, has been ordered to rest in bed as a "precautionary measure," according to the AP. ... George Michael played a New Year's Eve gig for a Russian lumber magnate that netted him a cool $3 million, says the L.A. Times, which runs down a host of other private performances that net big paydays for stars like Christina Aguilera and Robin Williams.


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George William Gockel    

Britney Spears will be sexually harrassed,stalked,kidnapped and be raped by Hells Angels.

2805 days ago


Angelina Jolie is rotten. Anyone who would fool around with a married man is scum. Ditto for Pitt. And their endless array of adoptions will not *redeem* them. I feel sorry for the kids - knowing they will be brought up by parents with no morals.

2805 days ago

Kevin Wexler    

First of all, Britnee is not new.. she isnt a good mother, wife, actress, singer or even worth talking about. She reminds me a worthless call girl

2805 days ago

jon saylor    

Everyone needs to lay off Britney. She is cutting loose a little that's all. Once her break is over she return to cutting some tunes and get her body right again. I think it looks good right now. Haven't any of you ever had a party period?Yes, of course! Don't lie, you know it's true. We all have. The difference is we are not chased by the papparazi(sic?). As far as her kids, I'm sure she has a nanny just like any of us would get a sitter when we needed one. Under her temporary facade, there is still a beautiful and talented young woman. KFed....okay that was an oops!, but are we all free from bad choices in partners? I've made mistakes and she did too. Have we not all had a romance that turned out sucky?

2805 days ago

kevin Orr    

You know I wish people would stop praising madonna and angelina for their adopting practices. They are both anti-american. If they were real americans, they would start with all of the homeless kids we have in OUR OWN COUNTRY and stop with the adopting of cambodians and africans.

2805 days ago


I totally know why Cohen is hooking up with Britney. He's watching his profitability add up, cha cha ching! I know this guy, used to live next to him for three years...he's for sure not looking for anything serious. Very smart tactic though!!!! You go Cohen!

2805 days ago


Hey Verne, do you sing? Send us a video clip@ and we will help you out. you rock little dude!!!!!!

2805 days ago

Elizabeth Creasap    

Britney married a player and he dragged her down to his level, she is just trying to recapture all that she missed by getting married to young.
She needs HELP to get her back to what she was before she got involved with the player. Surely her family must see what is going on, cant they help her in her hour of need. if not shame on them.

Help the poor girl, quit using her

2805 days ago


To vet, it wasn't Angie who was bragging, it was her husband. When you type you're comments, read your statement before you add it. You sound like a five year old on the computer.

2805 days ago


My heart goes out to Britney. She is one little hurting girl right now. Give her a break and some time. She needs it for the time being to get over some of the hurts she is feeling right now. She will come back again. a broken heart can sometimes last for a while. All she is doing is covering up a lot of hurt. What do you do when you cover up yours ? You are not walking in her shoes right now.

2805 days ago


SLK, if you're so worried about your children's role models then why don't you provide them with ones you consider acceptable? Your child's best role model are their parents. Fill their lives with people who live the standards that you want them to grow up with. Given proper role models in their home, social settings, and community, and a child will grow to have those ideals. You would have no reason to blame outside influence if you teach your children to be strong in their own ideals, ideas, morals, etc. because they are strong enough to say, 'It's okay for you to be who you are, and it's okay for me to be who I am even if we are different.' A child who is raised with a good sense of values won't fall into the trapping of the latest fad or drugs. I raised two sons who were taught to choose their role models wisely. They have since grown up to be responsible fathers and husbands without ever feeling the need to follow the crowd or a celebrity.

2805 days ago


Hmmm. SOrry if this is a repeat. I just think it's weird how women cry over being judged by their looks, yet they are the first to judge a woman's looks. Worse than the men even.

2805 days ago

Bart Stewart    

Can somebody explain to me why anybody continues to care about Britney Spears? I can think of a grand total of two (2) songs that she ever did, both were years ago, and both were very imitative of Janet Jackson. She is basically famous for being famous. I cannot understand the continuing frenzy of attention for this washed up, shallow, manufactured pop star of years past. I think it has to be some kind of Payola, or a situation where her company is paying to keep her in the news. She absolutely does not deserve all this attention, and never did as far as I am concerned. Think of all the new, original, up-and-coming talents that are being ignored so that we can spend endless time, energy, and money on Britney Spears. REAL talents are being ignored for the likes of this over-rated nobody.

2805 days ago
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