Is Britney Beyond Repair?

1/11/2007 10:45 AM PST

Is Britney Beyond Repair?

You know things are bad when even your own stylist throws up her hands in disgust.

That's what's happened to Britney Spears, who just can't seem to get a grip on anything, especially her own appearance. According to In Touch, a former stylist for the pop princess claims that Britney just can't be helped, at least when it comes to her look. "Don't blame me, okay? I make her up and she just takes everything off and does her own thing," said Britt Bardo, whose other, more pliant clients include J-Lo and Kate Hudson.

Britney's recent fashion disasters have included cavorting around town in a fluorescent bikini and a see-through top, and a continuing predilection for leaving her pants (though, thankfully, not her panties) at home.

Angelina Not Such a Saint, After All

Angelina Jolie has made plenty of hay for adopting kids from Asia and Africa, but it turns out that Jolie isn't such a role model for many adoption advocates. As Page Six reports, When she took in Maddox from Cambodia, Jolie used a Seattle-based agency that was then found guilty of fraud. "Angelina is not a hero in the adoption community," said one advocate, who suggested that the scandal caused Cambodia to shut the door on many other families waiting to bring children into their homes. Jolie was recently quoted in a French magazine as criticizing Madonna for her adoption of Malawian baby David. Angie later said she was misquoted. Still, in her defense, Jolie wasn't aware of the agency's woes when she adopted Maddox.

Gere Tells Sex Workers to Double-Bag It

One of moviedom's most famous johns – Richard Gere – is stumping for prostitutes in India. Gere, who played a call girl's customer in "Pretty Woman," led a rally of 10,000 sex workers in Mumbai, getting them to chant, "No condoms, no sex!" to raise awareness for AIDS in the country. "Before, there was a total lack of knowledge among sex workers about HIV," said Gere. "Now there is a radical change. When sex workers speak of condoms as a norm, it is a powerful statement, it empowers them."

Party Favors: Verne Troyer in Mini-Rehab ... Pregnant Marcia Cross Ordered to Rest in Bed ... George Michael Nabs $3 Million for Russian Lumber Man's Party

Verne Troyer, aka Mini-Me from "Austin Powers," has checked into a rehab facility, according to Us Weekly, to deal with alcohol-related issues. Troyer's been in rehab before, and he recently peed in public on an episode of VH1's "The Surreal Life." ... Desperate housewife Marcia Cross, 44 and expecting twins in April, has been ordered to rest in bed as a "precautionary measure," according to the AP. ... George Michael played a New Year's Eve gig for a Russian lumber magnate that netted him a cool $3 million, says the L.A. Times, which runs down a host of other private performances that net big paydays for stars like Christina Aguilera and Robin Williams.