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Tara Reid

Gets Fishy Down Under

1/11/2007 3:13 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Actress Tara Reid is currently in Australia making paid appearances, and found time to stop by Sea World for a dip with local fish.

Sea World normally does not permit dolphins and whales to frolic in the same tank, but it appears that this park has made an exception.

It is unknown whether any animals were harmed in the making of this picture.


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I don't understand why everyone needs to slam Tara Reid. Granted, she's a party girl, but come on, who in Hollywood isn't these days? And by no means is this girl fat. She's had a couple of botched plastic surgeries which are in no way her fault. I feel bad for her, she's just out there doing her own thing and no one can seem to give her a break.

2821 days ago


Why such mean comments about this girl all the time?

2821 days ago


Oh, shut up, TMZ. I hope Tara Reid kicks your asses and it's caught on tape. Now THAT would be funny - then we can all comments on all your slobby fat asses! ;-)

2821 days ago


dolphins are mammals.


2821 days ago


Ok, I agree. Not a big fan of the girl, but are you kidding me? A whale? Maybe you could say something about her having barnacles, but not a whale.

2821 days ago


I dont really care for Tara but she isnt doing anything stupid these days. Shes actually looking pretty normal and even acting normal. Leave her alone or at least give her some credit.

2821 days ago


About enough! This girl has really trried hard to correct her bad behavior/looks image. Her recent surgery was quite successful. She is by no means (or even close) a "whale". Why don't you find a new target?

Give her some encouragement to keep up the work on self improvement.

Sort of makes me wonder what TMZ staff looks like!! Bet not all that!

2821 days ago

What is your problem?!    

What is wrong with you TMZ??? Why the vendetta against Reid? Tara is a beautiful girl and in no way fat! Yes, she likes to party but let's see.......... wow lot's of people do... and not just in Hollywood. There are plenty of people in the world that have done some unflattering things while partying; she is just in the public eye so it is a little more visible. As for her surgeries, she had a bad plastic surgery, get over it! It is not her fault the doctor messed up.

2821 days ago


are we sure she wasn't getting fresh with the dolphin because he's smiling pretty wide right there..


2821 days ago

avid reader    

WHALE! Where do you get that from. Tara Reid is not fat by no means. It is comments like this that cause people who don't need to lose weight to go on these starvation (or extreme diets) causing irreversible damage to there organs. And also giving you something to put them down for later, because they weigh 80 pounds and look sickening! As the "party girl" there are many things you could find to write about her & call her, but let's not insinuate she is something she is not, please!

2821 days ago

Average Betty    

I'd rather see a list of "bad asses"... as in "bruisers."

Who are the toughest celebs?

Naomi? Russell Crow? Avril?

2821 days ago


Enough already! TMZ what is your problem? Every few days you have to slam Tara...

You guys are obsessed in such a strange outdated way...Hey, here's an idea...why do you trash celebrities that are somewhat relevant.

Here's an idea, why not run a headline saying:

Casper Van Dein: not as hot as he was 10 years ago.

At least he's working...

2821 days ago


Stop with the name calling TMZ. Tara is trying to turn things around. I also have heard that Tara was very nice and did a wonderful job in Australia. So let's try and give her some support.

2821 days ago

cat, galloping    

i don't understand. you're calling her fat?! she looks pretty good to me!

2821 days ago


wow. I am not a fan of TR. but, i am actually proud of the comments posted by the readers, by sticking up for her. this is a first that i've encountered. you guys have heart after all.

2821 days ago
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