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1/13/2007 12:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Some might say Star Jones was three times the woman Keira Knightley is. Literally.

While most Hollywood stars are watching their waists, some aren't letting anything go to waste, and we're guessing they couldn't care less.

Check out our gallery of some of the most Flabulous stars!

Lovin' the photos? Can't get enough skin? Check out these other galleries to curb your craving:


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Mad Balls    

I really wanted to hate Cinnamin Spice but D*mn . Nice rack , honey ! What ? you want some stupid putdown ? Dickhead . Someone please correct me but I think thats Beckhams girl .... Right ? Well worth 250 million . D*MN ! Keep your D*ck in your pants , Sailor ! Dickhead .

2838 days ago

Mad Balls    

It looks like AHNOLD is giving Rosie a lesson in Greek culture . And what is that alfull tattoo on rosies' ankle . It looks like something from Gene Roddenberrys star trek--alien ankle communicator . Dickhead . For a little flair how about a cig coming out of the cover-it box (hardtop) for brits' dingleberries (snatch) . Marlboro perhaps ? Too k-fed . Dickheads .

2838 days ago

Mad Balls    

I agree Mr. boil . Fabulous ! I have found my female that looks like a transexual . Oh thank you Lord . Dreams do come true . Now quickly bitches .....someone snatch Beckham while I snatch Posh . YUM ! Oh I know there fake but WHAT FAKES !!

YUM !!

2838 days ago

We, are not amused.    

The picture of Clint Eastwood...I laughed so hard I pissed myself! It looks like he has another full-on face on his torso!
This is why when gentlemen reach a certain age we should NEVER subject the world to the sight of our man titties. A nice "wife beater" is most appreciated!

2838 days ago

Lenn K    

Damn Rosie is a slob and my God Arnold isn't much better. And for Britney grow some hair on that bald dome, what are you 8 years old?

2838 days ago

Brother Harold, S.J.    


2838 days ago


Look....most of the people on those photos are well over 60. Let's see how all of you look when you get that age!

And Nicky Hilton and Janet Jackson shouldn't be on that list. Janet has since lost the weight and Nicky Hilton is hardly flabby. In fact she is pretty normal looking.

2838 days ago


So... we're to believe that it's shocking that when folks get old, they no longer look like anorexic teenagers?

Publishing those pictures of men and women in their 60's and 70's are just mean, and the captions cruel. Shame on you.

2837 days ago

Reality Check    

I'm relieved to see some of you recognize the disgusting nature of the series of pictures about 'overweight' stars. Are you kidding me? As someone already pointed out, most of them are older. Those who aren't? Please! Star Jones had gastric bypass surgery, Kirstie Alley (who isn't actually young, either) is the face of Jenny Craig, Tara Reid had lipo-gone-wrong, and Janet Jackson has since somewhere around sixty pounds! If TMZ is so desperate for page fillers that they are going to stoop BELOW the level of grocery store tabloids, the least they could do is get the captions right.

In the meantime, I would rather get the news a little later than usual from a less active source than find myself barraged with more reminders of Hollywood's Eating Disorders....Justified attitude.

2837 days ago


RosieHo in all her (fat) glory.


2837 days ago


Shame on you. Many/most of those people look HEALTHY and normal for their ages. Would you rather see bones protruding from under their skin? This is one of the reasons that the rate of eating disorders is increasing in this country....TMZ staff--although this may be a good way to sell your product, you cheapen yourselves by even writing those captions.

2837 days ago


This is a great site.

2837 days ago


This is completely unnecessary and cruel. Taking cheap shots at how people look -- whether they are celebrities or not -- makes you out to be a bunch of grade school bullies.

And tomorrow's feature -- the biggest boobs in Hollywood? Puhleeze, can you guys get any stupider?

2837 days ago


TMZ, i can't believe you think these people are actually fat. you bitch and moan when they're too thin and then you bitch and moan when they're normal looking. you guys seriously need a life. you guys suck.

2837 days ago


This pisses me off. I am sick of the focus on "beauty." I am much more interested in character and substance. Is everyone associated with media just airhead? Does anyone not think of more important things that surface looks?

The captions are so meanspirited. How would YOU (whomever you are) like to see yourself ridiculed in public?

Shame on such shallow, empty-headed, meanspirited displays.

2837 days ago
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