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Golden Globes Go Green

1/14/2007 5:01 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In Hollywood, green is the new black! After Jake Gyllenhaal, Eva Longoria and Sarah Jessica Parker do the black tie Golden Globes banquet, they'll be celebrating the actual globe at the "Greenest Party on Earth."

Golden Globes
The Beverly Hills bash, sponsored by E! and the Environmental Media Association, will feature recycled party decor, sustainable plants and flowers, and a menu consisting entirely of organic food. Pass the salt! A tree will be planted for each party attendee, which will go toward offsetting the carbon emissions generated by the soiree. Al Gore will be so proud!

Celebs like Paris Hilton, Lance Bass and Adam Brody will also be getting their ecological groove on to the sounds of DJ AM. Try doing that at Hyde!

The A-list ecofest takes place on the site of a former Robinsons-May department store, which is being turned into an environmentally sustainable, high-end luxury residence called 9900 Wilshire. Unfortunately, for most of us, it takes a lot of green to live green!


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So are they going to use electricity to keep the lights on and the DJ pumping? Is the food going to be catered to the even by foot or trucks? Will they be using hairspray to keep their hair up?

While I am very pro-green, I think these celebs that have a hand in and/or support these empty gestures are full of shit. It would have been beeter if they just had a pot luck dinner at a park within walking distance of the awards venue.

If you're gonna talk the talk, walk the walk.

2838 days ago

Paris Has A Penis Nose    

Penis shaped nose, Paris Hilton is a celeb? What did she ever do that made her a celeb? Oh, that's right, she sucks penis. That made her a celeb. That's what she's famous for. That's all she'll ever be known for. Ugly mutt.

2838 days ago

Lenn K    

I think this is the reason why we write the things we do about celebrities is the thousands of award shows for self-promotion and ego. Once of on a time, there use to be probably two or three awards, period. Now these vain, ego-driven, self-important and overweening freaks think giving themselves awards almost every three or four weeks makes them important. And it probably does, because look at us talking about the asswipes. And as far as going green, get rid of all the limos, buy small houses and sell your private airplanes, then we'd believe the crap you're saying.

2838 days ago


One way to sstop these things is to stop watching them on tv. If no one watches, it won't happen.. Let's start boycotting hollywood bullshit

2837 days ago

West Ham    

From The Guardian:

Celebrities are loving the planet. So how about losing the private jets,,1939608,00.html

2837 days ago

West Ham    

Oh and...

"Show me an environmentalist, and I will show you a hypocrite. In an interview with the Guardian recently, Chris Martin, the lead singer of Coldplay and all-round good guy, spoke of his concerns about climate change. On his new album there’s “an intense, angry track encouraging people to make the right decisions about how they live their lives and how they treat the planet.” A few paragraphs on, he revealed that he was about to “fly by private jet to Palm Springs … The band can now afford to fly wherever possible”.(1) Neither Martin nor the interviewer appeared to recognise the contradiction."

2837 days ago

george vieto    

The post party celebration of the Captain Planet and the Planeteers. cartoon series finally plays in Hollywood.

2837 days ago

Bob Hansen    

I worked at this party last night, and I can tell you it was stupid, none of the above mentioned celebs showed up. The most high profile person there was Ludacris and he only stayed for five minutes. Better luck next year E! The food was good though, although like any party we generated a ton of trash which went right into the nonrecyclble dumpsters. And they had this pond with a wooden bridge set up to look more earthy and like ten people fell in and it was about 30 degrees so they weren't too happy.

2835 days ago

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