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Angelina Cheers Up -- For a Minute

1/16/2007 6:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

After making her way through the Golden Globes red carpet in a huff, Angelina Jolie managed to lighten up and enjoy a kiss with her lover Brad Pitt. Lucky b***h!

While the supercouple didn't show too many signs of affection throughout the telecast, once the cocktails were flowing, Brad planted a big wet one on Angie. Mama needs her some lovin'!

Although Brad lost out to Eddie Murphy for Best Supporting Actor, going home with Angelina is more than enough prize for any man.


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This photos shows Brad--Cross Eye'd moving in for a kiss & Angie tolerating him! She doesnt even look like she is enjoying being kissed--supposedly by the man she is SOOOOO in love with!

What the F ever!! She is such a bitch!

I'm telling you right now January 16, 2007--Angie will leave him--she is already BORED with him--just look at how she acted last night! She will brake his heart just like he did Jennifer's!!

2838 days ago


Brangelina are two posers. Why give these hacks so much attention?

2838 days ago


Angelina and Brad look like a power couple and everyone wanted to see them
last night.

2838 days ago


Not trying to knock her down to "my level". But, like it or not, she is a celebrity, one who gained notoriety for herself by her own actions. To play Miss Coy/Miss Innocent/Miss Understood right now is ridiculous.

She chose the public life. She did outrageous things (Billy Bob, vials of blood, tongue-kissing her brother, falling in love with a well known married man) so she should expect a little publicity, good and bad.

She can't choose to just have her good deeds published...she will be scrutinized by the media for everything she does. And when she is at a glitzy, Hollywood event her aloof attitude will be scrutinized.

2838 days ago


That looks like a tight lipped, unaffectionate kiss to me.

2838 days ago


Angelina was 14 years old when she was a cutter. YOU would have never even known about it if she weren't so honest about her life. Why can't you actually listen to what she says? And I mean the whole story, not just the snippets you read because you are too lazy to do your homework and read entire passages. She spoke quite freely recently and, once again, she got bombarded with illiterates who profess to know her. Listen to her. She is uncompromisingly honest. I am trying to emphasize this to you folks who cannot seem to comprehend that she is the true to herself, whether you like her or not.
With regards to Billy Bob, while I like him as an actor, he is certainly a piece of work. Though I give him credit for his impressive truth-telling while they were married, he's got some problems. Doesn't even like lizards because they "are little dinosaurs". Once again, you wouldn't have known stuff about them if they both hadn't been honest. Does it freak all of you out that some people are non-comformists? If you youngsters are too closed-minded to learn to embrace differences in the human race, what the heck are your kids going to be like. Get back to me in 10 years when you all have lives.

2838 days ago


She kissed her brother with more passion than this. Wen she was with Billy Bob they couldn't keep their hands off each other. She stole Brad knowing he wanted kids and she just wanted a babysitter

2838 days ago



Interesting point...wish everyone could look into your life and see how you srew up a gazillion times in a life.

We'd all have a blast picking it apart.

Nice try.

2838 days ago


Jolie is a homewrecker. Shacking up with a married man while filming that stupid mr and mrs smith. She can do all the charity work she wants but the public knows the truth she is a HYPOCRITE! Scolding her Dad for sleeping with a married woman and she does the same thing with Pitt. Disgusting piece of trash!

2838 days ago


She always looks pissed because she's trying to pose and look sultry not knowing she looks like Cruella!

2838 days ago


Towlie, you are soooo right! Self righteous bitch.

2838 days ago


She acted like a ROYAL B*&CH. My God. And where does she think all her frickin money comes from???? Get a grip you snotty brat. Be THANKFUL for those who got you to the point you are. It's called Hollywood - Glitz & Glam. Be thankful for once in your life child. And apologize to your father. What example does that show all of YOUR children.

2838 days ago


She wants the live the life of a uber celebrity but not do the follow through of being a movie star. She should have just stayed home. Brad seems scared of her...should've never left Jen!

2838 days ago


Those hands look like a skeleton's. She needs a little weight on !

2838 days ago

Team Aniston    

If she has done anything wrong, why does she avoid reporters and questions. she walked by the red carpet holding on to Bradd like a kite and completely mum-did u see her interview with Ryan?
She knows she f***ed up and tries to make up for it by talking about children, adoption etc.. Asdk her about breakfast and she answers about family, kids.

2838 days ago
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