Oh No They Didn't! Globes' Most Cringe-Worthy

1/16/2007 2:20 PM PST

Oh No They Didn't! Globes' Most Cringe-Worthy

Sometimes awards shows make us weep a little, laugh a little, or sleep a little. And then there are moments that just make us cringe, a lot.

Last night's Golden Globes was no exception. Long after Ryan Seacrest's thoroughly wince-inducing stand-up with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Warren Beatty made us wince with a deeply awkward (and incorrect) "Borat" impression.

Best TV Comedy Actress winner, America Ferrara, positively made us gnash our soup dumplings when she exited the stage after her touching acceptance speech and waited like a glowingly expectant puppy to be interviewed by NBC's Maria Menounos. And waited. And waited. And then had to run offstage, ignored by the blathering Ms. M. Such indignity!

Then, as Prince was a no-show to accept his award for best song, Justin Timberlake waited for his Petite Purple Majesty to come and collect his trophy, then saved the cringe-worthy moment by making himself a foot shorter and accepting on Prince's behalf.