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Oh No They Didn't! Globes' Most Cringe-Worthy

1/16/2007 2:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sometimes awards shows make us weep a little, laugh a little, or sleep a little. And then there are moments that just make us cringe, a lot.
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Last night's Golden Globes was no exception. Long after Ryan Seacrest's thoroughly wince-inducing stand-up with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Warren Beatty made us wince with a deeply awkward (and incorrect) "Borat" impression.

Best TV Comedy Actress winner, America Ferrara, positively made us gnash our soup dumplings when she exited the stage after her touching acceptance speech and waited like a glowingly expectant puppy to be interviewed by NBC's Maria Menounos. And waited. And waited. And then had to run offstage, ignored by the blathering Ms. M. Such indignity!

Then, as Prince was a no-show to accept his award for best song, Justin Timberlake waited for his Petite Purple Majesty to come and collect his trophy, then saved the cringe-worthy moment by making himself a foot shorter and accepting on Prince's behalf.


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Come on, where are the really important people????

Give us pictures of Paris Hilton and Stavros already!!!!

And BTW, Cameron Diaz looks like sh*t in her dark haircolor.
But her dress was cute.

2807 days ago


Regarding the awkward America Ferrara interview, People said it best, "We miss Dick Clark, who used to conduct backstage interviews during the Globes with his customary low-key aplomb. Instead, we got Access Hollywood correspondent Maria Menounos, who pounced on poor Kyra Sedgwick practically before she left the stage. Later, she left a confused America Ferrera hanging, let her wander off camera, then dragged her back to ask her a lengthy and incomprehensible question about the supposed naysayers who hadn't wanted to cast Ferrera in Ugly Betty. Note to Globes producers: It's not like you really need these aimless interviews. Your show already has plenty going on."

2807 days ago


What Justin Timberlake did was totally in bad taste. He is going to get his ass kicked from Prince's posse for sure. He better watch his sexyback.

2807 days ago


One of the worste moments was when Forrest Whittaker accepted. What a bore. Please don't let him win at the Oscars, I couldn't stand another acceptance speach like last nights. It was like nails on a chalk board. Say something....or try to be funny. However, he is a fine actor.

2807 days ago

He's Boring now    

Warren Beatty was like a talking corpse---he went on too long, it went nowhere, it was all about him, attempts at humor failed---he should have just thanked people, showed some humility and graciousness. That last line he gave to his wife was not funny nor romantic.

2807 days ago


Prince was there! I saw him (well on TV). I don't remember where he was sitting, but I commented to my husband about Prince. I don't know why he didn't just go up to the accept the award. Maybe to make a statement. Maybe because he's lazy. Who knows.

2807 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

Why on earth would anyone be afraid of Prince? Personally I haven't liked any of his music for over a decade now.

2807 days ago


Prince was there. He was sitting behind Eddie Murphy when Eddie won is award. Justin, Prince may be a little eccentric,( ok alot) but he is still one of the best!!

2807 days ago


Prince got there late, stuck in traffic so he missed his award being handed out.

2807 days ago


#3, have you ever won anything in your life? Beause if YOU have, and it's something worthy of your life's hard work and expection, you will shed tears. You don't know what you're talking about. As someone in the business for so long, when my time does come, and trust me, it will come! You will see tears. It's not a weakness, it's human, and Forest being one of my favourite underrated actors for such a lenghty time, it's nice to see that good and hard working people do laugh at last. So, in the words of Little Richard, "SHUT UP!"

2807 days ago

Mary H.    

I felt so bad and embarrased for poor sweet America Ferrera. She looked like she wanted to just fall on the floor and die of embarrasment right there... I wonder why she stood there next to Maria Menounos, was she given some sort of clue that she was going to be interviewed? If that was me,, I would be humilated

2807 days ago


#1,2 I totally agree. Where are the professional interviewers? Those questions asked were totally way out there "duh"....

I have a comment about Jamie Foxx.........What the hell is his problem??????? Somebody please give this guy a reality check.......I was so embrassed for all the black male entertainers..........He's so loud, rude, ignorant and stupid. Somebody should have thrown his ass off the stage.......dumb ass........and he's not all that..............and

Beyonce claiming to have wrote every song she sings these days "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK"......

2807 days ago


i thought meryl`s speech was genius.....funny as always and that "that`s all" at the end was legendary....btw,prince was stuck in traffic and that`s the reason he couldn`t accept the golden general,it was a boring ceremony and listening to people thanking their "lawyers"(yes,i`m thinking mr. bacon`s wife) just turned me off.....i`m just curious about ratings for golden globes......

2807 days ago


You know B was mad all night, how over Jenifer winning everything she must be so she wears a loud ugly dress and strikes a hooker pose and still all she gets is ...Why does B look so bad tonight, I love it!
No awards for you!

2807 days ago


Yeh, What's up with Foxx? Where is the class????????????????????????????????????????

2807 days ago
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