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Sacha Baron Cohen's Orifice Complex

1/16/2007 11:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sacha Baron Cohen -- aka Borat -- proved that he doesn't need a smelly gray suit and a faux Kazakh accent to be uproariously funny.
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Accepting the award last night for best actor in a comedy or a musical, Cohen brought the house to tears (of laughter) by slipping into a mock-serious appreciation of "the dark side of America," referring of course to his "Borat" co-star and his testicles and "rancid bubbles" of air that had been trapped in bodily crevices unsealed for decades and ... oh, hell, just watch.

As Borat himself would exclaim, "Wa wa wee wa!"


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I think this guy is really sexy. Really.

2803 days ago


Will Smith and all of those associated with The Pursuit of Happyness were robbed. Just as Steven Spielberg and all of those associated with The Color Purple were and countless other over the years. Dreamgirls as bet movie ? You have got to be kidding !!!!. Who the heck listens to critics anyway ? Will Smith you were far superior than any other and the World knows it.
Much Love

2803 days ago


I just don't understand why the winners of the minor awards, early in the show, get to talk forever & make the show run long. Then the winners of the big awards (you know ... the really prominent, entertaining, FUNNY people) have to get cut off. Keep the show tight early, so the big stars get longer! (And then maybe Sasha could have gone on for another three or four minutes. Very nice!)

2803 days ago


Sacha Baron Cohen at the Golden Globes was funny last night, as was the unusual appearance on "David Letterman" of actress Amy Sedaris, star of the film "Strangers With Candy." I have come across an interesting tape on Youtube telling a moderatley odd story about Amy's best-selling new book, a book that is apparently a bit risque.

2803 days ago


This guy is an idiot and not very funny either. First he lies to others to sign waivers just to get them to be part of his routine, not telling them they're being duped into being an "add" for his assinine movie, then he gets an award for his stupidity. His acceptance speech was vulgar with potty-sophomoric humor and should've never been allowed to go on and on about one of his costars crotch. That was supposed to be funny? Why wasn't the music played to shut him up, like the person who accepted the award for The Queen who was given the music heeve-ho just because he was trying to make a political statement? The media has been taken over by a bunch of rotten spoiled immature idiots who think crotch jokes are important.


2803 days ago


I have to agree with #6 100% just like that idiot Tom Green these so called comedian's are not the least bit funny. thank god their career usually don't last too long.

2803 days ago


He was hilarious and made the otherwise boring night bearable! Warren Beatty should have been pulled offstage with the hook as his rambling speech put us all to sleep.

2803 days ago

chi chi    

where do the haters come from? He is hysterical, like Andy kaufman 3.0. He also is incredibly sexy, tall dark and handsome. I love that middle eastern, mediterranean manly look.

2803 days ago

Message In A Bottle    

Sacha looks pretty good in real life!! And some of you need a sense of humor, I'm tired of the same ol' "I'd love to thank my director, cast, producers, etc etc" overused phrase...he brought some spark to the awards.

2803 days ago



2803 days ago


Perfectly insolent ... best part of the show!!!!

2803 days ago


All he did was retell an incident were a fat ugly guy sat on his face and people are laughing like it's the funniest thing they ever heard. This is the guy people are talking about? That 'funny' guy? Terrance and Phillip can do a better job at making me laugh. Are Americans so desperate for joy in their lives that they would actually consider this talentless hack funny?

2803 days ago


This guy brought forward a problem our society is dealing with today and that deep down or not, people are racists. As a Jewish person, I was not laughing at a few of the jokes (especially the jew egg). Cohen still deserves the award and people should have expected the acceptance speech based on his movie. If there is any chance for an Oscar, Cohen most likely lost it and he knows it! The academy has pretty much nominated and picked the conservative and safe movies.

2802 days ago

Gossip Fan    

Sasha is funny and sexy. His speech was great, everybody has to admit that bodily function jokes are funny. Don't be so uptight about it. He brought humor to a sometimes very boring show. Watching the movie you would never know that there was such a handsome guy behind the Borat character. I wouldn't mind some "sexy time" with him.

2802 days ago

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