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What Was in Paula's Cup?

1/17/2007 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Did Paula Abdul have a few -- or several -- to help her get through the endless agony of listening to screeching "American Idol" contestants?

Last week, the "Idol" judge appeared on FOX stations to promote the show, and there was enough slurring, giggling, and wackiness to satisfy affiliates from Alabama to Washington; a condition Paula described as being in her "own little world." Then, last night on the season premiere of "Idol," we noticed that there was plenty of attention paid to Paula and her liquid consumption, and in one exchange with her colleagues, she conspicuously weaved to and fro.

So, was Paula in her own, booze-soaked "little world" again? You decide.

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Anna Nicole death should be a wake up for people like Paula.I don't think she's drinking alcohol,I believe she's thirsty from the narcotics she puts in her body.She needs help.People tune into Idol partly to see the condition Paula will be in.They should do the right thing and get her help before it's to late.JMO

2768 days ago

Dorothy Lugo    

I feel bad for Paula but it seems she has definitely cleaned up her act since the beginning of the show. So, obviously when the show started & she was falling off her chair - she was on something or a mix of stuff. Now, she's cool while on camera. Now you got it, girl! Do your shit after work - not during. Good luck.

2763 days ago


Are we all forgetting that Paula had an issues years back being adddicted to painkillers? Looks like she may have relapsed.

2800 days ago

He's Boring now    

No booze in her cup last night. But pain pills were inside of her and thus her thirst was huge and she needed multiple gulps of water.

2800 days ago

old pop star... AI fan base is little girls 12-16 and gay boys

2800 days ago


It seems to me she is on some sort of medication, but not booze. Again, she is coming across kinda weird. Either that or we are all crazy!!!

2800 days ago


i agree with emilio. the thing with the fox news looked like she was just confused and people need to seriously let it go, but didn't she have a problem with pain medication before?

2800 days ago

No legs in Texas :(    

Someone NEEDS to step in and get this woman help ASAP!!! The people at American Idol need to intervene. Is she needed that badly on the show to pretend she does not have a problem?

2800 days ago


C'mon Paula...loaded is as loaded does. Ya can't hide the fact "you're blasted outta yer head! It's OK. Contact Glenn Campbell re: excuses to flood media, that what we see, is an "illusion." George Michael is another guy ( to call. Say something about Rosie & the donald, to deflect all this media scrutiny. If not, get wasted and enjoy. Right Emilio who?

2800 days ago


It's about time everyone stops covering up for her. Admit what everybody else can see. But then again, watching her make a total boob of herself is good for ratings.

2800 days ago


I watched the whole "it is what it is-Brilliance" fiasco here in Seattle and let me tell you-she was either-on it, full of it, rolling it, snorting it, or eating it" because girl was out of IT. Paula, get thee to rehab ASAP....Oh and to your "people" who say you were miked to Birmingham and Seattle-shame on yall.

2800 days ago


According to Rosie on todays THE VIEW, she was PRETTY THIRSTY, lol :)

2800 days ago


So is she kind of acting like Anna Nicole Smith??

2800 days ago


She is embarrassing herself! I can't believe they let her go on like that. She is slouching around all over herself and her eyes are half shut, yet she can't sit still and slurred speech. No doubt it's pain pills! She needs to get it together, looks like a serious problem!

2800 days ago


Drunk or pilled out.

2800 days ago
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