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What Was in Paula's Cup?

1/17/2007 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Did Paula Abdul have a few -- or several -- to help her get through the endless agony of listening to screeching "American Idol" contestants?

Last week, the "Idol" judge appeared on FOX stations to promote the show, and there was enough slurring, giggling, and wackiness to satisfy affiliates from Alabama to Washington; a condition Paula described as being in her "own little world." Then, last night on the season premiere of "Idol," we noticed that there was plenty of attention paid to Paula and her liquid consumption, and in one exchange with her colleagues, she conspicuously weaved to and fro.

So, was Paula in her own, booze-soaked "little world" again? You decide.

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hey, #66 look up or paula abdoul rsd you JACK AZZZ. Educate yourself before you make jokes DA

2802 days ago

Little Titty    


2802 days ago


Judy, Judy, Judy... post #67.....

Come on.... why do dumb sh*ts like you, protect these skanky celebs??? I am all about feeling badly for people's misfortunes, but I would believe Paula's troubles, if she would stick with the same story.

On Jan.10th, Abdul's spokesman, Jeff Ballard, denied that she was under the influence of alcohol or on some kind of medication and said the U.S. performer never drank. She was "exhausted." Then he (again, Paula's own spokesperson) said, "she had a sore throat after sitting in the chilly studio on Thursday."

Sore throats are caused by a virus or straining of the voice... not chilly studios.

Paula has joined the same ranks as Lindsey Lohan.. remember just two teeny weeny little weeks ago, Lindsay had an appendix operation.... MIRACLE of MIRACLES... healed and in REHAB today.

So, Judy, before you start telling someone to look up something, and then insulting them with profanity.....try running to a dictionary and learn how to spell!! Educate yourself and get those stars out of your eyes.

Now run off to bed... I believe it is your bedtime.

2802 days ago

Little Titty    

Ahhh, lovin' born blonde! Remember this too Judge Judy. O'Douls =non-alcoholic. Abdul= pure alcoholic. Too bad chronic pain doesn't keep you from typing. Shut your pie hole!

2802 days ago

george vieto    

Either Paula drank Who Dat beer, Duran Coffee or Super Malta or all of the above. Her own little world.Get it?

2802 days ago


Does she have what Michael J. Fox has? Parkinson? Maybe she does and she doesn't want to admit it. She's at "that age" when it kicks in.

2802 days ago


She is definitely on painpills. what is weird is, she is rubbing her nose/face and, what that is, is an allergic reaction to pain medication. She is high but she's uncomfortable.

2802 days ago


Oh my F***king god....watching the tryouts would want me to have some kind of cocktail to deal with the contestants who think they can sing....I got a headache listening to some of the wannabe contestants...and some of them had over supportive parents and friends who still egged on so called "singers" who should probably look elsewhere for a source of income. The months of auditioning would make a heavy drinker out of any sane person driven to the drink hearing screaming, screeching and the screaming that some think qualifies them as singers. YIKES!!

2802 days ago

Mad Balls    

Jewel is hot in a farm girl way . I'm sure she'd yoddle right nice with the Nasty tickling her pipes . dickhead . Idol is way lame this year . No doubt the beginning of the end for this oversimonized watcher , at least . Simon Sucks . I'm going to have to have what paula is having --double -- to watch the rest of that mess . Sh*T . Dickhead .

2802 days ago


Come on folks, lets leave Paula alone. Rosie, once again, makes remarks without finding out if she's on target. She opens her mouth and out comes whatever. Apparently she believes that it is her job to be outrageous. Paula is a big part of the success of American Idol. She's a perfect parnter for this team and we love her.

2802 days ago


Who the hell cares what Rosie the talentless hack thinks. She needs to climb back under the rock from where she rolled her fat ass out from.

2802 days ago


pain pills....ive been fighting a battle with oxycontin for a couple years now...they make u thirsty as hell...she is not drunk...she high on pills...

2802 days ago


Drunk on some strong painkillers. I caught her itchin' her nose. My nose always itches like that on opiates. Wow, she's like a car wreck, ya just have to look

2802 days ago


dear post #68 such a kid person have you looked up rsd yet? or cant you find the keys on the keyboard. I am lucky i can even use my hand i have rsd paula has it and trys to live with it and not talk about it go paula abdoul rsd. she will always be sluring and shakey on the drugs she has to take i only wish she would tell the world the truth. maybe after all this she will. do you make fun of michael j fox to? disease is not funny. hopefully you will never know make resitutuon contribute to rsd research. john f kennedy couldnt spell either he was a great pres. do you know who he was?

2802 days ago

Randy Mac    

Oh for crying out loud. Who gives a crap what was in Paula's cup. The real issue here is once again, Rosie the cow is getting off on bashing people. Hey Rosie, let me ask you, what's in your cup? Male hormone treatments? Donald was right. She is such a PIG!

2802 days ago
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