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Gere to Photogs: Stay Away From My Kid!

1/18/2007 3:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Richard Gere's afternoon in the park with his son turned into a paparazzi confrontation, which culminated in Gere shoving one of the cameramen.

The "Chicago" star can been seen running around a Soho playground playing tag with a group of kids, one of whom is his son, Homer James Jigme. Gere's rep tells TMZ that Richard was upset about the paps photographing his son and asked them stop. According to the photogs, Gere then angrily grabbed the younger of the two shutterbugs.

Then, in an ironic turn, the older photographer confronted Gere -- because the photog he shoved was his son.

Gere can be seen arguing with the elder lensman, pointing a finger in his face. The video cuts, then Gere can be seen shoving the man as a truck passes in front of them. Hey Richard, he was just doing the same thing you were -- protecting his son!


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Good for you , Richard! Photographers can take his picture all they want , but there should be a line drawn somewhere , when it envolves his kid! He should be allowed to protect his kid from having his picture taken, he's not the one that is the actor! So , he loses his temper when it envolves his kid? So what , wouldn't you want to protect your kid? So get off the guys back, drop the gerbil junk , cus we all know that's not true, and let it be!

2834 days ago


>>When is TMZ gonna step up and draw some lines in the sand for these scumbags? YOU are contributing to the out of control behavior of the paps.

2834 days ago

R d    

Get a new job paparazi. Everyone here bagging on him for pushing the guy have no idea how bad these people are. It goes way past being photographed and followed. I am not a celebrity but have worked security for these people, it is joke how a little shove and they call foul. They physically invade people's space all the time.

2834 days ago


Ugh - my last comment didn't print (just the quotes).

Richard Gere, just like Woody Harrelson, deservesw a private life. They don't need to be stalked all the time, especially when Gere was with his kid. Shame on the photographers, and I do think it's time that the celebrities started packing some pepper spray as well. Many of the stalkerazzi deserve it.

2834 days ago

Lauren Bankole    

He is in public, therefore he has no reasonable expectation of privacy (so says the law).

Hey, you're rich because you made yourself (and your family) public, can't have it both ways. Give me millions and you can take my picture taking a dump and I will smile and give you a peace sign (and I'm not a Buddhist!)

2834 days ago


i was hoping he would punch the paparazzi in the face and i would hear bone cracking sounds..

2834 days ago


I somehow doubt that you'd be giving the peace signs being followed around all the time, with the photos in your face. There is a difference between being asked for an autograph by a fan, or having a photo taken when someone sees you (including photraphers), to being hounded (and sometimes by a couple of dozen or so). It isn't cool to do that.

2834 days ago


Go Gere. Kick them. Gee...the photographers were so ironic. Messing with his son(photographer) gets on his nerves when in fact his son was taking pictures of gere's kid who is much much much younger than his fat old hag son. who ever are siding with the photographers should get thier head check.

2834 days ago


practising budhism doesn't naturally mean that we are superhuman and doon't get mad at all. W e are first of all human being and although budhism teaches us to be kind to all living kind we do get Mad, have Hatred and what not. Afterall we just a normal being and trying our best to abide by our teaching and many times we fail. Gere is also no exception. So don't expect him to take the photographer to coffee when such situation arise.

2834 days ago


People at the Tmz get your head checked. I am sure if someone is following your child then you would act the same way. Pathetic losers at TMZ. Know who is right in this situation. If it was Britney's, Nicole's or Paris' s child than it's a different case.( when they have a child)

2834 days ago

Beat Down Brown is Going Down    

I'm with Gere all the way on this one. I call bullshit on the older pap trying to protect his son. His son is a grown man and they tagteam celebs and their minor children.Personally, I think the paps in NYC are totally out of control. They are predatory, they are violent and they try to provoke lawsuits or for a money shot. I hope they pass laws curbing access, espcially to the minor children of celebs. I enjoy pap pictures as much as the next person, but when I see that you have obviously intruded, fabricating your news items, and I see the wariness and the discomfort of people who are simply trying to walk down a street with their families, I think that sucks. Following celebs as they are coming out of nightclubs, or out of hotels in midtown is one thing. Following them to their homes and their neighborhoods is nasty. And vile. And when minor kids are concernd, paps suck bigtime.

2834 days ago


I think that it's really creepy taking pics of someone elses kids without their permission.
Stupid ass paparazi.

2834 days ago

pissed as shit at these total fuckin idiots    

Fuck! Paparazzi's are such asshole bullies. Their PROFESSION has turned into one of pestering people and starting any kind of conflict they can to stir up a worthy news report or photo opp! its so pathetic to see these guys like flies on shit whenever a celebrity comes into view. Please read this post all you morons out there who takes pics of celebs for a living and get a real job in photography. I'm sure when you went to college majoring in photograhpy this wasnt what you people had in mind. Photography is an art not a circus ACT! Please get serious....this is really pathetic work. They should all be terribly ashamed of themselves and humiliated for the "so-called work" that they do. Thats just my opinion on the subject. Its not important to me if anyone agrees with if you think shooting back at my comment is going to make a difference in my life. Think again. I wont even be back here to read it, so go BALLS if you wish. Photogs get over it already and leave these people alone. Would you like it if people were taking pics of you 24/7 hours a day, even to take a shit? No, I dont think so!!!!! Signed, pissed at these guys!

2834 days ago


That's NOT a way for a Buddist to be acting! He is yet another Hollywood poser.

2833 days ago


If you people are so mad at the paparazzi why post here? The more you post the more attention the site gets! They are laughing at you fools! Do you think they will read your posts and change? The best way to show your distaste for them is to not go to sites like this and add fuel to the fire.

2833 days ago
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