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Gere to Photogs: Stay Away From My Kid!

1/18/2007 3:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Richard Gere's afternoon in the park with his son turned into a paparazzi confrontation, which culminated in Gere shoving one of the cameramen.

The "Chicago" star can been seen running around a Soho playground playing tag with a group of kids, one of whom is his son, Homer James Jigme. Gere's rep tells TMZ that Richard was upset about the paps photographing his son and asked them stop. According to the photogs, Gere then angrily grabbed the younger of the two shutterbugs.

Then, in an ironic turn, the older photographer confronted Gere -- because the photog he shoved was his son.

Gere can be seen arguing with the elder lensman, pointing a finger in his face. The video cuts, then Gere can be seen shoving the man as a truck passes in front of them. Hey Richard, he was just doing the same thing you were -- protecting his son!


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"Hey Richard, he was just doing the same thing you were -- protecting his son!"

Gimme a freakin' break! "Elder Photog" wouldn't have had to protect his own son - if he had just respected Richard Gere's!

The Paparazzi are out of control and completely out of touch with the reality of how "important" their jobs are. They risk the health and safety of everyone around them for a picture that garners only passing interest from the public at large.

Get some perspective!!

2800 days ago


I like the statement of no. 12. To No. 12 and No. 30. Richard Geres fathers name is Homer, too. Homer was an antic greek writer.
I agree with 31. If making a photo with Richard Gere and his son Homer. There is the possiblity to make the face of Richard Geres son unclear.
To 39 Yes he did it. So what. Everybody makes mistake. Its said the Richard did know that will get a son. Maybe he has seen this too. Or he was just so proud have a child. Anyway this page does not exist anymore. So he lost his money anyway.
I like the statement from Frank Smith and Brenda.
Normal Richard take it rather cool, when people making a picture of him.
Its logical that he doesn't like when people make picture of his son.
His son is it no a public person. So if you have to make photos of his son, take care that is not possible to see his face.

2800 days ago


Thats right its a matter of time, RIGHT ON RICHARD< FU PRESS, LEAVE PEOPLE ALONE, private is private WE DONT care about the scoop EDITORS

2800 days ago


The whole business behind this video is disgusting. Yes, Mr. Gere is a public citizen and he does understand that he is a famous person that will be photographed. BUT, the violation set against the privacy of the younger child is inexcusable and must be strictly protected. Regardless what you might think of the actor in the end he still is a citizen and has the right to protect his family from injustices.
THEN to view the offensive video we must wait while a Proctor & Gamble advertisement plays for CG Mascara, with Queen Lahtifa. This stinks! Let P&G know how you feel, Queen too! Let them feel violated too for supporting this with their endorsements. Boycott P&G and Queen Lahtifa.

2800 days ago


This GereGoof had his 15 minutes of fame eons ago. Let King Buddah-Richard do his thing away from public eye. Put this air-head out to pasture, once and for all.

2800 days ago


Hey Paulie , you're off your cracker ! The man is and always will be a great actor , and he has the right to protect his kid! Although the man was the papparazzi (sp) he could have just as easily been out for kiddie porn! Your a jerk!

2800 days ago


The Paparazzi's saying they're just doing their jobs is like a firefighter lighting up a building then going at it with his team and say "Just doing our job!".

Gere is maybe a prick, maybe he's not, I don't know. But one thing I know is that he has the right to play with his kid where ever, when ever he feels like it wihtout feearing with the kid's safety.

Anyone taking sides with the Pap's should have their children in the path of danger. See hoe they react. I have a very famous Music Producer in the family and he as one of those stalker's running around. Now if he had a child he would be scared sh*ttless about this idiot, and if the Pap's took a picture of the kid and made it big news that could seriously jepordize the kid's safety.

Gere chose this career, but why do laws protect the young victims that are underaged, yet do nothing to prevent this sort of situation were a**holes like the Pap's can potentially make a kid a victim by publishing a picture of the kid on full display at your local convenience store? They're should be laws against publishing kid's faces, not just the Hollywood industry, everyone. If you don't want your kid's face plastered across the papers then they should be obligated to take out the face. They'll probably come back with the whole "freedom of speech" thing and this would include the right to "publish pictures"?

When does the "right" to do something come before the safety of children? If I was one of the Photogs, I would've asked before taking the picks and asked about the kid's face being printed out there. He wants it blanked out, I'll blank it out. As far as we know Gere would've probably said yes for one pic of him playing around as long as it didn't jepordize the safety of the kids around him from freaks that are out there. And just look at Letterman, new kid, already some screwed up dumwad wanted to kidnap him.

With a little help from the Pap's they might have the kid's face already, so they know who to go for.

Too bad Gere didn't push them in front of the truck. BTW, to me.. It looked like Gere pushed them out of the way of the path of the truck, making him a hero for saving a life!

2800 days ago
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