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Lindsay in Wonderland: The Road to Rehab

1/18/2007 2:18 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay LohanWhile Lindsay Lohan attempts to get clean and sober, TMZ has learned the details of one of her out of control drinking binges less than two weeks before checking into rehab.

As TMZ's Claude Brodesser-Akner reported yesterday, a rep from Lindsay's current film "I Know Who Killed Me" confirmed that filming would not be halted and that Lindsay's rehabilitation plans would include an outpatient program at Wonderland. However, sources inside the actual facility reveal that Lindsay's stay will be at least thirty days.

According to our source, the first seven days at Wonderland Center are dedicated to detoxification. After that, the process of determining each individual's length-of-stay is based on numerous factors, including severity of addiction, medical and psychiatric history, treatment experience and career/family obligations.

As Lindsay detoxes in Wonderland, TMZ has the inside scoop of one of her pre-rehab nights:

On January 5, just one day after having her appendix removed, Lohan was already out partying at the trendy Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. A source tells TMZ that Lindsay lined up mulitple shots in a row behind her so no one could see. Lohan would then drink the shots when no one was looking. Well, almost no one. At another point that same evening, Lindsay retreated to the ladies room and downed an entire cocktail. A few nights later, Lindsay was at it again, partying with three male friends at the new West Hollywood lounge, Winston's. Lindsay's mother, Dina, said in December that her daughter had been attending AA meetings.

At least for the next 30 days, the only lounge Lindsay will be visiting ... is the Wonderland rec room.


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She'll be back at Hyde tomorrow night.

2836 days ago


im glad she ruined her career so we dont have to see her anymore!!! woot woot!!!

2836 days ago


She's going to rehab because she has liver damage and all that drinking could kill her...she's making a smart move if she wants to live to the ripe old age of what THIRTY...damn girl ain't but 20 y/o and she' s this messed up already...

Goes to show Hollyweird does lots and lots of drugs.

2836 days ago


good luck Lindsay.

2836 days ago

Save Shiloh from Angelina ~    

I feel bad for her :( her mom wants to be RICH $$$$ ( pimping her daughter out ) Lindsey has never had parents who would lead her :(

Unlike the Simpson skanks ! I think Lyndsey has talent .

I hope and pray she receives the help she needs . God knowsshe won't get it from her pathetic & useless parents !!

2836 days ago

TRAY Ms. OPH Fugly Back with a Crack a/k/a Paris Hilton's crotch picture. Ms. OPH Fugly says all you got to do is pull my string, LOL.

2836 days ago


Look at the mileage she piled up on her face, she looks like she is 30 ?

2836 days ago

no pervs allowed    

When did California lower the legal age limit for drinking to 20??? I think ABC needs to get off the doll and start doing some serious investigating into these alleged reports of underage drinking. Or did Guv Arnie castrate that dept also.?

2836 days ago

concerned about the PEEPS.    

good for LOHAN! if you and the rest of your girls stay away from paris hilton you will escape the world of drugs and alcohol. Has anyone noticed how many girls have gone down while keeping the company of Paris Hilton.lindsay, nicole,britney the olsen twins etc, she is the one leading all of you down the path of HELL. SHE does not care about any of you. she leaves you hi an dry when your damaged and move on to the next teen with money. she was already skinny and no one could tell anything. even her sister is wise enough to not chill with her anymore. PARIS IS DANGER. she is going to always have money while you all stay in REHAB....

2836 days ago


I find it laughable everyone is inisiting it's just "alcohol" she is struggling with. She
obviously doing some other drugs, either coke or herion. Remember all those "wrist" accessories ? And how her publicist claimed she "cut" herself ?? Track marks, baby. And let's be real, what healthy young woman has any many "health" problems as she has had ? Again, a cover for some serious drug abuse. Not to mention the mood swings, with reports of her screaming and having periodic meltdowns in public or on the set. In any case, it is sad b/c she is beautiful and talented. I agree withthe poster who said her parents are unfortunately not the ones to guide her though, the mom alone seems like a bad influence and probably dabbles in drugs herself.

2836 days ago

Renonta Mason    

this is sad, becaus this is not something to play with and she is so young, she had better get a grip on it now

2836 days ago


I'm glad she's getting help ... she's running out of organ removal hospitalization coverups. If the appendix resection thing was bogus, the spleen is the only other organ you can live without!!!

2836 days ago


Now that's some great parenting. How's that workin for ya Dina? And to think there's another young life that's going to be ruined. The little sister. Wow what role models (poor thing). Parents should be parents and leave the managing to qualified managers. Apparently Dina's priority is the daughters career (money) and not the daughter or daughters themselves. That's obvious based on Lindsay's out of control young life.

2836 days ago

searching for truth    

The only reason she "agreed" to go to rehab is because Britney is stealing all the press for her partying and false pregnancy. Now she is a headline again.

2836 days ago


Rehab ... everyone seems to want it on their resume in LaLa land, it's just another excuse for her. She is a skank .... Hollywood trash along with Britney, Paris, and Nicole. The studios should realize that there is no hope for her and kick her to the curb. Goodbye Lindsay, good riddance you won't be missed by anyone.

2836 days ago
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