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Schwimming with Flipper

1/19/2007 1:58 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Perhaps David Schwimmer should see an orthopedic surgeon. He is obviously having a problem bending his middle finger. Lately, every time the former "Friends" star is spotted, his middle finger just won't go down.

In the most recent instance, photogs spied Schwimmer walking with a mystery girl and another man in the meatpacking district of New York, where the trio had just finished lunching at Pastis -- and Schwimmer again revealed his troubling finger ailment.

The problem dates back to at least October, and even crosses the sea. Schwimmer was photographed in London, finger extended, after leaving the very exclusive Soho House. Let's all wish David a speedy recovery.David Schwimmer


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patty cake    

His publicist should print this thread out and have him read it.

2804 days ago


i agree give it 5 years and he will be beggin someone to look at his ugly face, jerk, hope he loses his millions haha

2804 days ago


E! deserves the finger for accusing angelina rude with the ryan seacrest interview at golden globe! angie was lovely and pleasant and stepping back for brad to shine. the expert reviewed her body language and said angie was not rude. ryan seacrest's question was about egg and bacon, c'mon??? this is not american idol ryan, it's golden globe!!! also, the rest of the videos i've seen clearly shows she's happy being interviewed by better questions of course from other interviewers. you want to see rude and nasty E and ryan, you deserve david schwimmer's finger!!!

2804 days ago


If this dick Schwimmer ever has another show or (gasp) a movie role we should all say right back at ya loser and flip him off. I'd never pay to watch this guy. Remember the pics of Will Smith a few days back? Great entertainer, person, true class. Guys like this deserve to be unemployment and strapped for cash.

2804 days ago


Aww, he's just bitter, the rest of the cast of Friends are all working actors.

2804 days ago


I find that to be HYSTERICAL! Good for him.

2803 days ago


Some earlier poster mentioned Jennifer Aniston is ugly, I beg to disagree....I think EVERYONE cast in that show IS ugly and talentless, hence, not one of their post-Friends project worked out!!!

2803 days ago

Lisa Ann Olmo    

How true this is, I honestly don't know but several years back when Friends was at its peak, Mr. Schwimmer was eating lunch in a trendy restaurant and was approached by a woman and her young son (who was a fan) and the child wanted his autograph. Rumor goes on to indicate that Mr. Schwimmer went beserk screaming "can't you see I am having lunch? " and few further remarks and with the child in tears both mother and son were escorted from the eatery. Personally? This is how I feel about all of them that complain about the press and photogs; there was once a time when they would've exposed themselves in public just to get ANYONE'S attention. Now? They're too good for the people that put them in their private jets and beautiful mansions (many) and they act like the a-holes they really are. Mr. Geller (oh sorry, Mr. Schwimmer) actually I truly can't see any difference at all should have been grateful that someone else besides his mother wanted his autograph. I am not saying that invasive tactics are the way to go with the press and photogs but it happens in everyday life that John and Jane Doe get stalked or whatever and no one cares. They wanted this life and all the fame fortune and privilege that goes with it, so welcome to the down side and they can all tell their troubles to Jesus because this is one hand to mouth person that doesn't give a sh*t!

2802 days ago


LOSER!! I couldn't stand him on Friends, cannot stand him now. This is a pathetic ploy for media attention. He is freakin' ugly too. He needs to go to temple more often.

2801 days ago
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