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His Mom

1/20/2007 11:59 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

While Cameron hangs ten with surfer Kelly Slater in Hawaii, Justin was caught partying with his mom in Las Vegas.
Justin Timberlake and his mom
After his concert, JT headed over to Vegas hotspot Jet Nightclub at the Mirage for a wild birthday bash for his mom, Lynn. With a 30-person entourage in tow, Timberlake headed right for the VIP section, where the Jack Daniels and Dom Perignon flowed.

Justin and mom partied till the wee hours with Eva Longoria and Alyssa Milano. Then, toward the end of the night, the mama's boy sang "Happy Birthday," and the DJ played his hit single, "Sexy Back."


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Justin is a loser. Never understood the appeal of this clown. He needs to get his balls out of his Mommy's purse and start acting like a man! Not a whiny little poser bitch boy. Cameron is a cuckoo for farting around with him as long as she did.

2830 days ago


he just transcended the levels of hotness that i thought were unattainable, even for him. oh my god!!!!!!! how perfect is he??????????/
u know a man treats his wife with the same respect he treats his mom, so on that note:



2830 days ago

Mad Balls    

all these Emails coming in asking for the return of Nasty Boil is really pissing Mr. Levine off . We do not pay him so he is probably on a bender with Britney spears ..for all we know ! If we did pay him it would be chicken sh*t as we like to save our cash for " The Money shot " as Harvey likes to call it . Until we find Mr. boil lying drunk , naked , in his own steaming upchuck , enjoy a " Best of NASTY Boil " . thank you !
This rather Nasty one from August 13 2006

Man , How is it that The Donald gets the hot chicks AND gets to date his daughter ? Dickhead . One day we'll find out he's Boiling his Ms. USA like Nasty . They sure do look Nasty , I wonder if they get stupid drunk and act like Ho's ? I hope we find out soon ..I least I hope I do . Dickheads .

Oh I just laughed so hard I farted ! You too . Mr. Boil is a wizard with words . I wish mr. L would pay him but we have to keep a fund to defend ourselves against HKS . That Anna is a skank druggie .... And please do not ask " to see Our Nasty Boil " , we are not at liberty to do so at this time . Thank You !

2830 days ago


Justin has always been a mommys boy, nothing wrong with that.

2830 days ago

We, are not amused.    

Yo, Justin...your moms is looking fine!
I'd throw her the hard high one, tight and inside..then you'd have to say...

2830 days ago


His mom looks younger than Diaz... and way better looking.

2830 days ago


I'am sure only a few, will like my opinion.I don't think it is nice to call Justin a mama's boy. I think it is great he loves his Mom and is respectful towards her.
My goodness,it's her Birthday! There is a saying,"The way a son treats his Mom,
is the way he will other women in his life". Give him a break,he just broke up with
Cameron. Their are plenty of women that will want to go with him.

2830 days ago


Maybe the reason he has pubic hair on his face if the reason they call him p***y face.

2830 days ago


Justin is a little pipsqueak. Hope he has fun with his mommy.

2830 days ago


I think its awsome justin gets on with his mom so well.Everytime i check this site it seems there are alot of jeolous bitter people always putting the good guys of hollywood like justin, cruise and pit down with ridiculous unfounded insults.

2830 days ago


I love my mom too....but I wouldn't party with her at a club. I am sure 99.9% of the guys there wouldn't do so either.....he really needs to cut that umbilical cord. Remember that PUNK'D episode....I would've called the cops, or the IRS, instead of my MOM.

2830 days ago


If anyone has anything negative to say about Justin hanging with his mother, you are f***ing idiots!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT THE F***? She is his mother and it's beautiful that they have a strong relationship, sorry if you all don't have a relationship with your mother or family. She is the reason why he has succeeded as much. JT has been screwed from f***ed up whore girlfriends that betrayed him he's still standing on top of the world, so suck ass haters!! Go back to school you f***ing ghetto f***ers living in the projects or trailer trash whores and a**holes.

2830 days ago


Justin is a momma's boy and his mother needs to cut the umbibical cord and get her a man. Justin will never marry anyone if his mother is constantly in his ear. Justin is a grown man, let him act like it. Yeesh!

Now the Cameron thing. She has to be the least attractive woman I have ever seen, nothing remotely cute about her. Then again, I don't think Justin is anything to write home about either so go figure.

2830 days ago


I spot Trace Ayala in the background...

I agree with those who say there is nothing wrong with showing your mother respect. He grew up with her, and she IS a young mom. They're best friends, so who cares? To each their own. It's her birthday, chill out. And "get her a man?" what does that MEAN? She's married.

I am personally glad that Justin has moved on from Cameron. I don't think that they were good for each other, but I also didn't know the inner workings of the relationship. Oh, well.

2830 days ago


how can anybady blame him he is the best and the hottttttttes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2830 days ago
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