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No Makeup!

1/21/2007 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sorry ladies, but you can't all be Angelina Jolie.

You'll be pleased as punch to know that not all the stars are born beauties who look just as pretty sans makeup -- and these poor unpancaked pans are the unvarnished pimply proof.

Oh, Maybelline! Why can't you be true?! Here's why!


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Jessica Simpson looks gorgeous with or without makeup and should not be included with the rest of the others. Diana Ross needs to get their teeth fixed and then she too will look better without their makeup. The other people need a good facial and better eyebrows. They need to know that no one is naturally beautiful without makeup without a good facial and good eyebrows.

2533 days ago



Great article; you know I think I read a bit more on bad makeup days at It’s a great site, with lots of stuff, content and neat comps!


2810 days ago


Spooky, but I've seen Oprah without make-up and she is frightening too. I thought 'black don't crack'...or at least Star Jones said so...but that chick is busted in more ways then one. Carry on people...

2840 days ago


Come on TMZ anyone with half a brain knows that Hollywood is all smoke and mirrors. Half of these woman are nasty to begin with! With or without makeup.

2840 days ago

Brit_ney Rulez    

A lot of these women look just like regular people to me -- not ugly, just not glam-y.

At least Ms Ross has the confidence to smile for the camera sans make-up. THAT's beautiful.

2840 days ago

He's Boring now    

Thats what David Frost used to wake up to in the morning? No wonder they aint married any more. Looking at that picture reminds me of that line in the movie, Color Purple, said to the charachter Whoopie played by the woman her man loved------ "Damn yo sure is ugly".....

Sorry Miss Ross, no wonder you wont allow those around you to make eye contact with you. Its not out or respect its out of saving them from having to see the real you. Ug as in Lee.

2840 days ago


I thought Sharon Osbourne still looked pretty. For what she has been through in her life she is beautiful! Where was Paris?? Even with make-up she is uglier then these women...

2840 days ago

We, are not amused.    

Good ol' TMZ...
All you little gayboys got nothing better to do than rag on people just being people? Do you think ALL of us out here think that all those people who live in the goldfish bowl go to hair and makeup for six hours everyday just to go about normal business?
Do what you do best...more upskirt pictures, you little fraeks!

2840 days ago


I dunno. Half of them don't look too bad.

2840 days ago

Linda Thompson    

All I can say is thank god I dont have to worry about photographers following me around. It would scare the s*#t out of everybody!!!

2840 days ago

Keith Warner    

Hey, where's Carmen Electra... she's the definition of high maint. ho's...... BTW, no post from that coupon dude? Somebody musta explained the rules.

2840 days ago


I think Jessica Simpson is beautiful without make-up, and some of the others just look like normal people going about their day...

2840 days ago


the people responsible for this segment are mean spirited a**holes.

2840 days ago


Britney Spears Jessica Simpson and Alicia Silverstone ALL looked super foxy to me I'd hit THEM ALL!!!!

2840 days ago


Funny how you say, "Sorry ladies, but you can't all be Angelina Jolie." and then dont post a picture of Angelina without make-up. To me, she's not the epitome of beauty you consistently make her out to be. Beautiful, yes... but not the standard by which all other women should be judged.

I think these women look fine. You've simply shown us their "human" side and it isnt all that bad. For the younger ones, they look like they should... young and fresh. For the older ones, I think they look damn good for their age without make-up and especially after years of being caked in it for the cameras. They've obviously taken care of their skin.

2840 days ago
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