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No Makeup!

1/21/2007 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sorry ladies, but you can't all be Angelina Jolie.

You'll be pleased as punch to know that not all the stars are born beauties who look just as pretty sans makeup -- and these poor unpancaked pans are the unvarnished pimply proof.

Oh, Maybelline! Why can't you be true?! Here's why!


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I think "Yikes" is too nice of word to describe these bitches from hell.
I think a better word would be,,,,,****

2803 days ago

Anna Feruglio    

You know, my first thought was "I look better than these women without makeup". My second was: "Not in an average photo you don't. And certainly not if somebody takes any of your least flattering photos and post it on the net".

In the end, these photos are immensely refreshing because they show us what normal, attractive women look like in the flesh, instead of trying to drive us all mad and make us all feel ugly and inadequate by proposing carefully doctored, unreal portraits.

So, thank you for the service, and these are great women anyway! And ditto what they said about having the good grace of smiling for the paparazzi.

2803 days ago


Well I must be a mean spirited a**hole, but I enjoyed this photo collection. The commentary needs work though, some of those remarks that accompanied the photos were embarrassingly bad.

Hey, who knew Jennifer Lopez had spotty skin? I sort of feel better after seeing that.

2803 days ago


Jessica Simpson looks FINE!!!! Still pretty, just not as stylish (if she ever is?).

2803 days ago


I agree with Darlene 12. Diane knows she needs to have her teeth bleach. What the hell... I guess that's from all the years of drinkning and smoking Newports.

2802 days ago

Gloria Picchetti    

TMZ is so ripe on Sunday morning! Thank you for reminding me I need to get to Borders to buy her i love you CD before the Bears win. She looks ok, but I will not go out in naked face.

2802 days ago

old news    

hmmm, hell TMZ wy don't you "guys" take pics of each other as you crawl out of bed (or out from under your rock) and let us judge the "real" vs reel you?

2802 days ago


#1- Black does not crack. Ms Ross does not have any wrinkles and she's about 65.
#4- She was never married to David Frost.
This is what I try to tell my nieces, these stars look just like you in the morning. If you had a 24 hr stylist, make up artist and hair dresser you could look like them too. I have seen pictures of Pam Anderson, Beyonce and Nicolette Sheridan without makeup. They look just like everybody else so don't be so in awe of them.

2802 days ago


Knew she was so fugly to begin with! And now it has been proven. Anyone can slap on some makeup and look decent but she doest even look that good. And cant even sing on top of that. Yeah no wonder your concerts got cancelled. She slept her way anywhere she got and now that face shows it all!

2802 days ago


You see ladies, with the right makeup artist we can all be beautiful.

2802 days ago

Little Titty    

And we thought C. Love couldn't look any worse.

2802 days ago


okay, to be fair, what is the age difference between Jolie and Ross?
Ross was pretty fine back in the day.......

2802 days ago


I think that if you are not naturally beautiful you shouldn't be a celebrity. I can go to the Bronx and find a thousand Jennifer Lopez lookalikes. Go to Harlem, and you'll see Queen Latifahs and Diana Ross's everywhere. And you should go to Iowa or Kentucky and see thousands of ugly women that are clones of Jessica S. and Pamela A. Celebrtities are supposed to be beautiful even without makeup. They shouldn't look like any other person in rural america.

2802 days ago

paulina Hunter    

Diana Ross: Payback for what you did to Florence Ballard

Should Pam Anderson go out topless when she is sans makeup? No one would notice her makeup......

I thought Barbra looked good.....of course, she had her mouth shut....

2802 days ago


Some of them don't look too bad. Jessica Simpson, Rachel Hunter, Queen Latifah looked very decent. I would love to look that decent without a drop of make up on. Their skin looked flawless.

2802 days ago
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