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No Makeup!

1/21/2007 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sorry ladies, but you can't all be Angelina Jolie.

You'll be pleased as punch to know that not all the stars are born beauties who look just as pretty sans makeup -- and these poor unpancaked pans are the unvarnished pimply proof.

Oh, Maybelline! Why can't you be true?! Here's why!


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Rusty, leave it to a dimwit like you to turn this into a racial issue. Personally I think she looks pretty good, none of us look fabulous without make-up, but it has nothing to do with black and white. stupid ass

2798 days ago


I also AGREE that Angelina Jolie is NOT the epitome of beauty. She has a bubble forehead, bubble eyes and big bubble lips that are much too large for her face that she looks distorted. She looks almost alien-like and disturbing to look at. She may be a "charity" nut but I still see her as that crazy blood necklace wearer making out with that old husband of hers - SICK.

I HATE the fact that just because a woman does NOT wear makeup, you poke fun at it. I think Diana Ross looks natural and normal. Why don't your damn photographers take pictures of themselves when they wake up in the morning and see how UGLY they are. Why do you pick on women? MEN ARE UGLY TOO.

2798 days ago


and WTF, why do YOU assume we want to be Angelinia Jolie!! F.Y. I am HAPPY with who I am so DON'T you "sorry us ladies, we cannot all be Angelina Jolie". I PERSONALLY DON'T WANT TO BE THAT BUBBLE FACE ALIEN who steals husbands and has NO morales. I am sick of the MEDIA putting a measuring stick on beauty and Angelina Jolie is NOT the epitome of beauty.

2798 days ago


okay some of those woman really really ought to thank the "makeup Gods" but the Queen looks so pretty , without make up . She is very down to earth and has a great smile ..
I agree , they look like most of us , but its all pretend anyway . We are the real heros ladies , working hard , taking care of our families with no help, no make up artists , personal assitanats , and the like ..

2798 days ago


Apparently the comments are still pouring in. You TMZ guys really struck a few nerves, you gorgeous people, you! Oh, and I'm still NOT sorry that I don't look like Angelina.

2798 days ago


Yeah,...yer right. That's pretty damn presumptuous to think everyone would want to look like angelina jolie...besides, she's f***ed up. And her face will wrinkle without surgery. I'll give her six months without it and her face will look deflated right along with the rest of her malnutrition body (let's see if Brad would screw her then). She USED to be pretty--but not no more!!!

2789 days ago


Hey,I've seen a lot of these beautiful actress and singers without makeup and it;'s kind of scary..I never knew about this and maybe you can have a look at these pics..Go on

2783 days ago


Hey, David Frost was never married to Diana Ross!!! He was with Dianne Carroll. As for the Dianna Ross photo, it looks as though they have worked at making her look as rough as possible. All of us look better with makeup, and these ladies are no exception. Dianna has nothing to be ashamed of. She is gorgeous and talented to boot. At her age, she is phenominal. You go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2741 days ago


OMG!!! that was scary. That is not what normal people look like. Maybe some of the younger ones looked normal, but that was just plain scarry. I had no idea Alicia Silverstone looked like that and Rosanna almost made me fall out of my chair...why do we idolize people like them so much? Just about any girl can look pretty with some makeup on. True beauty is looking good without all that gunk on your face. (oh and I think Pamela Anderson was probably the worst, she looks like she just walked out of a trailer park) No wonder all the celeb guys get divorces. The women are U-G-L-Y

2731 days ago
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