JT Pounds One Down for Mom

1/22/2007 4:04 PM PST

JT Pounds One Down for Mom

Justin Timberlake is a mama's boy ... and damn proud of it.

While his former flame Cameron Diaz was out getting the motion of the ocean with surf champ Kelly Slater, cameras caught JT during a concert at the MGM Grand in Vegas, honoring the one woman who's always been there for him. His mom.

An emotional Justin stopped his show, instructed everyone to grab a drink and proceeded to lead a birthday toast for "the greatest woman to ever walk the face of this earth." JT then downed his drink and playfully warned the crowd, "Kids, don't do that at home!"

After the show, Justin rolled back to the exclusive Hardwood Suite at Palms Casino Resort, for a little two-on-one action with Eva Longoria and Alyssa Milano. Not a bad night.