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Lindsay Takes Break From Rehab

1/23/2007 2:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay was caught by photogs as she entered the lobby of her apartment building yesterday afternoon, despite being in an in-patient treatment program at Wonderland Center.

Residents are allowed to attend AA meetings and medical appointments outside the facility, but La Lohan appears to be spending more time out of the center than she is in it.

At a high-priced rehabilitation center such as Wonderland, it's likely that the program is individually tailored for residents. When you're one of the most talked about and sought after Hollywood starlets, special treatment seems standard issue. Unfortunately, it may be just that kind of special "enabling" treatment that allowed Lohan to spiral out of control and into rehab.

Reps for Lohan have not yet responded.


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All American Girl    

She Needed a Drink.....

2766 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

shes doing rehab for the media,and the fans that have a bad image of her,wonder why we have a bad image of her,because she not serious about changing for her self ,she always had bad role models and as long as her mom is in her life, she will always have a bad role model

2766 days ago


She not in patient, shes out patient.

2766 days ago


she is not getting off drugs any time soon. face it. this is all for publicity!!!

2766 days ago


Oh, so now TMZ is employing special rehab therapists as part of their staff. Wow, you're just a "one stop", aren't you? First, you hound and stalk the celebrities and trash them daily in your column, then when some of them bottom out and try to get help, you blather on about enabling. Yes, I'm sure she knows about enabling, that's what they talk about there. Why don't you leave her alone? She's not even a complete grownup yet.

2766 days ago


>>>>She Needed a Drink.....

Exactly! (Or a little something for her nose).

2766 days ago

Mad Balls    

Hey how are you guys doin' ? My dad loves Lindsay lohan . He says she could drink all day and date everyone in the world as long as he got to spank her butt at night . I don't get it --doesn't he want to see her NAKED ??!! yeah ! WOWOWOOOWo. Lindsay naked . Lindsay was on the beach and nearly naked and she is WOWO OWOW . She has big TATA S and junk in the Lohan trunk . anyway , I spent all night wrighting this NASTY BOIL jr when I could have been over my buddies house looking st naked pictures of Lindsay and pAris Naked ! OWWOW yeah . That Ok 'cause my buddies place smells like bleach and their are bottles with chemicals and his dad has no teeth . i'm kinda scared when I go over there .

Lindays gets NAKED . YEAH WOWOOWOOWOW . BADASS . My DAd loves Lindsay "cause she is hot and NAKED ! yeah ! NAKED !! WOWOOWOOWOWOWOOWOW yeah BADASS !

I know it sucks . I should have stopped playing Wii for a couple of hours to get this done . anyway , my dad and harv are still not seeing eye to eye . That s hard to do as my dad is like 6 foot 1 and harv is like four feet tall . anyway , we need your h=elp with my dads braintransplants ..if you can't send money at least send some Nasty Boil jrs in as this typing is giving me carpy tunnel syndrome and I am saving my wrists for Playstation and when I get older , masterbation . se e you guys . I love you . See ya !

2766 days ago

Torshion Bar    

Hmmm... TMZ staff, did you glob on to my "enabling" comments from the other story? You 've never mentioned the word until I brought it up, and I have a feeling you had no idea what I was talking about, until you looked it up.
For the record, she IS doing an out patient program, which means, she can leave whenever she wants to. I also have a very GOOD SUSPICION on reasonable authority, that LL is dealing with a growing Meth amphetamine addiction on top of the alcoholism.

2766 days ago


This is exactly why this little slut is in so much trouble. Everyone giving her such a wide berth. If this treatment center wants to keep any credability they should toss her scumbag ass. This is an insult to all those who have really tried to face and improve upon their problems.Enough of this brat holding her breath and getting what she wants.

2766 days ago

Torshion Bar    

#9 That statement in unfair on so many levels,
1. You don't have a clue what going on in that pretty little head, any more than she does.
2. Treatment programs for the "stars" are nothing more than really high priced motels, (not withstanding the Betty Ford clinic). Just imagine the bellhops and valets, are getting tips for listening to your problems.
3. If she checked into re-hab, it definately was not for publicity. If she wanted publicity she could have simply adopted an orphaned child from deep in the jungles of Borneo, then hauled the bewildered little tike around from airport to airport for a few weeks in a Versace papoose.
4. No matter what she does, she's gonna end up marrying a guy that beats her daily for ten years, get divorced, make a movie about it, and win an Oscar.

2766 days ago


Not sure if outpatient is the best way to go. Karen Carpenter did an outpatient therapy for her eating disorder I heard. Sometimes people just need to be hospitalized for their own good.

2766 days ago


Why is this brainless little snatch pretending to hide under her coat? She lives to be photographed! Dumb tw*t.

2766 days ago


She doesn't take anything in life seriously. She will be dead at a very early age and it can all be blamed on her leach er I mean her mother! What a role model she is.

2766 days ago

Dr. Spazz    

do you need new batterys babe????

2766 days ago


To these so called "special" treatment centers, I think they are shameful. How, ( in spirit of the "program") , can you ever teach those with this disease that this is life or death by letting them go do what ever they want again and again? This is not a resort to come and go as you please. For those of us willing to go the any lengths to obtain soberity I only pray these centers wake up and do what is right for the patient not the celebrity. Shame on you Wonderland and all others who encourage a relapse and yet another low for these people. People, not money should be your first priority. Debbie, grateful recovering addict

2766 days ago
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