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K-Fed to Brit: Get Thee to Rehab!

1/24/2007 7:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kevin Federline is K-fed-up with Britney Spears' hard-partying ways, and now even he's telling Brit to check herself into rehab – for the sake of the kids.

According to Star magazine (via MSNBC), estranged hubby K-Fed has tried "every possible angle" to get Britney to chill out and get some help, but it clearly hasn't helped. First, says Star, he threatened taking the kids away, and then he tried "pleading." Finally, he's tried to get his mom-in-law, Lynne, to join the chorus. "He's afraid she's going to hurt herself," says a Star source.

For K-Fed, apparently, it's now all about the kids. "They're being raised by strangers," said a source.

Nick: I Took "High Road" in Divorce

Could Nick Lachey be taking a swipe at Jess' now-public hook-up with John Mayer? He once again wagged his finger at his ex Jessica Simpson, saying he took "the high road" in his divorce and added that he made "the most of the situation." The singer told People, "You have to ... always take the high road. You never want to look back and regret the way you acted." Lachey was accepting Cosmopolitan magazine's "Fun, Fearless Male of the Year" Award on Monday. Nick has been cavorting with professional eye candy Vanessa Minnillo while Jess has been Mayer's no. 1 groupie in recent days, joining him on his tour bus.

Paris' Bubble Bath For Sale?

A website purporting to have a tape of Paris Hilton taking a bubble bath and in other "racy situations" launched yesterday, and Hilton's rep says the hotel heiress is exploring "all of [her] legal options" to deal with it. The site,, claims to have a variety of photos, home videos, diaries, and phone numbers, items that TMZ first reported to have been taken from a storage facility. Bardia Persa, the creator of the site, says all the goods "were acquired by me through a broker," and that he obtained the stuff in September. Bardia is charging $39.97 for access to the site.

Party Favors: Leo Not Taking the Bar Anymore? ... Jeter Strikes Out with Biel? ... Trump Calls Two More People "Slobs"

Perhaps Leonardo DiCaprio has just had enough of supermodels. After a night of furious calling and texting in London, as recounted by the Mirror, the just-Oscar-nominated Leo might be on the outs with girlfriend Bar Rafaeli. He reportedly finds her "clingy." ... Speaking of outs, the Derek Jeter and Jessica Biel fling might already be a thing of the past. Each, says Page Six, has been seen "flirting" with others; Jeter with actress Gabrielle Union and Biel with Justin Timberlake ... After shock jocks Opie and Anthony trumpeted the fact that Donald Trump had called them to talk about his hostilities with Rosie, the Donald says he won't appear on their show anymore. Turns out, says Page Six, that they invited him on.

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No Avatar


That is funny that K-Fed acts like he is high & mighty when he is just buying time to hurt Britney. There is no way he's better than she is!! Does he think we all are stupid? He doesn't give a crap about those babies.....he is just wanting $$$$

2832 days ago


Yep. I would like to agree with the Fedf*** on this one.

2832 days ago

in the know    

K-Fed was in Vegas partying when his second son was born, as he was most of the marriage. It was okay then when Britney and the nannies were taking care of the kids. Now that she has snapped and is doing the same thing, he recommends rehab for her. SURE....this is the same man who was buying drugs in the the driveway with his kids in the house, smoked in the house and slept with hookers. If Britney goes to rehab, he needs to be right beside her. Maybe they we give them a multiple parent discount.

2832 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

rehab is not going to fix that dumb hoe,rehab not going to give her any common sense,shes going to need to pimp

2832 days ago


Brits Ex all of a sudden cares because he wants publicity and wants more visitation or full time custody. He didnt care when he left her alone and cheated on her. He didnt care when he gave her an STD(why she had the sudden c-section) He wants fame and money. Brits not perfect, but that idiot messed with her big time and shes crying out for help becasue shes young and scared.She needs to wake up , forget that waste of space Kfed and put her kids # 1 ith strenghth and independence in her heart!

2832 days ago

the wife    

I really think Britney Spears neglects those kids. Every mother needs a break now and then, but I think she takes it a little far.

2832 days ago


If the worst he's done to those boys is wanting money, then he's STILL far above her. I don't believe for a second it's about the dough, however. If Shar pulled the sh*t she does he would have done the same I'm sure. There's a huge difference between knowing your kids are with their mother and knowing your kids are with paid help!!!

2832 days ago


STD? Her mother scared her into having c-sections and b/c you can have a tummy tuck at the same time.

2832 days ago

Paris Has A Penis Nose    

Everyone knows that Paris's nose is shaped and looks like a penis.

2832 days ago


why is Nick talking about the high road. She at least waited for her sheets to get cold before she had someone else in her bed.

2832 days ago


Why doesn't K-Fed just raise the kids himself instead of partying there now wouldn't that make sense?

2832 days ago


STOP with the K-Fed bashing ALREADY! SHE PICKED HIM AND SHE HAD NO PROBLEM going after a guy who had a PREGNANT girlfriend! He left Shar for BRITNEY and Britney had no problem with that! That should have been her FIRST clue! Britney thought that because she was "Britney Spears" that she could keep him in check......WRONG! She knew what this guy was about SO STOP FEELING SORRY FOR HER! She was well on her way to TRAINWRECK long before Kevin came along so get off Kevin's ass already! She is getting EXACTLY what she deserves and needs to step up, be an adult and RAISE her children!

2832 days ago

Great Dane    


That idiot made his comeback album based solely on their break up.....he was the first one out and about cavorting with Kristen Cavalleri, Vanessa Minillo etc....

He was the one that "spoke" about the reasons for divorce, he out and out blamed her for everything and EVERY time he did, she still said NO COMMENT.....

It is obvious this man is a liar, and an IDIOT.....and his new chick, is GROSS......she couldn't shine JESSICA'S PUMPS......

2832 days ago


If a source is complaining that the kids are being raised by strangers, and Fed-Ex is trying to get Twitney into rehab because of the danger to the kids, why exactly isn't Fed-Ex raising the kids? What's he? Their babysitter?

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

2832 days ago

Finally exposed - shes a wierdo    

Paris Hilton is a f**king skank whore. She's a low class, drugged out, nymphomaniac actor & singer wannabe; uneducated with the IQ of an ice cube. Takes drugs, is an exhibitionist, and is sex addicted. Best thing to do, short of shooting her parents for having her & not actually being parents, is to disinherit her, so she won't have access to money. Within 6 months, she'll be turning tricks on Hollywood Blvd...

2832 days ago
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