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Maddox Gets Schooled in the Big Easy

1/24/2007 7:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

On day two of classes at Maddox's New Orleans school, hot mama Angelina Jolie was by his side the whole way.

Both mom and son wore gray, which matched the gray day (and the gray car). Apparently, Angie's got a thing for gray... she wore a battleship-colored dress to the Golden Globes.

But Maddox's smile was bright; who wouldn't like being picked up from school by a loving, movie star mom?


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Jamie, not only are you the freak, but your momma said she is tired of you bringing home IOU's when you spend all day on the corner trying to make a buck. Altho, it is prolly hard for you to make a buck when you charge a nickel per f*** and all the men who DO pay you end up asking for a refund.

2827 days ago


#32. That's probably what your daddy, if you know who he is, used to pimp you and your momma for, don't take that crap out on me and for the record make sure that when you see a freak, you slap a freak.

It's probably pretty easy to talk behind a computer isn't it? You probably wouldn't have the balls to say that to someone's face you message board computer freak and you have the nerve to call someone else a freak. Now I'm going to let you argue with yourself idiot.

2827 days ago


Jamie, you nasty bitch, bet your daddy pimped you and screwed you regularly. You sound like a bitch who doesn't have a clue how to make a living in this world any way but on her back. As for saying it to your face? Bitch, I would wipe the floor with you. You would be nothing but a grease spot on the ground.
Whassa matter, whore, you can run your fat ass mouth, but can't take it when it gets dished back out to you?
Go get a life, you cheap two cent, meth mouth hooker.

2827 days ago


Oh for crying out loud, will you guys just please cut it out?

2827 days ago


jolie fans blame this on her taking pitt, well she did Anniston a favor. Jolie-Pitt did throw it in her face though, which was quite mean. Jolie is for Jolie, not a great actress, yea, she won an award for playing someone crazy, no acting there. Everything she does is for publicity. now she is riding on pitts shirt tails, too bad, pitt is getting old. why are Jolie fans so nasty when someone doesn't agree with them? what good movies has she been in lately? Lara Croft? a video game hero? if she gained some weight, got rid of the tattoos and shut her mouth, she would be ok. The Good Shepard did not do well dispite the award winning cast. She has children now, grow up and be less selfish.

2826 days ago


To sum it up she makes me sick... jolie-pitt are so desperate for attention.. if you want to lay low why even announce to the world on the golden globes that you're moving to the new orleans?I cant believe that people think these 2 are great parents, they're pursuing their movie careers instead of settling down & spending time with their kids, maybe they dont get along with one another & therefore have to work to avoid that??? I dont know but you would think that after Brad bragging about having a family you would think he would slow down & enjoy it (I'm sure as hell they can afford it) but noooo they're making movies & are moving from 1 set to another to another dragging their poor kids with them like they're some kind of accessory. Shame on them they should learn from other hollywood parents that are withdrawn from the spotlight & doing less movie/projects so they could spend more time with their kids...

2826 days ago


My word Konnie if you hate them so much and think so little of them,then why care what they do?They sure the hell don't care what we all feel and they shouldn't.And why give up something they love acting and they love giving.An dby no means are those kids suffering I see lots of love there and if they can have the better of both worlds then GO FOR IT.Ans so ###### what when and where they annouce where they are moving? Whats wrong with that? And bringing your family to your job is a very few and privalge thing to get to.So right on that they can and do.And not going to after hour parties and going home to be with their kids is showing lots of love and commitment.I think the media and public have a habit of ripping actors to part and that just flat sucks.They want to act to entertain why should they have to be ripped apart for there personal life.I think they look great together and I say go for it and thanks for helping the kids in the world and a state that lost so much!!!!

2826 days ago


This is really disgusting to watch. I felt guilty. Can the kid go to school without cameras in his face please?

2781 days ago
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