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Aniston Picks a Fight Over Nose Job Story

1/26/2007 3:36 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer AnistonJennifer Aniston is pissed off at Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Raj Kanodia.

Sources tells TMZ that a furious Aniston has placed several calls to Kanodia's office to express her extreme displeasure that Kanodia spoke to US Weekly for an article entitled "Jen's Secret Nose Job." The magazine claimed that Aniston underwent rhinoplasty at Kanodia's office on January 20.

In the article, Dr. Kanodia said he would not confirm that he performed the surgery and then went on to describe how rhinoplasty works.

Kanodia is reportedly responsible for recent transformations of Ashlee Simpson and Cameron Diaz.

Calls to Dr. Kanodia's office were not returned.

Aniston's rep tells TMZ his client was never upset with Dr. Kanodia and was never harsh with him on the phone.


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Brad made a good switch. She could never compare to the good looks of Angelina. Eat your heart out Jen

2771 days ago

Heather Lafosse    

My god people are mean. Jen is so pretty and a golden beauty.She seems to have the biggest heart. She was left by her husband for what most people think is the most beautiful women in the world.That must hurt so bad. Just because she is more of a quiet beauty and not over powering like Angilina doesnt mean she is not beautiful. To see magaizines and head lines everywhere making you feel like your not even in Angilinas leage must get at her. We are all human.. We all want things fixed her and there. Good for her. and in all fairness there are lots of people who think Jen is a classic beauty and Angie can almost look scarey. Leave Jen alone.We have all been hurt we just dont have to see it all over the media. You go Jen,whatever makes you feel better outside... but take it from me you dont see how trully beautiful you are. Heather Lafosse

2771 days ago


Wow.. just wow.. You people need to chill.. What makes you hate her so badly? I dont think that she deserves this much hate. Why dont you expend your energy on a more positive cause than bitching and moaning about somebody who is prettier than you.

I adore Jen.. and she is one of my favorite actresses of all time. I will watch a movie just because she is in it. I think she is incredibly gorgeous and a very talented actress. The only reason why so many negative comments are being said about her is that people tend to post more about stuff they hate than stuff they like. It really is sad.

About the doctor telling her information to the tabloids.. well yeah I would be pissed too.. It is illegal for a doctor to divulge that sort of information. She has every right to bitch at him for it, even sue his ass. And about the nose job, I hope it isnt too durastic, she is beautiful as it is.

2770 days ago


hey you #542 if what you are saying is true they wouldnt play friends on the damn tv all over the place all the time.. I have seen it in england, paris, amsterdam.. yeah often! If people hate it so much they wouldnt play it.

2770 days ago

roy mcgowan    

it is amazing she is even kinda sorta cute her granpal is was tellie savalis the old fat lolly pop sucking wanta be cop. he had a huge nose and look up ugly and find a picture of his mug. but she still is just a one should see my wife !!!!!! and when all else fails make a glory hole..she is sweet

2770 days ago


Hey #550...I agree, Jen could never compare to Angelina. And I'm so very thankful she's not trying. Jen's golden and naturally beautiful. I love her and would also watch a show/movie just because she's in it. Couldn't say that about Angelina. Get over it, you bunch of haters.

2770 days ago


What is wrong with some of you people? She is a beautiful girl who just happened to have been married to Brad Pitt. Just because someone is in the public eye do they deserve to have such mean and terrible things posted about them? I personally don't think so.

2768 days ago


tough to reach 40

2768 days ago

Kate P    

Some of you did not read the article closely enough. The doctor did NOT confirm to operating on Jen. He merely explained what the procedure he's been credited, or accused of, is all about.

2768 days ago


To all you dumb a$$es.....Jennifer is smokin hot...always has been and always will be. The nose job before nore after means nothing. As for the id$$t who mentioned Brad Pu$$....he isn't worth a Knat on wild bulls a$$!! Give me break. I noticed Brad Pu$$ is tearing up the movie screens....oh wait....he is too pbusy now living off he $lut pup angelina. Good he found someone else who can support him.

2768 days ago


Let me make sure I understand this, she just HAD a nose job, right? That means that nobody has seen her yet. Because, if the nose she has now is the "fixed" version, her old nose must have been huge! The nose she has now is pretty darn big.

2768 days ago


There must be lots of jealous people around...Why else pick on Jennifer, and for that matter Britney? Jennifer is a real person, seems sweet, and yesm she is beautiful. so leave her alone and get a life for yourself.

2767 days ago


Who cares if she did have a nose job, the girl is gorgeous and has more Class than most in Hollywood! People how sit on here and diss her, just want to be her! So pathetic.... So so Pathetic!

2767 days ago


who cares if she had a nose job..... seriously..... why care at all?

2766 days ago


If she is a dog, all I can say is woof baby! Nice no matter what anyone thinks.

2766 days ago
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