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Smokey Steaming Over "Dreamgirls" Diss

1/26/2007 3:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Smokey Robinson took a swipe at Beyonce, Jamie Foxx and Eddie Murphy over what he perceives are inaccuracies in the hit movie "Dreamgirls."

On today's NPR "Morning Edition," Robinson said he is "very upset" over the "false information" in the film. Talking about the character modeled after Motown founder Berry Gordy, Robinson said, "Nobody was paying us. So he (Gordy) borrowed $800 from his family's fund and started Motown so that we could be paid. And for him to be maligned and made out like this villainous character is very, very, very offensive to me."

Robinson took issue with the stars of the film, saying that they belittled their history: "Motown is Beyonce's heritage. Motown is Jamie Foxx's heritage. Motown is Eddie Murphy's heritage. You know what I mean? They're black people. They're young black people. America should be proud of Motown because Motown made a statement all over the world that America could be proud of."

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k. early    

To the viewers of this came across as an amalgamation of many many lives in the music industry over the past 40 years.
All of us feast to know the true history of Blacks in the music world of Motown. If anyone can put a stage and movie performance together to set us all straight....what better star and historian of the old R&B. Pop, Detroit sound than our legendary Smokey Robinson.? His comments say that he can and should do this at once.
Everyone wants to work, be needed, and to perform. What better opportunity than to work with the great Mr. Robinson, from writers, to celluloid to get it right once and for all. Most performers including writers etc. would work for little to no salary at all for this fantastic opportunity.

2638 days ago


Um, this is the first all black movie within the past 10 years (save Akeelah and the Bee) that is worthy of being seen. Please don't tell me you think Pootie Tang, How High or Idlewild are quality black films?

2638 days ago

We, are not amused.    

Smokster...dude, it's a fricking MOVIE that was based on a Broadway show. It is not based on fact. Anybody that knows anything about popular music KNOWS the whole inspiring, and finally sad story of Motown.
Your place in pop culture/history is secure.

2638 days ago

Anonymous 4    

This movie was also based on the long-running Broadway hit what is Smokey complaining about. This smells like GREEN-EYED ENVY.
Probably he was more pissed off that he was depicted in the movie and no one consulted him about the Motown's sad that he can't just celebrate the fact that the movie is entertaining millions of viewers and received an Oscar nod.

2638 days ago

beth c    

hey not so wise owl....Berry Gordy Jr. is 77 and is still very much alive.

2638 days ago


smokey sit your old ass down somewhere! that's why they call it a MOVIE!

2638 days ago


dreamgirls is loosely based on motown its not a biopic is not based on true facts the characters and the names are different. There are some similarties buts berry gordys character isnt meant to be exactly like him good or bad. People especialy motown people like smokey robinson and diana ross are taking dreamgirls too seriosuly it was a play and now its a movie its similar but not the same. I bet if dream girls had let all the motown people make cameos in the movie they would be all over the media tlaking about how wonderful it is. THEY ALL JUST NEED TO GET OVER IT !!!!! ITS A MOVIE

2638 days ago


Calm down, Smokey! It's not the first time facts have been "altered" IN THE MOVIES. It's not the end of your world. Nice to know you're still out there, putting in your 2 cents worth. What have you been smoking lately? Your rastafarian-look just doesn't seem right? Unless the Miracles are now called the Reefers? I can dig that. All the best Motown-Man. Can I have my 2 cents back now?

2638 days ago


To the Top of Old Smokey: Let's face it, showbiz is filled with creepy people at every turn. I grew up in Motown and went to the movie to see if they actually went back to the "Hitsville USA" building on West Grand Blvd. (they didn't). I wouldn't blame the actors for anything having to do with telling this "fictional story 'loosely based' on the Motown story. I knew Jennifer Hudson was good, but actually forgot during the movie she's just an upstart...amazing voice and this girl could act! Then it was the Beyonnce and Jamie Foxx trot to tout the movie. But the biggest surprise (did they plan this?) was Eddie Murphy. I knew Beyonnce could sing, and act, and Hudson surprised me because she took on Effie's character and made it into all her own. But EDDIE MURPHY! I didn't even know he was in the movie and he turned his character OUT. Regardless of the story which is supposed to be fictional, some things never change and there are liars and cheats and stupid politics in Hollywood. Smokey surely you must know all this already!

2637 days ago


I can understand Mr. Robinson's feelings but I think he is directing it to the wrong persons. Beyonce, Eddie and Jamie were "PLAYING" a role. It was not coming from them, but the writers, director and producers of the movie. He's pointing his guns in the wrong direction.
I think they did an excellent job! They did what they were told!

2636 days ago


When people debate about if "Dreamgirls" was also about the story of The Supremes, the thing that I smile about is that those fans in-the-know notice that the album covers they use for the group in the movie, are direct rip-offs of album covers precisely of The Supremes' -- both before AND after Diana Ross left the if the movie didn't have especially The Supremes in mind, it sure used them, their look, and their media as touchstones to guide them in the making of the product -- strangely, as opposed to using the look and the product of many of the countless, very different female groups that were also on the scene in the 1960s before and at the same time as The Supremes. But like one poster above alluded to, if the movie was about today, the group in the film might have resembled Destiny's Child because that group has best represented girl-group pop culture in the 1990s and 2000s -- maybe even if "Dreamgirls" wasn't 'about' The Supremes, it just was unavoidable to not represent their pop-culture influence that they had on music and the female group genre of the 1960s, 'cause they were so persuasively influential and popular during that time.

2595 days ago


Nice to see a movie that charms the soul and makes people keep searching for more and more on life in music. J-Hud can sing -- I like that way she took Jennifer Holliday's song and reminded us of the beauty of a song

2621 days ago


its very sad when people dont respect an opinion of those who were living out the very oppression at the moment while actually paying a price unseen , and yes even though this is late it bothers me to realize that in this day and time african americans havent learned very much in the since of respect of those in the trenches and those before us whove payed the altimate press just to be disrespected , smokey, musicians are artist that will forever change the world and those who are without vision .im in hope that mr robinson will continue or allow one more powerful recording youre always an insparation to all who perform thanks for all the memories smoke

1055 days ago
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