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J.Lo to Cruise: You Got a Point

1/28/2007 5:04 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

J.LoJennifer Lopez's dirty little secret is out.

J.Lo and hubby Marc Anthony continue to cozy up to TomKat, possibly preparing to become Scientology's latest celebrity recruits. In fact, her father has been a Scientologist for more than 20 years, according to Miami's NBC 6.

"It's weird people want to paint [Scientology] in a negative way," she says. "It's just sad that people would look at it in that way."

It sure sounds like Jenny, who's Catholic -- just like Katie was before falling under Tom's spell – is well on her way to joining the church. Then Tom can turn all his attention to roping in Posh and Becks!

Brady to Bundchen: Get in Line

The night before Tom Brady was spotted leaving supermodel Gisele Bundchen's NYC apartment building, the Patriots QB partied with a flock of beauties. According to Page Six, Brady was out celebrating a buddy's birthday and had a hot blonde by his side at downtown hotspot Gin Lane. Then a gaggle of models followed him to another bar, where Brady kept the women at arm's length by telling them it was "guy's night" and repeatedly checking his cell phone. Wonder whose call he was waiting for?

Eddie to Mel B: Screw You, and London Too

Eddie Murphy snubbed the "Dreamgirls" premiere in London because he didn't want to run into ex-girlfriend Melanie Brown. A source tells the New York Daily News that Murphy was afraid the fans' reaction to him wouldn't be good "because of what he did to her" -- namely dumping her on a Dutch talk show and denying he's the father of her unborn child. Eddie's rep claims he was just tied up with publicity obligations for his upcoming film "Norbit."

Party Favors: Jesse James Is Too Dirty for California ... Prince Charles Fights Pollution ... Crystal Gayle's Tour Bus Found

"Monster Garage" host Jesse James was slapped with a $271,250 fine by California air regulators, claiming his custom bikes didn't comply with the state's clean-air laws. The bikes were spewing 10 times the legal limits of hydrocarbons ... While traveling to the U.S. to receive an environmental award, Prince Charles opted to take a commercial plane instead of his private jet because he didn't want his visit to cause unnecessary pollution ... An escaped prisoner who stole singer Crystal Gayle's tour bus was arrested in Daytona Beach after a five-day manhunt.

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No Avatar


J Lo is a freak and so is her husband and Cruise. Let em join the church of $cientology-they'll fit right in. Loser morons

2764 days ago


This Scientology Stuff is so totally for the birds. I don't know how it seriously qualifies as a religion. Then they rabidly try to persecute anyone who holds it up for scrutiny....always on the defensive. Spaceships, aliens, and mother ship type crap. And celebrities of course get the red carpet. No wonder so many of them fall into it. It's the one religion that has a green room. Re: Eddie Murphy...I don't blame him for avoiding Scary Spice because she must be scary cause she's not Posh! I don't think Murphy swings that way. Re: Jessie James..."Welcome to California! While thousands drive SUV's your custom made bikes are singled out for polluting the state. How absolutely Fabulously inconsistent! It's cause you're Jessie James you know....

2764 days ago


The note about Brady is completely wrong. The Post reported that some models aproached him and he said it "was a guys night". Then he was saw talking to a blonde woman for a while but sources said it was just a friend of him, somebody he knew for a long time. Get in line TMZ!

2764 days ago

Lenn K    

Got a chance to see Marc Anthony ex-wife Dayanana Torres, I hope I spelled her first name right, but anyway you have got to be kidding me. He left that fantastic looking creature for fat ass J-Low. Maybe the cult of Scientology will help, well at least it will help Scientology keep the big bucks coming in. All cults need a big star to push it, just like Madonna and Kabbalua however you spell it. Just remember the nuts in San Diego who killed themselves.

2764 days ago


I seriously doubt that JLo or Marc would change their religion.
The Mexican/Spanish people are very, very Catholic.
If they do let that short, big nosed weirdo talk them into it,
then the world is on the short road to hell.
Scientology is a dangerous cult.

2764 days ago

The Duke    

Oh Jennifer, Jennifer. Whats wrong? Can't make up your mind? Looks like you're going to take the wrong turn at Albuquerque, but it's your life, grrrrrl. Sad to see you wreck it if you go the cult route. Bet ya Marc doesn't join with ya. Get those cobwebs out of your fanny and start giving to the poor. - The Duke

2764 days ago


JLO's popularity is going down the drain. The only way to get it back up is to join Scientology - they promise you success - look at the King of Queens - what's her name - Kevin James t.v. wife - she's a star???? hanging out with TomKat, Will & Jada - come on!

JLO s doing another diservice to her young fans - first she duped young hispanic girls to think it was cool to hang around dangerous black, gangsta punks - young girls didn't know the difference between Sean and ghetto rats - now that she has moved on the damage is done - now she's into scientology - give me a break.

2764 days ago


Eddie Murphy's behavior makes me sick to my stomach. Mel B, have that baby, get an order for a paternity test (bet he won't volunteer out of the "goodness of his heart" to take one), prove paternity...and go after that &$%#^@&.

2764 days ago


Eddie Murphy represents the typical, not stereotypical black man. He has
7 children by 3 different woman. The lack of responsibility and long term committment to a SPOUSE (ie marriage) is the reason that black men have such a negative image--that is SELF IMPOSED. People everywhere watch the choices that you make and lack thereof. Unfortunately, Eddie Murphy's decision to breed limitlessly is typical of about 8 out of 10 black men, celebrity or not. I hope that Melanie Brown aka Scary Spice gets EVERYTHING that she needs for her innocent, unborn baby. How could Eddie Murphy or any man be that
HEARTLESS to an unborn child. Give the baby a chance.
Too bad these breeding-sessions just seem to be part of the black man's exercise regime.
Don't bother blaming the white man for all of your problems--BLAME YOURSELF.

P.S. Is Anderson Cooper available ???

2764 days ago

ManBearPig Huntress    

Crystal Gayle still tours??? What is she, 80 now?

2764 days ago


To Just Telling You,

I take great offense to your comments. I am a married Black man that has children with only my WIFE. I also happen to be a Harvard grad, business owner, and mentor to other young Black men. Additionally, all of my other Black male friends are MARRIED to the Black mothers of OUR children. Therefore, your ignorant generalizations make me literally sick. When will you White people realize that we care little about you or your opinions. It's over, we are no longer your property. Get over it. We don't feel the need to please or cater to you nor give a damn about your judgements. However, I digress...

From your statements, you are more than likely a White individual. Somehow, you seem to think it is your place to comment on the behavior of someone outside of your race in a public forum. Therefore, let me give you a little advice. We are not sitting around concerned with how many of your White men are abducted childen, plottting government overthrows, or shooting up schools. We are too busy living and deciding to let live. I submit to you that it would be advisable that you try to do the same.

2764 days ago


Dont say "according to Perez Hilton" like that means ANYTHING! He knows absolutely nothing about anything except how to kiss ass and be a spokeswhore for Harvey Levin and anyone else who thinks it's funny to have a meth addicted fat slanderer on their payroll.

2764 days ago

Mad Balls    

PEREZ says ? The goverment hates him so much that they decide to wait to the exact moment " PERZhead " was going to be on National TV to Hang Saddahm . I least Saddahm is hung ...too bad Perez . Dickhead . Me painting Scietology in a negetive way ? No frikin' way . I think thetans , dual sexed aliens , thought reading and Spaceships are as normal as Eddie Murphy 's "girlfriends " on Sunset avenue .
Dickhead .

2764 days ago

The Duke    

You GO RW!! Thats telling it like it is, for sure. I must say I agree with you totally. It takes a long time for some people to learn. Of course, some don't want to learn, and thats what makes them the kind of people they are. Ignorance is bliss.....not. Anyhow, thank you for your well put and extremely meaningful message. Keep it up, sir. - The Duke ( and yes folks, I'm White with a black partner, if anyone cares )

2764 days ago


First of all, you're a gossip rag quoting a gossip rag. Some credibility!

Secondly, if J.Lo.'s Dad has been a Scientologist for over 20 year, it occurs to me that she's had plenty of opportunity to join the Church of Scientology should she have wanted to long before Cruise came along.

You could just as easily run a story that J.Lo. is trying "to recruit Tom Cruise into Catholicism" - why not accept that these two are just friends. Lame.

2764 days ago
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