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Breaks Wonderland

1/29/2007 2:33 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay LohanLindsay Lohan's extraordinary privileges at Wonderland have now driven disgruntled residents out of the rehab facility.

TMZ spoke with a recent ex-resident of the Wonderland house where Lohan has been, er ... staying, and said that making an early exit was due entirely to the distraction created by Lindsay. Our source went on to say that once TMZ broke the story of Lindsay's special treatment, Wonderland began treating all of the residents with more leniency, allowing all kinds of special treatment for everyone.

"Wonderland has become a joke," according to our source. A very expensive joke. "While I'm trying to save my life, she's (L.L.) trying to save her face."

Reps from Wonderland had no comment.


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my opinion    

TMZ- the real news worthy of mention would be if she stayed at Wonderland for 24 hours straight.

2821 days ago

The Pot Stirrer    

I thought rehab was to get yourself clean. Why does anyone there care whether she pops in at out at will. I get if you're leaving because of the papanazis, but who cares how Lindsey Lohan is doing in her process. I could tell you that if I was an addict serious about getting clean I would be more worried about what I was doing than what another patient was up to. I think this "patient" just needed an excuse to go out and use again an is using LL as it. I wouldn't be surprised if whomever this patient is, is sueing LL in a few months because "he/she" was so upset about LL working, and shopping that he/she had to check out and go do a whole bunch of drugs or alcohol to make themselves feel better about LL's not taking treatment seriously.

As with all this celebrity bullsh*t maybe you should spend more time worrying about making yourself a better person than knocking other people for doing things their own way

2821 days ago


why is she so selfish all the time, someone who wants real help could be in there
maybe al gore can step in and talk to this little bitch
remember there tight

2821 days ago


Lohan is a poor actress, awful singer, and as a drunken skank she will never change that. I haven't watched a movie or show she has been in for a while now and don't plan on ever wasting money on a movie with her in it ever again.

2821 days ago


This girl has NO IDEA what REHABILITATION is, and for that matter, does she want it? She is making a game of this. If she is SERIOUS about getting her life back on track, then she needs to GET SERIOUS. This is a matter of LIFE and DEATH, she needs to get a grip and take control or she will be the next byline in TMZ, and the story will not be related to shopping or slipping out of some trendy club.
Girl you need to be on SERIOUS LOCK DOWN, not at Wonderland Day Camp.

2821 days ago

Allred Tree    

Maybe she should join up with the SCIENTOLOGISTS!

2821 days ago


The girl is a certified nut looking for publicity. Beside asking Al Gore how to sue the papparazzi, that's not good enough, she will check into rehab to gain even more attention. I always though going into rehab meant you were in rehab, you attended meetings not go out shopping whenever you heart desires. What is the sense of her being in rehab if she spends more time on the outside than inside the rehab center. How is she suppose to heal herself if she is never inside rehab.

This is all just one big publicity getter for her and her insecurities and selfishness.

How about all the clubs she goes to just not serving her until she is 21. That should cut down her liquor consumption.

And where is her mother while all this is going on.

2821 days ago


What a freakin' loser they should have just booted her out and got the place back to normal. The spoilt little bitch can just fend for her bloody self.

2820 days ago


Stop reading about her, writing about her, seeing her movies, and she'll go away.

2813 days ago


If she's really serious, which I doubt, she would check in to Betty Ford or the Meadows in Arizona. She need some serious couch time and help to figure out what is really bothering her. This little slap on the wrist at this so called rehab center is just for the publicity. Step up to the plate little girl, and get some REAL help....

2806 days ago


lindsay lohan is da best dont hate just cuz she is special.........

2806 days ago


lindsay lohan is the most beautiful girl ever stop hatin and get off her nuts yall jealous i bet yall fat and ugly hahahahahahahahahahaha.

2806 days ago
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