Lohan Rolls Out Again, Rehab Residents Complain

1/26/2007 1:15 PM PST

Lohan Rolls Out Again, Rehab Residents Complain

Lindsay Lohan took yet another break from rehab on Thursday ... to rehabilitate her Mercedes. And TMZ sources say her fellow residents at the Wonderland rehab facility are annoyed that Lindsay is getting special treatment.

Lohan, who checked into rehab nine days ago, took her SL500 to Beverly Hills Mercedes for service. She also stopped by the set of her new movie, "I Know Who Killed Me." Lindsay then made one last stop -- at a grocery store -- before heading back to Wonderland rehab facility.

When she does go back, other rehab residents have groused to TMZ that Lindsay has her peeps come to pamper her -- a masseur, hairstylist, makeup artist, etc. They're also upset that Lindsay has the magic key to the front door.

This week alone, Lohan left rehab for day-trips on Monday and Wednesday as well as yesterday. On Monday, Lindsay left Wonderland for her condo. On Wednesday, TMZ spies spotted her at Newsroom Cafe having lunch with friends. And of course, yesterday's field trip.

The buzz is that as early as today, Lindsay will be back shooting her movie full time.

"This isn't the Betty Ford Clinic ... " -Lohan's Rep

Leslie Sloane Zelnik, Lindsay's high-powered publicist, told TMZ, "Lindsay is 100% not getting special treatment. She's getting the same as everyone else. This isn't the Betty Ford Clinic, it's not a lockdown facility. There is personal time. All these naysayers who keep blogging and speaking out, like the 'Today' show, they don't know what she's going through, they're not there. They shouldn't speak until they've gone through something like that."

Sloane also wanted to set the record straight about Lohan's recent hospital visit: "For the record, she did have her appendix taken out."