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FOX to Cooper:

'You're Paris Hilton!'

1/30/2007 4:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In the world of conservative news nerds, calling someone "Paris Hilton" is an insult. That "slur" has now been hurled by FOX News at grey-haired golden boy Anderson Cooper.

Anderson Cooper
In the latest issue of Television Week, the right-leaning cable net ran a two-page ad with the screaming headline: "MEET THE PARIS HILTON OF TELEVISION NEWS." Anderson isn't pictured or named, but there's a photo, taken from behind, of a slim, grey-haired man in a suit.

The ad also says that "Anderson" is "style over substance" and a "media darling." But here's the kicker: "He still gets beat EVERY NIGHT BY ... Greta Van Susteren." Ouch.

The spat erupted last week when Cooper took a shot at FOX News for hyping Insight magazine's incorrect story that Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama had attended a radical Islamic school as a child in Indonesia. "Others are reporting the heat. We are sticking to the facts," Cooper said at the time.

You call FOX inaccurate, they call you Paris Hilton. So there!


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responding to #46, et al.

The fact that Fox News has an audience is, in and of itself, scary. Fox News caters to those who enjoy being brainwashed and spoon fed their propoganda. It's like preaching to the right-wing choir... there is absolutely no critical thinking going on if you actually enjoy Fox News. Sorry.

It's one thing to read US/TMZ/People, and other celeb trash mags, who hold themselves out to be entertainment... and I enjoy them as much as the next person. For me, Fox News is def in that category (and not the legit news org. they profess themselves to be).

2729 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

So who's the empty suit?
Not #24, L. Thompson.
Nice post.

2729 days ago

He's Boring now    


Entertainment? Why are all the entertainers showing up on CNN and MSNBC--you know the ones; babs, fonda, penn, sarandon, robbins, baldwin, the usual suspects already brainwashed and one dimensional and angry, oh my can they ever get angry.

When questioned by Fox over the weekend on what plan should be followed after the Hollering of "PULL OUT NOW" all weekend, not one of them had an answer, and than when realizing it was a Fox news person asking the question, got angry or silent. So much for seeing things from two sides.

That some real critical thinking.

This is the same bunch that would welcome radical islamics under "lets love everybody" to live in our communities and grant them all the freedom needed to plot our demise.

Wake up, look around and quit with the Kumbaya.

Oh and read the book "America Alone" if you have any questions about why what is going on right now in France and Europe is coming here next regarding radical Islams and Jihad on all of us, irregardless of color, sexual preference, age, or political affiliation.

Cooper and those entertainment types are all just hurrying its arrival on our shores that much quicker under the usual guise of everybody loves everybody in the whole wide world. Not quite everybody.

2729 days ago


ANDERSON COOPER IS THE 1st FAG in the VANDERBILT family. Well, 2nd his mom Gloria came out of the closet about a year ago. WHAT A WASTE. ANDERSON DOESN'T EVEN DATE ANY WOMAN. HE'S BEEN ONLY LINKED TO BOYS.

#21 Anderson"FAG" Cooper is not a DuPont. He's a Vanderbilt. The DuPont family has murderers, the Vanderbilt's have queers.

#48 Anderson Cooper takes LOTS of vacation days.

And finally, something for everyone. CNN is actually owned by brainwashing Jews. Watch and listen closely.

2729 days ago


Everyone knows Hilary's people planted that Obama story. Poor CNN can't even get good ratings by hiring good looking people

2729 days ago


DeepFreeze3 (#35) and Regardless (#44): Well said and right on. The real issue here is the distortion of truth. It's pathetic when people (on both sides of the aisle!) simply demonize and yell and scream at each other like howler monkeys. I don't care if you're a conservative or a liberal - you should talk about the actual facts of the matter. In this case, the charge against Obama was proved to be a clear lie, and anyone who defends it clearly cares more about politics than truth and should be ashamed of themselves.

2729 days ago


What a Waste
I've read nothing to verify your comment...that G Vanderbilt is gay....the woman that had been with Sinatra, Brando..Howard Hughes..... Her mother Gloria ...was rumored as having had gay relationships...but where is it documented that G Vanderbilt is gay??
What does being Jewish and owning CNN have to do with anything. You would be the waste.........of life.........and a racist is what you are...

2728 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Hey, Colledge Degree - if you have one, it obviously isn't in Language Arts. Oh, yeah - it's College Degree, not Colledge Degree.
'Funny and mildly current' isn't news. News is not there for entertainment purposes. It's news. Did you really state 'try reading a paper sometimes!?' Get thee to an English teacher. 'your to fat for the airlift?!' It's 'you're too fat for the airlift...and then you proceed to call us other good bloggers losers. Are you getting that you make YOURSELF look stupid and like a loser with your hypocrisy? Not yet? Then here's one more; people with self esteem, who like themselves and are content don't continue to blog over and over as you have many times on TMZ that they make more money than others. Good for you. You'll need it, as I doubt anyone would want to split the bills with you for very long. Blogging is to communicate with others, not to ridicule and one-up. You probably do that in your real life too, which probably keeps you pretty lonely.

2728 days ago



2727 days ago
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