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Paris Sues Over Sex Stuff, Medical Records

1/30/2007 3:08 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton has filed a Federal lawsuit, claiming the website is "the single most egregious and reprehensible invasions of privacy ever committed against an individual." includes sex photos and videos, highly-sensitive medical records, diary entries and audiotapes of her conversations. The cache was stored at a warehouse and was purchased for $2,775 at a foreclosure auction after the storage bill went unpaid. The contents were then re-sold to Bardia Persa for a cool $10 mil. Persa then allegedly created, a subscription site which is burning up the Internet.

Just hours after filing the lawsuit yesterday, Paris and Nicole Richie were spotted at Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills. While Paris may have looked relatively unfazed for the cameras, her rep tells TMZ that she's "deeply hurt" by having her private escapades laid bare once again.

The suit, which asks for compensatory and punitive damages, claims the use of Paris' most personal belongings for commercial purposes is a violation of Federal Copyright laws as well as a violation of Paris' right to privacy. The suit also seeks a restraining order and an injunction against the website.


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i totally agree. she gets what she deserves. she creates a bad image of herself and it's hurting the generation of young girls today. she needs to put some clothes on, go to college, and learn how to show some class. she has to have more purpose in life than to party and whore herself out. she's an embarrassment to the entire female population.

2761 days ago


beauty and money can't buy you respect or dignity.

2761 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

it just proves a fact,paris is a slutty hoe and always been a hor from the day she turned 12,mushrooms is really whats wrong with her,she a dope head and a coke head

2790 days ago

Great Dane    

Well, lets think.....

If I didn't want half of the internet to see my vagina, would I make a sex tape?

If I didn't want all if this publicity, would I eat at the most publicly watched reastaurants???

If I wanted some privacy, would I take pics for my fans on the front lawn?

If I didn't want people knowing my private conversations etc., wouldn't I be a little more careful where I lkeave my sidekick? Who I call, text, etc.?

She brings this all on herself.....and she LOVES the attention......

2790 days ago


Good for her. I totally support Paris Hilton! Her afns will always love her and who cares what the haters think

2790 days ago


I hope the guy gets a good lawyer, but I don't feel sorry for her at all. The attention whore got what she craves the most...attention! Besides the guy came to her 3 DIFFERENT times to come up with a $$ agreement but she was too cheap to pay up so she did have the chance to prevent all of this. Stupid girl.

2790 days ago


i hope they shut it down fast im really embarassed for her
who in the world would want to see how you acted as a teenager on the net for the whole world to see

im on paris' side here

2790 days ago


An article said that Joe Francis tried to buy back the stuff for Paris (what a nice guy)no agreement could be reached.
Those Iranians wanted to make Big Money off Paris. Where is the surprise.
This is not right and I also support Paris Hilton!

2790 days ago


Welcome to America. She has no case. I hope to see her crying on the news in the coming months when her case gets thrown out. Maybe next time she will pay her bills on time like the rest of us.

2790 days ago


what kind of moron leaves personal, private stuff in a storage facility-that's just asking for trouble. instead of paying for blow, she should've paid her bill.....

2790 days ago


If you don't pay your bill at a storage facility, the facility needs to make up the money that they lost housing these items; so they have to auction off the contents. Sure it sucks that this stuff was extremely personal but it is no longer Paris'. It is no longer her property. It now belongs to whomever won the bid and they, in turn, can do whatever they want with it.
Paris should just deal with it. Like the first comment read, She's an attention whore and she is getting it exactly how she likes it, hard and quick. DEAL WITH IT!

2790 days ago


You people are so lame! "I support Paris" blah blah blah...get a freakin life. Like she really gives a rats a** what you think. She is getting what she wants and what she deserves. SHE IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE A WHORE! Do you really think if you walked up to her with your lame a** and said "oh Paris we support you" she would be like "oh thank you" NO! She would probably make fun of you and call you losers.

2790 days ago



She has all this money, but failed to pay her storage fees. what she think
just because she's a hilton she don't have to pay the u-haul people? it was auctioned off. she could have went to an auction to get her stuff just like these perverts did.

Though i do think it's wrong for her to be exploited this way, you have to look at the facts. she didn't pay her BOLL and HER POSESSIONS were AUCTIONED off by the STORAGE CO. some joe schmo bought them. He's disgusting for doing what he did, but she should have paid her bill on time.


2790 days ago


Wow, Nicole looks great in this photo - not scarily thin, as usual.

2790 days ago


Well said HAHAHA. You are right.

2790 days ago
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