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Mess USA - Yeah, I Did Coke

1/31/2007 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Disgraced beauty queen Tara Conner fesses up to using cocaine – as well as anti-depressants and other drugs – in an interview to air tomorrow.

According to Page Six, Conner will tell Matt Lauer on "Today," "I have done cocaine, yeah," and prescription drugs to boot. "I've tried several different things," says Miss USA, understatedly. People connected with the pageant had told TMZ when we broke the story that one of the big problems with Tara's situation was that her hair follicles had tested positive for cocaine – a much more sensitive test than urinalysis. Since then, allegations and eyewitness accounts of her nose-powdering activities have proliferated.

K-Fed Rejects $25Mil from Brit?

As K-Fed and Britney hash out their divorce settlement, TMZ has heard from both camps that the ex-couple is seriously trying to settle the case – including the money end of things. Regardless, K-Fed must be making a mint from that Super Bowl commercial because he just turned down a $25 million divorce settlement from Brit, according to Star. We don't know if that figure is accurate, but Star says it's Britney's final offer, the catch being that Kevin has to walk away from her – and the kids -- entirely. "There's no way he's going to disappear from their lives," says Star's source.

"Idol" Loves Courtney More Than Paula?

Though it might be like replacing Loopy with Crazy, Courtney Love says that "American Idol" really wants her as a judge – and maybe to replace Paula Abdul.

Love has revealed to Us that "Idol" honcho Nigel Lythgoe asked her whether she'd be interested in being a judge on the show, and a source says that he's thinking of replacing Paula with the infinitely more unpredictable rocker-actress. "I thought it was kind of weird but brilliant," says Love. It's not the first time rumors have swirled that Paula was in danger of being booted. Courtney is in L.A. recording a new solo album, says Us, and wouldn't reveal any more specific details. Reps for "Idol" had no comment.

Tori's Tupperware Party – for Baby

Tori Spelling is having a baby shower next week as she's nearly due to give birth, and the question is – will Candy be hosting the bash? Nope, reports Marc Malkin. The shower will be hosted by none other than ... Tupperware. Tupperware? Yes, explains a friend, "Tupperware said they're big fans of Tori's, so they wanted to do this." Filling in for grandma Candy as a mother figure at the gathering will be Tori's TV co-star Loni Anderson, and the party is a couples' shower. We've heard that everyone says it's just very sad about mom and daughter Spelling, but that Tori is acting just plain nutsy about her dislike for Candy.

Party Favors: Isaiah Returns to "Grey's" Set ... Naked Harry Potter Upsets Parents ... "Survivor" Doctor Admits to Cocaine Abuse

Isaiah Washington returns to the set of "Grey's Anatomy" tomorrow after his stint in rehab for anger management, says People. Washington hasn't been on the set since Jan. 23, and was not with his castmates at the recent Screen Actors Guild awards ... "Harry Potter" star Daniel Radcliffe's recent body-baring photos have upset parents of fans of the wizard-in-training series. Apparently, Potter fansites have been inundated with disapproving emails about the 17-year-old's racy pics ... A doctor who treated contestants on "Survivor" while the show was filmed in faraway lands has admitted to abusing "medical-grade" cocaine and inappropriately obtaining prescription drugs, says the New York Post. Dr. Adrian Cohen – who has also been a guest on Oprah and worked on "Baywatch" and "Mission: Impossible 2" is being investigated by Australian medical authorities.

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No Avatar

coco puff    

That RACIST Trump lets this coke-head, under-age drinking, white trailer trash keep her crown because he didn't want the African American runner-up to become Miss USA. I cant believe people don't see this sh*t for what it really is. I will never stop my fight against RACISM! NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE!!!!!!!

2791 days ago


I am not trying to be on K-feds side but every child should know there father. Some fathers are worse and that may be the only reason but K-fed is not that bad.

2791 days ago

im just sayin    



2791 days ago

celebs sux    

I bet Tara tried anal too in a gangbang with a bunch of kneegars.

2791 days ago

Puh der Baer    

I think Farrah should be Miss USA. Oops, she's a man. And White....

2791 days ago


I think Paula should be replaced by Marie Osmond! she already proved that she could do it on that stupid Celebrity Duets show!! Plus Courtney Love would be just as annoying as Paula is!

2791 days ago

Puh der Baer    

The only thing that runner-up should be is miss "spicy or mild" at your local Popeyes.

2791 days ago

Puh der Baer    

Maybe they should just cancel the show (amer idol) ?????

2791 days ago


I love knowing that the woman representing our country is a coke-head, alcoholic, trashy whore. Nice decision, Trump! Way to present America in the best way possible.

And K-Fed sounds like a great guy. I don't care what the tabloids said about him or how badly his music career is failing, it takes a real man to turn down $25million just because he wants to see his kids. I don't know too many men that will get divorced and NOT give up their kids for the sake of $25million.

And the Harry Potter kid? Sick. I can't take him seriously whatsoever. It makes me want to throw up when I see the pictures/video.

2791 days ago

Only in    

Here we go again! IT'sssssss theeeee Farrahhhhh Showwww I thought the black girl was cute but its not her time

2791 days ago



2791 days ago


Miss USA is a total disgrace! She should of been replaced no if,ands,or buts! As for replacing Paula with Courtney.....are they kidding me??? One train wreck for another.

2791 days ago

Hot Carl    

Farrah what a double standard you have!

And no, I am not talking about the race thing, im talking about the COCAINE!!!

FYI, the CRACK you and yo momma smoke is from COCAINE!!! HELLOOOO!!

2791 days ago

Funny Answers    

I think I have finally figured it out. You can say anything, about anyone, as long as you go to rehab? The spas these people go to are just hotels. Washingon, since when can you take years of hate and clean it up in one week in Rehab??? Who in the hell do people think we the public are??? Stupid uneducated human beings. So, Washington is fine now becasue of rehab for a week are two, Mel is fine because of Rehab, and Michael Richards is fine, becasue of rehab? So if we sent the Klan to Rehab it will work???All in one or two weeks! All those who hate other religions/races/creeds can go to Rehab and in one week they are fine!! They have seen the light, and all is fine with the world. Wow, why didn't we think of this years ago. And people who hate gays, well just to to rehab for a very short span, (1 or 2 weeks) and you can cure your hate. So, from now on, when these jerks say these things, the F word, N word, J word we shall smile and slap their hands, and send them to rehab. No one need to be accounable for their own actions. Blame it on the lack of a stint in Rehab! I hope Mr. Washington get his, one way or anther, same for Mel drunk or not, and Michael Richards anger fit. Not in our house. Michael, Mel and Washington can rote in hell, and we shall never watch anything they do. A fast fix never works. Education, long hard intrspective study of self may help, but the is another hollywood machine crap fest.

2791 days ago


I don't believe much of what I read on tabloid sites, but if Britney's offer of 25 mil includes no contact between father and children, she is truly spiteful. All children should have the opportunity to know and bond with their father as much as possible. A parttime father is better than none at all. I am doubtful she would be that foolish. Then again, maybe she has a new "daddy" lined up for them..

2791 days ago
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