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Sad Brad Puffs and Ponders

2/1/2007 2:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brad Pitt took a pensive break from helping Angelina Jolie collect items from her late mother's hotel room, and sat on the balcony floor to have a cigarette on Wednesday.

Angelina's mother, Marcheline Bertrand, passed away on Saturday after a long battle with ovarian cancer. She had been living at L'Ermitage Hotel in Beverly Hills.

The tragic news brought the supercouple back to Los Angeles after their relocation to New Orleans where Brad is shooting his latest film, "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button."


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Why is there such a strong reaction to this topic. We can't all agree all of the time.

Relax, breathe and exhale.

Let other opinions be.

2786 days ago

Lite it    

Hey,, if you DON"T smoke how would you know what it's like? I don't smoke,but I realize how strong of an addiction it is. At least he's smart enough NOT to do it around his family. Concern about cancer??? Who knows what is safe anymore? There are plenty of people who never take a hit & end up with it anyways. My advice? don't start and get informed. My heart felt condolences to the Pitt-Jolie Crew

2786 days ago


GONE: State your case all you want. Now you are expecting others to end up in the ditch because they don't agree with you.

Do you expect every poster on this blog to have the same minds and views? I don't think so.

We are all not going to have the same reaction to this topic.

Relax, breathe, exhale.

Let others be.

2786 days ago


Angelina will have to live with this the rest of her life. I wonder how she goes to sleep at night. She steals others boyfriends and husbands, disses her father, neglects her dying mother, yet she is saying, "Look at me! I am a loving, caring, charitable person and please put my picture and my good deeds out there for all to see!" ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS!! She and Brad both make me sick to my stomach.

2786 days ago



It is obvious that all you want to do is stir the sh*t.

You can sit here & argue all day.

Get A Life.

2786 days ago


You are the one who needs to
Relax, Breathe, Exhale...,
and then get yourself to a Psychiatrist quick.

2786 days ago

lost without my mom    

to kandice,

I agree with you 100 percent, I too saw my mom day to day just wilting away and when she passed away it left me angry and hurt. Angry ,because i feel her life was cut short, and because my son will not remember who she was.

People make comments on how angelina was not there, but no one really knows all we know is what is published on magazines and the internet. leave the woman alone she is greiving, show some respect. Who cares what happen between angelina, brad and jennifer, these things happen we are all human and who are we to judge.

2786 days ago


I've read through many of these posts and I have to say for the most part it's all pathetic jealousy with a whole lot of hatefullness. First off, I am neither a JA fan nor am I Brad and AJ fan, but it is ironic that Brad is sitting there smoking given that AJ's mom just died of Cancer (doesn't matter what kind, IT'S CANCER) and for those who have made comments about the fact that JA hasn't spoken to her mother for 10 years, NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! you have no idea what the situation was/is and in the same token, AJ doesn't speak to her father John Voight, so stop judging! These people are supposed to entertain us on TV or the Big Screen, we are not supposed to become so involved in their personal lives that we become hateful and obsessed about the choices that they make, get a life!

2786 days ago

Oh Canada    

my2cents, keep your (expletive) money.
You began as if you were above all the comments, but ended with your true colors showing. Many of us that posts our comments/opinions have a life, a few of us have something of value to say.
Smoking is a tough habit to break, what calms your nerves in times of crisises? Is it alcohol, food, drugs? Everybody has a vice, and most of them aren't good for us. We quit when we're ready.

Why even mention Jon Voight, he not only left AJ's mother he abandoned his children at their most vulnerable stage for many years. Abandoning your children for your own selfish needs is unforgivible.
I'm quite certain Angelina has very good reason for not speaking to the man who impregnated her mother, that fact doesn't automatically make a man a father. Nobody should feel obligated to maintain a relationship with a toxic parent or sibling.

Celebrities are entertainers, a few of them touch us with their talent, and compassion for children and the world around them. I've like Brad Pitt since one of his first interviews many years ago with Diane Sawyer, he wasn't full of himself. Back then I found him to be more than the sum of his many beautiful parts. Angelina is one of those rare beauties who never appeared to be consumed with her looks; she is a lady with a big heart, their children are fortunate to have them both. What more could children want or need when they have parents who love and respect each other.

I hope these two do not give a crap what the rest of us thinks of them; but by some small chance they do care. I think you're both two incredible people who complement each other.
I wish you and your family well. It must have given Ms.Bertrand much joy to know her daughter has the love of a good hearted man, and three beautiful children to dote on.

2786 days ago

Sherry mccall    

Jamie, that was angelina in all the different countries ever since she had the baby. Now, since you want me to rally for JA, Jennifer does not get along with her mother, and never claimed too. However, should i rally for Angelina and her father, seems like she is in the same situation as Jennifer. what, i said actually came from Angelina, herself. Now if it's a lie, angelina told it.

2786 days ago


Sonia, I in now way insinuated that I was above anything, just expressed my opinion, which last time I checked was still allowed! I've read through your Verbal Diarrhea and have just one thing to say, get off your soap box! You must be smoker in order to be so critical of anyone who makes a comment about it. I don't care who left who for whom, you completely missed my point (SHOCKER!) which was, that both AJ and JA have a parent that they do not communicate with, whatever their reasons are is none of anyone's business.

2786 days ago


So what if he is smoking a cigarette.... It was a stressful event that had happened and different people have different ways of relieving it, his just happens to be taking a break to smoke a cigarette. You people just have to bash Brad or Angelina no matter what they do. Whether it is good or bad..... Get a life.......

2785 days ago


Dear Lost Without Your Mom,

I am so sorry for your loss and I feel your pain. I am so glad you wrote.
I was beginning to think no one in here has ever had to watch their parent die. I started thinking (am I the only one who sat with my Mom as she died?) When she was coherent I would tell her how much I Loved her. At one time, she had stopped eating & drinking and I was told it would not be long. I couldn't handle it. I started crying, and laid my head on her shoulder and cried and begged her to eat & drink. I told her I wasn't going to be able to handle the Holidays w/out her. I look back & I think I was being selfish. She mumbled, & started to slowly eat & drink again. She made it through the Holidays and passed away 3 days after her Birthday. The night before her body started to really shut down, my husband got on his knee's and called her name several times, she only opened one eye,and he told her "Don't worry, Mom, I'll take care of Kandice"
I was there telliing her over & over how much I Loved her, and how much I appreciated her being such a great Mom.
The next day she passed away.
I'll never forget it as long as I live. To watch my Mom go from being a tall, strong woman, to losing so much weight and losing all of her bodily functions is a nightmare for me still. My sister yelled at me after the funeral that it was MY Fault she hung on because I begged her to & that I was to blame.
I can't tell you what a dagger it sent through my heart. I didn't realize, I just wanted her to stay (we have lost many family members right before Christmas) and Christmas' haven't ever been my favorite Holiday because of it. It would remind me of everyone we lost.
We got a phone call one night that one of our family members was robbed, shot and killed (we just so happened to have just bought the Christmas tree & was decorating it)
I only celebrate it because of my religion.
(That is what Christmas is really about)
I can't tell you which one is worst. Not being able to say goodbye or watching my Mom die slowly. With my Mom, I felt like I was on a long walk to being stoned, or hung. You sit there and want them to get better and the Dr.'s are telling you otherwise. IT IS HELL!!!!!!!!!!
I'm sorry I have rambled on. I don't talk about it much, because people get so uncomfortable and don't know what to say.
I hope I haven't upset you in any way. I only wish the best for you & your family.
I agree with you 100%; people don't know what is really going on in someones life, and to kick them when they are down in greif is something I cannot even fathom. You are right. They just need to leave her alone & stop judging her and her family. We all have our issue's and our families may not be like everyone else's.
Most people just do not understand until you go through it.

All of my prayers for you,

2785 days ago


Audrey Rose, you didn't have respect for Angelina from the beginning, What are you talking about? You're just a bitter Jen fan just twisting a situation to make her look bad. You shouldn't have any respect for someone who doesn't even speak to the person who brought them in the world. (hint:Jen Aniston and her mother).

2785 days ago


Adding my comments to this situation is a hit home for me. I have a mother that I love, but we don't get along. So, I just stay away. I couldn't stand the disagreements all the time. It is just constant. One minute you think everything is okay and boom in walks the devil. So to keep confusion down, I just stay away. I've told my brother and family if anything serious happens and you need me just call, other than that, I can't deal with it anymore. Yes, it makes me sad, but I just can't handle it anymore. I'm older now and I don't want to fight any more. It's like no matter what you do or how you try to get along, it's not good enough. Some people are just draining, no matter who they are. And if you are not a confrontational person, its pretty hard to deal with. I know it's a hurting thing when you lose your parents, I've seen it all around me all my life, but we must go through it if we out live them. It's sad that some people don't have a good relationship with their parents, but it happens.Don't ask me why, I don't have the answer to that. But like everything else in life, sometimes something goes wrong somewhere down the line. How can we fix it? We can't do it by ourselves. So if you are trying and they are not, you are better off just staying away. It may sound cold, but it's life. This a personal situation. But I'm only expressing myself because some people are saying how could you not be there for your parents. Unless you have been through it, you don't know what it's like. All parents are not alike and they are for sure not the same. I'm a mother, and I wouldn't do anything to jepordize my relationship with my son. We must remember because we are parents does not mean that we can't be wrong sometimes. It works both ways. Let everyone have their own peace.

2785 days ago
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