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Brit: My Life Rocks!

2/4/2007 5:14 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Wild Britney Gallery: Click to launch photosTalk about the understatement of the year: Britney says kicking K-Fed to the curb and living the wild life is "awesome."

Looking way more put together than usual, People magazine reports that Spears snagged the spotlight Friday night in the front row of a NYC fashion show wearing a slinky black dress.

Earlier in the week, the newly brunette Brit was seen sporting a Star of David necklace that belongs to boytoy Isaac Cohen. In fact, the pop tart is considering converting for her latest crush – and she already has a head start from dabbling in Kabbalah a few years back with gal pal Madonna.

In the meantime, Britney is stocking up on Valentine's gifts from L.A.'s Trashy Lingerie. Despite the store's name, Spears' purchase "was anything but trashy," a source tells FOX News. "It was classy and sophisticated and perfect for her." Awesome!

Paris Exposed Gallery: Click to launch photosCross One Off Paris' Little Black Book

That court order may be too late, Paris. Although has been blocked, the damage seems to be done. "Girls Gone Wild" top dog Joe Francis told Howard Stern that Paris is "amazing" and "better than anyone" in bed, reports Page Six. But he quickly added: "I would never have sex with [her] again. Especially after checking out her medical history." Ouch!

Kardashian: I Don't Need Your Money

Meanwhile, Paris' BFF, Kim Kardashian, confessed on E! that "maybe, yes" there have been some sex tapes of her and ex-boyfriend Ray J (Brandy's brother) floating around -- but they are not for sale. According to the New York Daily News, Kardashian set the record straight by saying: "I'm not poor; I'm not desperate. I would never attempt to sell a tape. It would humiliate me and ruin my family. I don't need the money."

Party Favors: Justin Timberlake to Host Awards ... Kylie Minogue Is Single Again

Justin Timberlake will host Nickelodeon's 20th annual Kid's Choice Awards on March 31. ... Kylie Minogue and her boyfriend of four years, actor Olivier Martinez, have called it quits.

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No Avatar

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

jack-ass siad he would have sex wiyh paris,thats the only person thay said publicly that would have sex with paris,and only after taking a look at her medical record he might have a change of heart on that subject.I guess we will never see paris with a baby of her own,and sometimes thats a good thing,skankazoid should never reproduce,we just only wish that britt would have listened

2787 days ago


What is in Paris's medical record? I do know about the herpes med,what else? She cannot have a child???

2787 days ago


Scarlett, tell me more about herpes med, I never heard of that one. Also, who the hell is Kim Kardasian ?????

2787 days ago


I heard several times that Paris was paying a moving company the storage fees and then the moving company would pay the storage facility. I heard that the storage was in the moving companies name to protect Paris' privacy. The news stated per Paris' manager that the moving company failed to make the payments, and that is why her belongings went up for auction in the first place.
IF (and that's a BIG IF) the story Paris' manager said is true, then why isn't Paris suing the moving company for failing to pay the fees?

2787 days ago


Is Brit supposed to be on Letterman this Monday?

2787 days ago

Rhodes Scholar    

I am one of many who are opting to boycott Ms. Hilton. We have decided that the best way to send her & the media a message is to band together and peacefully boycott anything associated with her & the Hilton empire.

We may not see a huge dent in bottom line of the companies who embrace Paris immediately, but if we perpetuate this boycott it is inevitable that no reputable Fortune 500 company will want her as a spokeperson. The goal is to not only to bring that into fruition, but also to minimize her media exposure. She has proven to never be worth it in the first place.

Many thanks..

Link to the products she endorses:

NY Post article that was previously posted:

It may be hard, but let's not purchase any magazines or frequent any sites that glamorize the fallen/jaded heiress. Also, if their is any entertainment news program that is favoring her - let's turn the channel.

Let's go get'em!!

2787 days ago

Rhodes Scholar    


Here's a website that list all of Paris Hilton's endorsements. Let's send this racist, herpes infected piece of trash a message.


TMZ, why did you remove the article on Friday with the title of Paris Hilton being a Bigot and dropping the N-Bomb and F-BOMB? Also, you removed the video and the comments to the posting. You sold your loyal viewers out. Now, we are going to send Paris Hilton and you a message.

Note: The only entertainment news organization that carried this story about Paris Hilton's racist and bigoted tirades was "Showtime Tonight." They carried the story on Friday and showed the video as well. Please send them some love at:

There was a guest on the show from 'Court TV' who stated Paris racist tirade would blow over because, she is a media darling. (I'm paraphrasing here.) Let's organize by peacefully boycotting Paris Hilton and any media organization that supports her. Let the media know she is not "our darling." She's a disgrace!!

Also, I get all of my celebrity news from now because, Michael K has not sold his soul to the Hilton empire.


Former Paris fan

2787 days ago

Rhodes Scholar    

Opi, thanks for posting this article. I just sent them some feedback in the comments section for this article. Thanking them for reporting this. I encorage anyone who is taking part of this movement to do the same. We must peacefully support this type of news.

I am reposting Opi's link to the Post Chronicles article:

All, let's stay encouraged. This movement will work. If you notice, it is already working to some extent, as there have been very few positive news articles about the fallen heiress. We can not afford to remain silent.

Many thanks.

2787 days ago


Kylie.. no real woman who loves men, lets a man cheat THAT much! I'm just sayin' ?

2787 days ago

Rhodes Scholar    

Anyone who thinks poor Paris was extorted, they offered to sell her things back, but the heirhead demanded 2 million for her own trash:

Thanks for the link to boycott anything to do with her. Tell the young girls who idolize her and buy her perfume, book, about her herpes, racism, alcohol and drug abuse, and sleeping her way to the top. She's no one girls should admire, or spend their money on her products.

Posted at 6:06PM on Feb 3rd 2007 by opi

2787 days ago

the DQ    

BS is as slunty as ever. Nothing has changed.

Haven't you seen the pictures of that piece of trailer trash from the fashion show? She doesn't even know you're supposed to remove the price tag from cloths.

2787 days ago


At least Britney has the sense to stay away from that herpes infested whore paris hilton. There's hope for her yet!

2787 days ago


Valtrex is also used for shingles and Cold Sores.

So how would anyone know Paris Hilton's medical history without seeing her full chart?

Haters are just making sh*t up,as usual.

2787 days ago


It's the haters who are the Whores with Herpes.

Paris Hilton does not have to explain her private life to anyone.

Paris is beautiful and lovely and all the haters are just jealous of her good looks.

2787 days ago


In my opinion Paris Hilton is the one person who has her act together. She may have partied but obviously she never let it interfer with her work.

Meanwhile, Britney is messed up to the maxx and Lindsay Lohan is in and out of rehab. Lohan is the worst of the bunch from what I can see and I dislike her pimping mother Dina more than anything.

But Paris Hilton seems ok now.

2787 days ago
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