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2/5/2007 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comAnother night, another Dick-headed escapade for Andy.

The very public Dick had to be forcibly removed for bad behavior once again, this time on the set of "Jimmy Kimmel Live." Andy was the first guest on the show, and it seemed like he might have hit the bottle. Then Andy got extremely handsy with Ivanka Trump -- daughter of the Donald -- and the heiress tried to get Dick to stop rubbing her. Ivanka politely asked him to stop, but he wouldn't. "Donald Trump will kill both of us," warned Kimmel.

Kimmel then had to call in the troops -- security guards swarmed the D-lister and, with Kimmel's help, literally dragged Dick off the stage.


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This was planned!

2756 days ago


Why in the world was Donald Trump's daughter on Jimmy Kimmel's show? The No-Talent Joke of Donald Trump & his stepford kids, gets massive publicity; our No-Talent Joke of a President, GW Bush, is our "Commander in Chief". Our Homeland Security's idea of a "bomb" is a Cartoon Network Litebrite Box!!

It's pathetic to see TV hosts like Letterman, Leno, Kimmel, etc. gove these idiots airtime, when there is so much awesome talent out in America, which could be given the air time. "American Idol" gets primetime; "Showtime at the Apollo" is on at 2:30 A.M. on Sundays.

I really question whether the "Ratings" for TV Shows, which claim for ex. that "The Apprentice" is popular, are actually phony, I can't believe people actually would watch the boring spectacle!

2756 days ago


I think he was gross, drunk AND it was a set up, because if it wasn't part of the show they would have just gone to commercial and politely gotten him off the stage.
You don't drag anyone, even low life Andy Dick off the stage by his feet...

2756 days ago

Steven Strauss    

Not that I want him seated next to me at dinner, but those who think he has no talent are all wrong. Writers he needs; talent he has. Rent the News Radio DVDs for a weekend and see Andy Dick doing full out physical slapstick without a net. You can hear the injuries. And you know the writers would have enjoyed making him hurt.

2756 days ago

Renonta Mason    

The Donald should kill him. He totally disrespected her and I believe he was drunk and Kimel did the right thing by dragging his but off the show, to save his own ass

2756 days ago

Joe Verip    

It was a setup. As has been mentioned, anything as serious as a guest harrassing another guest would be cause for an immediate commercial break. And what show has a security crew at the ready to deal with this kind of "misbehavior". Jimmy Kimmel looks for opportunities such as this, and so does Dick.

2756 days ago

She's Gotta Have It    

Who Is Andy Dick? And what kinda people would name their kid Andy???? Shame on you Mr. & Mrs. Dick!

BTW...I've already sent email to Snoop's parents. Mr. Dogg didn't take it well.

2756 days ago


this is absolutely fake, no question about it. none of the people in this poorly executed bit are remotely talented enough to pull off a hoax 86ing without it being pretty obvious. don't encourage these people! maybe if we don't acknowledge them, they will go away...

2756 days ago


More than just loaded. This guy is WAY manic, everytime I see him. He and Jim Carrey should split a prescription for Lithium and save us all a headache.

2756 days ago


Whatever you want to call it...I found it hilarious. :)

2756 days ago


Andy is Andy:
This wasn't anything different than any other drinking night for him.
It was all in good fun, and Kimmel handled it perfectly.

Besides- Dick need the publicity .. !
(and the 'usual' LA crowd detox)

2756 days ago


He's an alcoholic/addict. He needs help and it's just sad it's being played out in public. I hope he recovers.

2756 days ago


I think that Andy Dick is seriously talented even though I hate him and he may be an idiot. He still has a talent that even I cannot deny. Weather this was a set-up or not he still should not have been touching that nasty bitch! I think that he is not recognized for his talent and seen as a total joke, and when that is the card delted to you in Hollywood you take what you can matter how talented you are. Just another day in the life of a lost star=)

2756 days ago

Bettina Torres    

I just want someone to reach out to Briney Spears and lead the girl to the light what is wrong with her...who dresses her Britney if you are reading this "Fire your stylist" look a hot mess everytime I open a magazine and stay Blonde for crying out loud the black hair doesn't do it for you..I am a big fan of yours and I want you to be ready for your comeback girl..Work it out!..and choose your company wisely..another K-Fed...come on! We all know Justin is the man for you.. I still love you girl but please get it together..Bettina Torres

2755 days ago


I think Andy is hysterical.

2755 days ago
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