Stalk Much? Dick Won't Leave Kiefer Alone

1/29/2007 8:46 PM PST

Stalk Much? Dick Won't Leave Kiefer Alone

Andy Dick tried to claw his way onto the A-list after the SAG Awards last night.

At a post-awards dinner, Kiefer Sutherland was leaving West Hollywood restaurant Ago with co-star Kim Raver. Dick, who has no business being anywhere near a ceremony honoring people for their acting, stood close behind Sutherland while he signed autographs for fans. "This is my f**king friend," Dick said, over and over again.

When Kiefer tried to move on, a pathetic Dick wailed, "Can I see one picture of me? Please!" Begging people to ask you to sign an autograph? Nuts, Dick.

Kiefer and his crew tried to leave in their limo -- but not so fast! Dick pushed his way in, succeeding for a moment, before being removed. He thought they were close... but Dick was all wet.