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Kim Drops Top,

Hopes You Shop

2/6/2007 1:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained exclusive photos of voluptuous Kim Kardashian in her hot new ad campaign as spokesmodel for Christopher Brian apparel, a new line from hip-hop impresario Christopher B. Stokes. The photos feature a topless Kim wearing the jeans.
Kim Drops Top
TMZ was first to report that Kim is featured in an explicit sex tape featuring her with Ray J (brother of singer Brandy) -- that is rumored to be on the market to top porn companies.

Kardashian told us that she met with her attorney, and is gearing up to fight the release of the tape. Kim, BFF to Paris Hilton, apparently doesn't want to follow in all of the celebutante's high-heeled footsteps.


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Don't hate on this beautiful girl just because she likes the freaky sex. Hey, what girl doesn't like her man to PISS IN HER FACE during sex? And what hot couple doesn't like to videotape themselves having sex and then shopping it around to Porn peddlers for money? I mean, how normal is that...hahahahhaha! Lol.

She's whore, a sexy whore, but a whore nontheless. Her and Ray (can't sing or rap) J.

2785 days ago

Dr Manhattan    

Her boobs seem a real though. She's Armenian, right? Armenian with a nose job but keeping those great breasts.

2785 days ago

Supa WhiteGurl    

So Kim's dad defended innocent O.J.--no problem.

But what exactly does Kim get paid to do? Be Paris' sidekick bitch !

Wonder if there's a tape of Paris & lazy Kim together????

2785 days ago

Supa WhiteGurl    

This picture must be airbrushed. No white cracker has a black persons round ass, maybe latinos but not crackers. No JUSTICE. NO PEACE

2785 days ago


This chick is launching a Porn Career. She is doing everything she can, to make us look at her azzz. Ok Already.....

2785 days ago


Everyone ignore Farrah. "Farrah" is an idiot. And who we all know is just some fat, acned faced white teen, pretending to be black to get people upset with the racist comments. Stop beating yourself off, Farrah and go to school. Pick up a book, for God sake!

2785 days ago


Kim Kardashian, VIPeed-on, is not white!!! She looks like a freakin' Arab to me. Plain and simple. Somebody please cover her up with a burka.

2785 days ago

American Citizen    

Please everyone stop writing negative comments. Everyone knows women dislike other beautiful women, and guys talk sh*t on girls they wish they could have. Kim is becoming more of a celebrity now and she should enjoy herself. You people just desperate wish it were you on this site......duh right?? So all you people here on this site and posting comments; can you actually get a f-ing life?

Unless youre bald, ugly, fat, above the hill.

2785 days ago
39. is racists......    

Kim is my kind of girl. Just by letting a guy piss all over her, there is no guessing game with her. If she ever tried to have doubts about trying anything sexual, I would be like listen here bitch. You let a guy piss on you can you get any lower. At first I didn't like her. Now that the tape is out there. She is my american idol anyday. You go kim. If you ever need someone to take a dump on you or piss on hair I am there.

2784 days ago

Mad Balls    

I so want this girl to pee all over me while I'm eating a peanut butter and Jelly sandwich . No , not chunky ...I'm not that strange . Kim you are so sexy I think I just peed a little in my pants !

2784 days ago

james brown    

you can say what you want about the tape but i wanna see it and you do too!!

2784 days ago

photoshop expert    

Anyone who has any experience with Photoshopping women can tell that there is an awful lot of flesh that has been removed from kim's body. It is so clear that it is not even a real person in the right side pic anyway. The left photo has also had her body lines altered; much of her stomach is removed, her ass is kept a little so that she looks more shapely. her skin texture is also thoroughly altered.

It strikes the trained eye so strongly as the FAKEness is not even covered up taht well! It is like a sound engineer who can hear in (most) songs how much the vocals have been processed. It is like a machine singing. here it is a graphic artist's drawing of a woman.

And you can tell the proportions are not the same in pic 1 and 2.

2784 days ago


whats so hard to believe about her being shaped like shaped like that..small waist and a booty..except i dont have the big boobs i wish i did..i think the pic is hot and she is gorgeous..

2784 days ago

Jim Hall    


2780 days ago


Kim AND her father are BOTH white trash. (They just LOOK black). Armenians are NOT this dark, is she half BLACK? seriously.

2779 days ago
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