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Teri Hatcher Likes Bush

2/7/2007 4:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Former President George H.W. Bush expressed his firm affection for Teri Hatcher yesterday with a kiss on the cheek -- and a pat on the ass! Frisky for an 82-year-old, ain't he?

The "Desperate Housewives" star had lunch with the elder Bush in Beverly Hills. Bush was in town to receive the 2007 Ronald Reagan Freedom Award at a Tuesday night gala. George's behavior with Teri could earn him an award from his BFF Bill Clinton!

Hatcher drove off in a Mercedes, Bush in a black Suburban with Secret Service in tow. Perhaps the pair will be reunited on Wisteria Lane.


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John Ovak    

Like them both. Very cool!

2813 days ago

C. S.    

I sure hope you Bush Bashers support the troops even though you don't like what they're doing. They are fighting for your freedom of speech to make these stupid comments. They are fighting for you whether you believe it or not. It's not all bad. My husband is there again and it sickens me to hear people talk this way. They are doing good, the media just doesn't report the good. Bush cannot be blamed for it all, good grief, the democrats voted FOR the war too, don't forget that!!!!!!!!

2813 days ago

sam fisher    

Bush bashing is just plain old american patriotism. Most Bush supporters have no clue about freedom, much less what the Constitution really stands for. Call yourselves "conservatives" but have no clue what the word actually means. Read Alexander Hamilton, a real conservative who explains in Federalist 84 what's "habeas corpus" and why it is vital for a "republican form of government". Then read the Military Comissions Act of 2006 or the 2005 army regulations on Civilian Inmate Labor Camps, or watch Alberto Gonzales denying on live TV that the Constitution contains a "habeas corpus" provision. This new "conservatism" is more like this:
and its goal is clearly to overthrow our form of government.
IMPEACH the bastards now!

2813 days ago


Come on people, everyone is so quick to judge and just looking for something to gripe about. You can see he is patting her lower back, not her butt! Why does everything have to be turned into something dirty!

2812 days ago

sam fisher    

You pat the "lower back" of a horse you intend to ride not a lady you just took out to lunch. You can also pat the lady that way provided you intend to ride her after lunch, in which case you might consider preparing a protective cup before your date in anticipation of a possible horse's kick in the wrong spot... unless of course you are a harmless 80 year old in which case have fun disgracing yourself in front of your children and the world, that's all the fun left for you in this life which everybody, including ladies understand and tolerate to a certain extent ;)

Some gentlemen sometimes do pat ladies on the shoulder Jr did to Angela Merkel..that went well...

2812 days ago

sam fisher    

BTW the Federalist Papers are the primary source of interpreting the Constitution, which contains the idea of the USA. Patriotism just means acting in accordance to these ideals, nothing more, nothing less. That's what I meant: modern "conservatives" are fake patriots. How can you act as an american if you have no clue what the rules are?!

2811 days ago


typical of a family values "character matters" republican when they don't know a camera is on them

2811 days ago

Karen M    

this is the first time on this low life website for me, ( and probably the last!)I simply checked it out because my daughter told me '41' had patted Terry on the 'keester'
first of all if you watch it closely , it's more of a 'grandfatherly' pat, then the description by
the 'liberals ' on your a 'perverted' act.!!
It's just like liberals to take an innocent act and turn it into a political 'move' to take advantage of it!
and the nasty description of a former 'first lady' is despicable! grow up people!
If you want to be 'honest' let's talk about Bill Clinton's 'roving' hands, is it because of his
less than attractive wife? or is he just what he appeared to be, a sick pervert, using the office of the P.O.T.U.S. to legitimize it! (now if you want to talk about disgraceful behavior! that is it!)
Find something else to do with your time, like taking up a collection for Barbara Striesand to get a nose job! now that would be using your time and money for the betterment of man!

2772 days ago
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