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Bahama Law: Howard Is Baby's Legal Guardian

2/8/2007 8:26 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

This article has been redirected: Anna Nicole Smith Collapses


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You really can't make this stuff up. This is all going to be a giant, real-life sitcom.

2812 days ago


That's ridiculous!!! What does Howard K. Stern know about taking care of babies anyway? Send her to her real father... or atleast a closer friend of Anna Nicole's or family.

2812 days ago


Well I hope the courts get this DNA test over with now, so the real father can be found. And as far as Stern is considered his free ride is over. I hope she had some sense and didn't leave that pimp anything. I hope for the baby he's ( Stern ) is not the father.

2812 days ago


God, Stern gives me the creeps. Larry Birkhead must be the father, why else would they have refused to submit to a paternity test?

2812 days ago

the wise old owl    

IF THIS DOCUMENT IS LEGALLY BINDING.........than I believe Howard played a hand in Anna's death. As the legal guardian he stands to inherient EVERYTHING that was once Anna's. This man is shrewder than the DEVIL. He knew exactly what he was doing. Let's hope that the US jurisdiction that was granted when the parternity test was 1st ordered can INTERVENE AND STOP THIS MONSTER BEFORE HE MURDERS DANNILYNN TOO.

2812 days ago


the grim reaper has legal custody...good

2812 days ago


Why was the baby in the Bahamas.....b/c it's more difficult to get to her there than it is in Hollywood, Florida. Howard brings Anna up to Florida for a "relaxing" weekend, kills her off, and then races back to the Bahamas to make sure that the baby stays with him(his big pay day) and never submits to a paternity test.

2812 days ago

Dollar Store Diva    

Howard K Stern should be investigated immediately. He could possibly be responsible for her 'Wrongful Death". This insanity should end with a real bang. The police in Florida & Bahamas should get search warrants to search all property and belongings of Howard & Anna. Before Howard can make it back to the Bahamas. They should focus on ALL drug links legally and illegally associated with these two. Police should step up now and end this. One happy ending would be Anna's mother seeing through a wrongful death case in the death of her daughter and sue Howard K Stern if he is found to be linked with her and drugs.

2812 days ago


Poster Number 2, I agree with you. I think Howard Stern is behind all of this. I just hope and pray that if Howard murdered or plotted to murder Anna Nicole, that he is brought to justice, Texas style.

2812 days ago


Howard K. Stern (AKA: The Grimm Reaper) - happen (Ya! right!) to be at the same place two deaths occured (HUMMMM!!!!) - Now inherits ALL of Nicole's possessions without any challenges. (HUMMM!!!!) - Sound like one of my murder, mystery books (HUMMM!!!) Maybe that coming next for HK Stern. LET PRAY TO GOD THAT LARRY B. IS DANIELYNN'S REAL DAD! Otherwise, she's next to follow mom and her brother.

2812 days ago


Wooww, its overwhelming how this drama never comes to an end!

It's incredible how everyone wants to thrive in this never ending battle for the fortune of an old man. ANS had too much of it and obviously she wanted to be out of it ( if it's true she killed herself)..Now other people are ready to jump onboard this trainwreck affair..

2812 days ago

Supa WhiteGurl    

I am a Black girl who has always liked Anna Nicole, so race really is unimportant. I feel like so many people, like we lost a "lost soul" in the family. Like she was the family member that we were alll cheering for- to hopefully finally get her life together. Perhaps it wasn't meant to be. I guess her son's death took any fight left in her. God bless Anna's soul, Daniel's soul, Danielynne and equally important Anna Nicole's mom. She's lost the two relatives that she loved BEFORE they moved out here to Hollywood.

One this certificate it mentions "MARSHALL" (last line before the end). What's the connection? Wasn't Anna Nicole's last husband named Marshall? Also, in
the middle of the document it state Total # of children not living as date of this
birth. The # listed is 1. The above line is 2. Does that mean that Anna Nicole had a total of 3 kids, and perhaps 1 died long ago? Someone please clarify, if you know. GOD BLESS

2812 days ago


Both Howard K. Stern and Birkhead are only "after" the baby because of the chance to inherit the money, as for Anna Nicole, she probable killed herself, knowing who the babys father really is, having lost her only son to drugs, ( and she was using the same) with all that she was going through, its more than most people could bare.

2812 days ago


Yes, it's sad Anna Nicole led such a pathetic and troubled life, and it's sad her son died and it's sad that she died. But it's a complete travesty that her daughter may be paying for her own erratic behavior. The dna test has to happen NOW. I can't believe it's been delayed as long as it's been delayed. If Larry is the father, he needs to get custody. Howard K. Stern's behavior is deplorable (as was Anna Nicole's!). If the baby is his, the dna will show it and we can all put this behind us.

2812 days ago


Anna Nicole and Larry Birkhead were communicating via e-mail. What if Anna was re-thinking the paternity issue and was going to compromise with Larry Birkhead, or even considered getting back together with him?

Also the Bahmas inquest into Danny's death is fast approaching, and Anna would be called to testify. Did Howard Stern give Danny the methodone after all? Howard couldn't take the chance that Anna wouldn't break down and finger him.

Anyway, all roads point to Howard and this so called nurse who was traveling with them, but supposedly not in the room with Anna when she died.

2812 days ago
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