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Brit's Massive Bodyguard Ices Photogs

2/8/2007 1:36 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears' bodyguard loves to pick fights.

For the second time this week, Brit's gargantuan protecter got aggressive with paparazzi; this time splashing photogs with water during a freezing cold night in NYC. As Spears tried to casually ignore the confrontation outside of Zitomer Pharmacy on the Upper East Side, the titanic tough guy menaced waiting photogs.

After the splashing commenced, Brit got into a waiting SUV, sipped her coffee and took off.


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this just sucks for britney. i feel sorry for ya. there are some pretty sick and twisted people out there who get off on kicking someone when they are down. shame on them. you may have chosen your path to celebrity and thats so cool with me. you do however deserve forgiveness and privacy when u r not performing, hell i would shave my head 2 if i had idiots trahing me the way your being trashed. here a wish for the nay sayers, i hope u have a daughter that is tortured like this, maybe then you will drink a big glas of shut the hell up! and shave your head!!!
britney, i am pulling for you and cant wait 4 your come back! and although i dont know all the facts of your situation, no matter what ,,,no one deserves this.l
iving well will be your best revenge. so pull it together and come back with fire!

just another southern gal
thought and prayers ... yours

2789 days ago


Hey.. she's just like you and me.. if we had her money, fame and admiring popularity then went absolutely defiling bonkers and decided to completely mess up our lives and become the chief distainful joke and newest, most scorned gross personality of the world.

2812 days ago


Typical big, dumb, violent, no class, no brains, sycophant "bodyguard". You would never see a professional provider of protective services act as this untrained goon did. "Bodyguards" such as this individual give all professional providers of protective coverage, both private and law enforcement, a bad image.

2812 days ago


Britney is a loser. She hires thugs that are only make her look even more stupid then she already is. Britney if you don't want to be seen stay home! While your at it take care of your kids! Dumbass.

2812 days ago


Good for him! Leeches are found in water, right?

2812 days ago


Good for him! Too bad he's not allowed to hit the photogs!

2812 days ago


Brit is a huge BITCH by proxy because of this new moron body gaurd. I hope her new album goes down the tubes, K Fed gets the kids and that she gets exposed for the dim-witted drug abusing loser she is.

2812 days ago


HELLO?!?! They threw the water at the wrong person!!! The guy clearly has no aim... The target was standing RIGHT NEXT TO HIM!!!

2812 days ago


Wow. I kinda hate her new guard. I bet when she fires him, he's gonna beat the living brains outta her. LOL. I think bothered Britney is just trying to take her anger on those who are only trying to do their job. But honestly, he is being a jerk ass bodyguard.

2812 days ago


We heard the commotion and the shouting as we were walking - we caught a short glimpse of them as they were leaving.

If any of our Bodyguards behaved that way - forget it!

2811 days ago


We heard the commotion and the shouting as we were walking - we caught a short glimpse of them as they were leaving.

If any of our Bodyguards behaved that way - forget it!

2811 days ago


What is a bodyguard for? To look fancy and pretentious? Another comment I've seen mentioned on other celeb gossip sites ... I've seen a recent photos of Jessica Simpson sucking on a lollipop ... is she doing drugs too? I chew gum and enjoy lollipops ... I'll take a freaking drug test with anyone. I have a HORRIBLE habit of chewing on pens and such ... so I chew gum a LOT to help it. Britney has admitted she bites her nails a lot ... a bad habit ... does anyone else on this site suffer from that? Or, are you all perfect? I think people WANT her to be horrible regardless if she makes mistakes or not ... I could be wrong and apologize to those that DON"T think that, but I try to stay open minded that everyone has their quirks and bad habits ... none of us are above the other. Just MY thought and opinions ... I could be wrong and I'm always open to legitmate reasons to change my opinions.

2811 days ago

Some dude    

If I had been on that street, say, just walking by, and had gotten splashed by the water, or worse my wife had, TMZ would have had a lot of better pictures of that goon, primarily on his back, begging me to stop punching his face into the back of his skull.

Let me tell you something about guys his size.
People never mess with him, which means he doesn’t really have any experience at "real" street fighting.
First thing a guy that big needs is a nice ridge hand to the throat.
While he's panicking, thinking he is going to choke to death, a shot to his knee, while he's now down, choking, a nice solid kick to the face, and then on to mercilessly punching his goon face.

Bruce Lee was the real deal, and he used to get challenged all the time on the streets. This asshat keeps it up, someone is gonna F him up in a major way.

2811 days ago


Spears carrer and return seems to be just impossible!People were used to like the way she was before now she has changed to much.She was used to make dream people now she is making them feeling worried and affraid for her children savety because she is depressed!Now more class, no more respect for herself and image!That's so sad, she just arrived to fast on the top and now she is just nearly touching the ground!I only wish she could just retiered and find some peace maby far from spotline.If she stay and so miserible this will just push her to suicid!So she sould just admit she has changed her image to and grewing up!She can't stay as if she was 15!She now a mother and 25 so really she must try now to change her image public and trusting more herself!She has got a nice voice so why doesn't she stop just focusing on her image?Beauty stay when you stay beauty inside.

2810 days ago


first of all the guy who was shouting was annoying!! get over it... so what if its cold?? u decided to follow her around in the first place! I agree that the bodyguard was stupid but still the guy just needs to get over it sounding like he's 5...

2806 days ago
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