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Mrs. TRIMSPA: "Chyna is a Stalker!"

2/8/2007 10:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comActress Joanie Laurer (aka Chyna Doll) and Monique Goen, wife of TRIMSPA CEO Alex Goen, went head to head tonight on CNN's Larry King Live over the death of Anna Nicole.

In the live interview, a weepy Chyna Doll told King she "saw this coming" and that she felt sorry for her friend Anna because people often made fun of her. Chyna said that she was often invited by Anna "to come over and hang out at the pool." Goen objected, claiming Chyna was not a friend of Anna's, and was using her tragic death to put herself in the limelight, to which Laurer replied that she didn't need the publicity because, "I get my own."

Goen then claimed that at Anna's son's funeral, Goen asked Anna why her friend Chyna was not present. Goen says Anna called Chyna "a stalker" and said that she was not friends with her. Chyna retorted that Goen needed "to go run out and get some TRIMSPA."


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She is on the Montel Williams show as we speak! I did see the Larry King Live interview and I do think that this woman was wasted completely. I do not think that she was the friend that she claimed to be to Anna Nicole Smith. I think that during the interview she was completely vague about her personal relationship to Anna when asked specific questions by Larry King after being questioned about their friendship. Just because there are pics of them at parties does not mean that they were friends, it just means that Anna was a wrestling fan and it perhaps became and obsessive on Chyna's part..

2791 days ago

Eric Cartman    

China was so incoherant it makes you wonder about her personal lifestyle and whether or not she is even qualified to comment on another persons problems. It seemed like China was on Larry King trying to convince herself that she was a friend of Anna Nicole's and it backfired. The only time I ever saw her near Anna was when they put her on Anna's reality show that one time for shock factor. At the time China's own life was on a downspiral so I guess the producers thought it would be good TV to put two wrecks together on the same show. Anybody who knows anything about China knows she will do anything for publicity or to keep herself relevant in any media outlet. What she did on Larry King was despicable because it is obvious Anna Nicole barely knew who she was. Every time King asked China a question about Anna China tried including something about her own life and career into the answer which made her intentions for being there obvious. At one point Larry King even had to make it clear to China that the question is not about her it is about Anna.

2815 days ago

Supa WhiteGurl    

I saw this interview on CNN. Chyna must have really been on drugs. She was self-promoting and somewhat incoherent at times. You could tell that she didn't have any specific personal information about Anna Nicole like some of the others . She seemed more like she was a groupie, who had a real opportunity to finally work with Anna. Sort of like she was on the outside wanting in. But the blonde lady (the wife of the Trimspa owner) did come across as being a BITCH! If she was such good friends of Anna Nicole like she says, why didn't she try to help Anna out more, since she's supposed to be so rich?
Anyway, God bless Anna, Daniel, Dannylnne and Anna's family. REST IN PEACE ANNA

2815 days ago


I saw Larry King tonight too. Chyna was wasted. Totally incoherent. The Trimspa woman did come off as being a bit....harsh, but I am not sure why they bothered having Chyna on at all.

Anna was a tragic figure, I just hope she is at peace now...

2815 days ago


Anna, you are now with Daniel once again.......may the two of you rest in peace.

2815 days ago

Hollywood Heartbreaker    

Chyna is a freak, no doubt about it, and she seems to be using Anna Nicole's death as a means to put herself in the spotlight claiming to be Anna's friend- if they were friends, why isnt there any photographic evidence of them hanging out? It is because they werent friends and that Bitch Chyna is a media whore hoping for attention. Plus, Chyna looks like a pre-op transvestite- gross- go crawl back where you crawled out from Chyna, you are no doll.
Rest in Peace Anna Nicole

2815 days ago

Bertha Lee    

My sympathy to Anna Nicole's family and closest friends. I loved to watch Anna and was a big fan of hers. The media was harsh to her throughout the years, especially after Daniel's death. Even though Anna had problems, she surely isn't the only star out there with them. At least she cared about her fans, always had time for them and loved her children. She was a beautiful person, inside and out. She expected loyalty from those around her and if anyone, public figure or not, has ever been in that situation you would surely understand her reasoning. She was a intelligent woman who people mistakenly took as stupid but she knew how to use the media for her gains and knew how to survive. Rest in peace Anna. You will be eternally beautiful, young and loved.

2815 days ago

Cara Lewis    

I think it is too bad hollywood has to OD in order to lose weight. whether it was trimspa that worked for ANS or coke, i was checking out different ways to drop a couple of pounds and came across this girl's diet blog-pretty cool stuff.

2815 days ago


I saw the show also and was convinced that Chyna was a male transvestite. "Her" voice was very masculine as were her shoulders and overall demeanor. I'm not convinced she is a woman and I haven't a clue why Larry King invited her on the show as she just adds to the freaky, circus atmosphere.

2815 days ago


It was an embarrassing cat fight. I hope the show learned it's lesson about grabbing guests last minute. They should have lined up appropriate people and aired tommorrow night. Their greed for advertising money on the day of a hot topic blew up in their face. Chyna had nothing to contribute. I got nauseous when she opened the show with tears... when a question hadn't even been asked yet. The trimspa wife was an unclassy bitch. Why she wasted time attacking Chyna instead of talking about her "good friend" Anna was ridiculous.

2815 days ago


Here is a photo of anna and chyna together (yes, that is anna on top)

2815 days ago


Anyone that was not wanted around by the Anna camp automatically became a "STALKER" they threw that word around like water.

Although i do agree she may not have wanted to be around this person that word "STALKER" was an everyday word in the anna camp.

2815 days ago

GO DOG YOUR THE MAN!!!!!!!    

what was wrapped around china's adams apple? it looked like a noose someone should have tightened it to put that tranny out of her misery. doll get your own publicity and maybe a sex change while your at it,

2815 days ago


Chyna was face down on the floor backstage, they pumped her full of Narcan and sat her in the chair!

2815 days ago


Anna couldn't stand Chyna. I knew someone that worked on that movie -- "Illegal Aliens" -- and Anna was always trying to get anyway from when they had breaks in shooting. She wouls follow Anna and hug her, ect. Anna called her a "stalker" on many occasions. She's call Anna all the time at night. I'm surprised Chyna wasn't the one to die.

2815 days ago
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