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Anna and Howard Were to Be Married This Month

2/9/2007 1:41 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Howard K. Stern and Anna Nicole SmithAnna Nicole and Howard K. Stern were to be married in the Bahamas February 23rd, according to published reports. ET says anchor Mark Steines had been invited to the wedding.

In addition, sources tell TMZ the couple was in Florida to pick up a new 39' boat that they had purchased and take it back to the Bahamas.


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Howard had no reason to harm Anna, he was only a few days away from legally getting all her money anyway.

2778 days ago


Oh please. It happened earlier than he planned! Poor baby & poor Anna.

2778 days ago


I think that Howard is just really stupid, and didn't think things through before he did it. Think about it: It is much more suspicious if he were to kill her AFTER the wedding. He is going to fight the paternity battle tooth and nail, and you never know what may happen. If he ever does retain custody of the baby, he still has his cash cow. That is, if he kills Birkhead next.

2778 days ago


Howard is disgusting. Two people died around him, who always seems so straight.

2778 days ago


enough about anna, I want to know who could not get into hyde last night!

2778 days ago


Howard is smarter than that. He was smart enough to make sure his name on the birth certificate even though he never previously mentioned a relationship with Anna. He knew once he was married legally, he would get Anna's money and be in charge of any inheritance for Dannielynn. So he wouldn't have killed her BEFORE the wedding.

Now that she is dead, if she had a will it has to go to probate, the taxes will be paid first, then lawsuits or pending court battles, then lawyers and bills, then whatever is left will go to next of kin. He was better off with her alive.

2778 days ago


Didn't they already get married right after the daughter was born...on a boat in the Bahamas? see article below

"Anna Nicole Smith married her long-time attorney and close confidante, Howard K. Stern, shortly before 10:30 am in Nassau, Bahamas on Thursday, September 28! The wedding occurred only 18 days after the death of Anna's son Daniel, 20, from an accidental drug overdose in her Nassau hospital room on September 10.

Shortly after 7 am on the 28th, an eyewitness tells Star, Anna and Howard arrived at the private dock of the Paradise Harbour Club & Marina, where they boarded a 42-foot catamaran along with their three-week-old daughter, Dannie Lynn Hope, a small group of friends, their security guards and a local Baptist minister. The weather was beautiful — sunny and 82 degrees, with a cool breeze. "

2778 days ago


She was to submit to the paternity test onfeb 21st. This news to me that they were going to get married 2 days after the test.I wonder if she still would have married howard if it was proven Larry is the father?If she even would have submitted to the test. Poor little girl.

2778 days ago


Number 6, it was not a legal marriage but a "commitment ceremony". HKS is not legally her husband/widower.

2778 days ago


#5- You do have a very valid point. I am just looking at this from all angles, even if they do sound a bit ridiculous.

And #4, you are one insensitive bitch.

2778 days ago

Ida Clair    

I just don't get the "howard did it" attitude.

Postpartum depression, continuing depression over the loss of her son, ongoing legal battle over money, lawsuit announced (Trimspa) and a more than casual relationship with drugs (prescription and illegal found in room) and alcohol, not in good health (recovering from flu).

Sometimes the simplest explanation is the correct explanation. Accidental overdose.

2778 days ago


Dear god people leave her alone! She is now gone to be with her son in peace. Howard loved Anna and would'nt harm her.

2778 days ago


Ok come on. Did we not learn anything from the parents of JonBanet (sorry about the spelling), they said they wanted to wait and let the drama play out and they were right, the creep did not do it. I honestly don't think that Anna Nicole was going to get the millions that she deserved. Come on people don't blame her, you would do it to (marry a old icky man for tons of money) if you had the chance. Don't judge.

I think we are all forgetting the little girl who now has no mom, brother and does not know who her Daddy is. That is so sad.

Now why can't this happen to Paris Hilton? If anyone deserves to die it is her. She is nasty!!!

And now Anna can't even rest, she has to be frozen for months. To sad...

2778 days ago


Why was Anna even looking at Yacht's and leaving her 5 month to stay in the Bahamas with nursemaids? A baby needs their mother all the time. I think Howard Stern is out for the money like most Jews are and he plotted to kill and the other guy is the father. Why the delay in doing a paternity test today when we could find out right away and not keep listening to this crap all over the media. She was a drug addict, a drunk, a porn queen and a gold digger, she got what she deserved.

2778 days ago

Supa WhiteGurl    


He went on CNN a few months ago saying that he and Anna Nicole
married last year.

Oh and I guess Anna and Daniel had no help dying, either.


2778 days ago
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