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Report: Howard K. Stern Executor of Anna's Will

2/9/2007 9:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

ET is reporting that Anna Nicole Smith did, in fact, have a will. According to the show, it was written before the death of her son Daniel and the birth of daughter Dannielynn -- and names Howard K. Stern as the executor.

The document reportedly named Daniel as her sole heir, but now that she had a daughter, Dannielynn is, as of now, Anna's closest next of kin.

A family law expert tells TMZ that disposition will get sticky depending on what happens with the paternity suit and whether or not Anna and Howard's Bahamian commitment ceremony is deemed legally binding by a probate court. One complex issue is that Howard cannot legally be the executor and a beneficiary of the will.

Anna's complicated legal woes have followed her to the morgue.


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Colombo.....would it not be easier to kill birkhead and get rid of the far as all of this DNA crap, they have her DNA already as part of the autopsy. the judge just denied an additional sample specifically for the paternity test. And what does it matter how long she is dead for anyway???? they can get DNA out of a mummy, so Birkheads emergency request was in poor taste.

2709 days ago

Smart One    

This is for SCUMBAG who posted a note. I guess that you are the fuckwit that cannot read. The will was PRE-baby, when Daniel was the sole heir. So Howard would not be executor and have a claim to it. Only since Daniel is gone and he is "supposedly" the father does he now have any claim to it, and only on behlaf of his daughter. Who is the witty one now - you idiot

2709 days ago


ANS had a serious hate on her mother, though it was never told why she hated her mother. Virgie, on the hand, continued to show unconditional love for her daughter. She also is a victim of not being able to talk to her daughter or see her grandson. I wonder of HKS had something to do with this too? Doesn't it seem interesting that ANS's family was isolated from her but yet that yutz, HKS, is still in the picture? He's looking guiltier and guiltier.

2709 days ago

Mad Balls    

It could not matter . Legally he did this will before he married Anna . He may not be in the will but as Husband to her and "father" of the baby he may be included in any monies or have control of her image and estate . He will have to sue from the bahamas --strange that they moved to a place with lax estate and marriage laws .He may have control over her estate and in the end that may be the real money maker . HKS Dude has really figured this one out !!!

2709 days ago


AS executor the killer psych nut bag HOWARD K STERN can do whatever he pleases with the entire estate!

Buy yourselves a clue people

the wll gives HOWARD say and FEE of the entirity of ANNA's estate

ANNA is the victim of HOWARD K STERN

Lets hope she survives

not looking too good

if Danlynne dies

HOWARD gets it ALL free and clear

2709 days ago

Mad Balls    

Dude , the terrorist look is not in style this year .

2709 days ago


Get that baby away from that creep ASAP!!!!

2709 days ago


oh no, it's Sherlock and ... drum roll please ... the 'TWINKIE DEFENSE'

2709 days ago

filling in for Colombo    

My my my so many trolls out to defend the ghoul hanging over ANS, tells me something is up to spin this story. Watch out folks! The evil is always closer to the one dead.

and only Stern was around when both the 20 year old son as well as ANS were quickly dead in smooth succession.

"so Birkheads emergency request was in poor taste."

It's not in poor taste if it's true. What's poor taste is murdering a 20 year old son and then his mother Nicole to seize a billion dollars.

I hope that Bahama police, where ANS's mother is going, quickly puts a restraining order on Stern who is a huge suspect in both these assured murders, occurring as they did back to back whenever challenges to Stern's control of 1 billion dollars entered the picture.

Let's have a little less emotionalism, unless that is all you are selling is spin here... The most likely suspect for double murder is the lecherous looking Stern--in the Bahamas. Stern, instead of Birkhead.

Birkhead wouldn't have any motive for murdering anyone. His interest would be to carry out the DNA test. However, MERE DAYS LATER, in Stern's company, ANS is dead.

I hope that there is a "Colombo of the Bahamas" out there to see through some transparent anony troll with multiple names above, who is doing fine work spinning his or her little heart out.

What is it that Shakespeare said, "Murder will out?" If I were in the Bahamas I would make sure to confiscate Stern's passport until further notice pending investigation. He's the last one alive...

People talk about "respect" above hypocritally. Respect is finding out the truth about the matter instead of playing a childish Tourettes Syndrome version of Larry King Psyops Live here.

As they told me on the detective force years ago, the higher the number of explicatives in an explanation, the more bullshit you are hearing. :-)

2709 days ago


I agree that Howard Stern loved Anna Nicole Smith with unwavering devotion.

There is no doubt in my mind -- he did not kill her.

I think her body was tired and worn out and she probably did die of a broken heart.

2709 days ago


Columbo + Sherlock = MORON

2709 days ago

Mad Balls    

Yep , he killed Daniel . Many of you do not understand psychology but good ol' HKS has givin himself away in this picture . The hat is Camo -- get it !. Then his shirt looks like a prison uniform -- NO lie !! He has what is termed " the evil eye " a long study on serial killers stated that a " fixed " open pupil in one eye can show bi-polar or Socialpathic tendences -- its' abnormal . The final straw is the claw hand -- made famous by several serial killers . A hand , or both , tends to freeze in a claw shape , like a birds claw or a crab . It is a modified " fist " and shows a struggle with muderous emotions .

2709 days ago


I wonder if Bahamian law is like Florida about common law marriage. They've been together for years and years so perhaps he will be seen as husband anyway.

2709 days ago

J. MeHaugh    

Could there be a conspiracy here? A 20 yr old son and heir apparent dies under suspicious circumstances in a foreign land, the grandmother warns of impending danger for ANS, ANS dies under suspicious circumstances, ANS's lawyer has placed himself in the lineage of beneficiaries. Hmmm, could her dead husband's son have managed to pay off the lawyer to carry out this intriguing plot? What was Stern's interest to begin with? To get access to the juicy lawyer's cut of the pie. Evidently he sampled the lemon pie in the process. With $100M's at stake and even her dead husband's son ageing to point of possibly not seeing resolution, it was a waiting game. She was 39 and had a while to wait. She was also self destructive, fighting the many blessings that came her way tooth and nail. She was their dream opponent but it was difficult to call the game - an ailing, ageing 'rightful' heir or a drugged out, living life to the fullest, anything for the spotlight 'stharlot'.
There could have been some urgency in carrying out the plan. This won't be the last sad, mysterious twist in the story. Within 3 months there will be some more shocking events...gosh, the networks are going crazy over this stuff (hmmmm, do you think a certain CNN squaking head bankrolled it to improve ratings and take the focus off her harassing mothers of missing children?). The plot thickens. Well, gotta go, Nancy Grace is coming on to do her daily 'save the world' bit.

2709 days ago


am one of those people that tivo'd the Anna Nicole show and never mised an episode. Why do we love to read and watch about the public problems of celebrities while we quietly live our lives? The drama, and with Anna plenty of it.
This isn't over, it's just begun.
My theory is that Howard K Stern probably did love her- hey they exchanged vows in the Bahamas, but the marriage was never "legal". It's unbelievable that Howad would not have already had a new will written up after Danny passed.
I think that Howard did love Anna, and was giving her anything she wanted-drugs,etc he was totally enabling her behavior. I think that she felt guilt that Howard gave Danny the drugs that killed him, and she blamed herself (after all they were her drugs). He probably cocersed her into "marrying him" to keep their shared secret.
When they got to Hollywood Fl, they probably got a fresh batch of "stuff" which was to much for her poor heart to take. They say on FOX NEWS that she could have choked on her own vomit. I think she is in a better place, while we may see Howard being implicated in two deaths.
What about this for the kicker? What if the baby is neither Larry Birkheads OR Sterns.
Like I said, this isn't over. I'll get my tivo ready

2709 days ago
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