Report: Howard K. Stern Executor of Anna's Will

2/9/2007 9:10 PM PST

Report: Howard K. Stern Executor of Anna's Will

ET is reporting that Anna Nicole Smith did, in fact, have a will. According to the show, it was written before the death of her son Daniel and the birth of daughter Dannielynn -- and names Howard K. Stern as the executor.

The document reportedly named Daniel as her sole heir, but now that she had a daughter, Dannielynn is, as of now, Anna's closest next of kin.

A family law expert tells TMZ that disposition will get sticky depending on what happens with the paternity suit and whether or not Anna and Howard's Bahamian commitment ceremony is deemed legally binding by a probate court. One complex issue is that Howard cannot legally be the executor and a beneficiary of the will.

Anna's complicated legal woes have followed her to the morgue.