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Anna's Final Booze-Fueled Hours

2/10/2007 5:01 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The days leading up to Anna Nicole Smith's death were filled with booze, late-night partying and a hotel room stocked with prescription pills.

According to the New York Daily News, a bouncer from the Hard Rock Hotel says Anna Nicole was wasted early Tuesday morning. "She was messed up. She couldn't walk on her own," he says. "Her bouncer was on one side and her lawyer friend on the other."

And just hours before she died she was seen doing shots at the hotel's Central Bar. A bartender says the blonde bombshell looked "plastered" and was slurring her speech. She then moved the party upstairs, where her room looked like a "pharmacist's shop" allegedly stocked with Xanax, Provigil, Fentanyl and Methadone.

Another Daddy for Dannielynn: A Dead Billionaire

As if things weren't confusing enough -- now there's a fourth possible baby daddy for Anna Nicole's daughter, Dannielynn: J. Howard Marshall, who's been dead more than 10 years.

The bombshell was dropped by Anna's half-sister, Donna Hogan, in a manuscript –- aptly titled "Train Wreck" -- she wrote, reports the New York Daily News. She alleges that her deceased sis froze the sperm of her 90-year-old hubby before he died, and used it to become pregnant as a "trump card" in winning the ongoing legal battle for the billionaire's estate.

Stern Steers Clear of Bahamas Drama

As the custody battle for Dannielynn heats up, People magazine reports that, despite Anna Nicole's mother touching down on Bahamian soil, the baby is with Howard K. Stern's mother and sister in the Bahamas while the supposed father stays in Florida. "Of course he wants to be with [Dannielynn]," says Smith's lawyer Ron Rale, "but I don't know exactly when he will get there." Before Anna Nicole died, a high-ranking Bahamian official was watching the baby.

Gawkers Can't Get Enough of Anna

In the wake of her death, DVD sales for Anna Nicole's reality show are skyrocketing. Since Thursday, its ranking on has soared an amazing 180,000 percent, moving from number 27,014 to 15.

In Other News...

Britney Spears ditched her bodyguards to party with some friends at hotspot Tenjune. Page Six reports that she was at the club till the wee hours, and had the DJ play four tracks from her upcoming album ... Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne are having a garage sale this weekend, according to IMDB News. They will charge a $10 entrance fee to get into their West Hollywood house, which will benefit the Sharon Osbourne Colon Cancer Program at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center ... Director Gus Van Sant pled no contest to DUII (driving under the influence of intoxicants) and will enter a one-year rehabilitation program, reports the New York Post.

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I think that if all of the people truly have this little girl's best interest at heart that they would not mind having her expected inheritance put in a trust where an impartial lawyer will allow the money to be withdrawn only for things that she would need to have the comfortable living that she deserves. I bet you anything that these people would withdraw their petition or start a long fight to remove this stipulation as that would really prove who really has Dannielynn's best interest and who would really have true and unconditional love for this little girl. I bet you anything that nobody will be standing in line to accept these conditions except for Howard stern who I believe although he did not always protect anna from her harmful habbits will be the only one remaining standing there to care for this sweet and innocent little girl as I think that he did truly love anna more than any other person in this case.

2795 days ago


Ok ... that would explain the baby having Marshall's name, but why wait all these years to do it?

2810 days ago


I think people should wait for the results of the toxicology report.

2810 days ago

Jack P Toersn    

Methadone is often administered in a syrup. There were no tablets in her stomach. It's possible that a safe, way below LD dosage of methadone combined with even moderate consumption of alcohol can lead to death. Any opiate like substance combined with booze is dangerous and can lead to unintended overdose.

I just hope her kid doesn't have the same kind of life as her mother, and that she's not circled by vultures the rest of her life.

2810 days ago


Clarifying my first comment ......

ASSUMING she did do it.

2810 days ago

Personally I think she has Post Partum Depression it explains her current weird acts    

To TMZ and NY Daily News - blah blah blah blah blah

You know you guys love spewling the from an unidenfied source bits. Let the cops and the forensic people handle this why spread rumors now that she is dead. All the media who would not leave her alone after jerkhead made his claims to you have been nothing but stalkers. Why not talk to some psychologist and see who pushed this poor woman over the edge.

I could care less about her drinking/partying that is her life. What I took offense too was from the beginning when she lost her son but you people would not leave her alone. You should be ashamed of making money on her bad luck. I have heard a few psychiatrist say that they are surprised she lasted this long after her sons death based on the close relationship she had with him.

She also said she was having a hard time dealing with what people were saying about her. Are we all not lucky to have nasty tabloid magazines posting ugly pictures reporting unsubstaniated news to the public about us.

If what tmz and all the other grocery store type tabloids did to us what they did to this woman during her moment of grieve we might have taken our own lives.

Rumors are not always true and that is why the medical examinor said yesterday during the new conference (I watched live so as not to see any false reporting) that he wanted to stop the rumors that were already starting.

Pure and simple this girl is dead because she did live a hard life but for you to profit off it disgust some people

See Rosie O'Donnell led us to believe for along time she was not gay. She kept pretending to have a huge crush on tom cruise to get him on her show. Then she finally admitted the truth. Now this b*tch had the nerve to insult Anna.

Well, to all of you she did have a right to her privacy so she could mourn her son. But birkhead made that impossible she had to do what he did, she had to contact ET and the insider to give her side of the story.

ET and the insider if they had any decency should have told birkhead - no airtime the woman just lost her son. No, they did a he said she said.

As for people saying they saw this they saw that, well how many people have been caught lying in past times. We had a case here where a woman said she was raped by a guy, he went to jail and years later she recanted said she lied. People ate up the story and believed her. SHE LIED and this guy lost many good years of his life inside a prison.

Why not wait for the cops to give out the information? No lets just instead beat her more since she is dead.

God Bless you Anna and your son, your daughter and I hope that your mother, siblings and birkhead have nothing to do with your little girl.

You left your mother before age 16 and then took your son daniel away from her for a reason to keep him safe. I hope in death you can find away to keep her away from your little girl.

She just wants her own 15 minutes of fame and she cried more for daniel then she has for her own daughter.

To all the rats out there karma will come back to haunt you. That includes all the bloggers who did not know this woman and wrote the nasty things they did about her.

You people all stuck up for jerkhead larry and you do not know him from a hole in the wall. You do not know he was first telling the truth - you just assumed he was. But that is case for par as anything he said people believed anything anna said people doubted.

He is a pycho who was stalking her and in his mind he even believed she was going to come back to him. This guy thought by getting the baby she would go back to him.

2810 days ago

J Doe    



wasnt it said she was drinking orange juice ??

2810 days ago

Save Shiloh from Angelina ~    

Anna's fat slob momma wants the $$$$$$$ too !! she is in the Bahamas for this five month old ? yet she could have given a Rat's ass about Daniel !! Of course the money was with Anna still ( wink * wink * ) .

The bottom line is that a Paternity test needs to be done A.S.A.P ! If that freak HKS doesn't want to submit DNA then he is most definitely not the father -

Maybe take K-fed's DNA too !

2810 days ago


What a complete friggin loser she turned out to be. She had every opportunity to turn her life around (several times) and every reason with a new baby daughter. And yet she self-destructs. My opinion is that in her last few months as the legal noose was tightening, she finally came to some self-relization about herself and her pathetic life, and more importantly how it had contributed to the death of her son and the damning of this little baby daughter's life as she's tossed around in some bizarre legal/paternity game. All in the name of money.

And to those who seem bent on comparing her to Marilyn Monroe, i can only say pleeeeeaaseeee get a friggin grip! not even close.....

2810 days ago



you're well intentioned but delussional. good luck!

2810 days ago

Jack P Toersn    

Jen, I agree mostly with what you're saying, but I think there is a problem that many celebrities want attention in one part of their life, but don't expect it in others. So it's a paradox that people seek fame but don't want their lives to be scrutinised.

So it's difficult for magazines and blogs etc. not to scrutinise people who want and actively seek attention. Anna Nicole Smith made her personal life part of the story, many celebrities don't and therefore receive less invasive coverage from the press.

Where I think this will stink is if people start invading the privacy of her child. Covering the legal issues is fine, but telephoto shots of the kid are wrong.

2810 days ago

Confused on the Photo    

#6 "But birkhead made that impossible she had to do what he did, she had to contact ET and the insider to give her side of the story"

Oh how you forget. She got BIG $$$$$$$$$$$$ for those stories and pics.

If It was my daughter. I would fight like hell to get her too, he saw what was going to happen, now the poor baby is being tossed from friend to friend, etc. and not with a real family member probably.

2810 days ago

William Isenberg    

Sounds like The Valley of the Dolls

2810 days ago


So Howard's locked out of the house, and Dannielynn is in some hotel room somewhere in the Bahamas with two "relatives" she's never even seen before? Amazing.

That poor child. I'm beginning to wish that social services would take her away from all of this, give her to a loving foster family where she could be raised until she's 18...which will be how long it takes to for all of the alleged "people who care about her" to get this straightened out. In that time, she could have had a healthy, normal life, been raised, and wind up as a healthy, normal adult. But nooo, that would make too much sense.

2810 days ago


Live and die on the camera

Anna Nichole's paramedic cell phone video CPR

2810 days ago
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