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Anna's Final Booze-Fueled Hours

2/10/2007 5:01 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The days leading up to Anna Nicole Smith's death were filled with booze, late-night partying and a hotel room stocked with prescription pills.

According to the New York Daily News, a bouncer from the Hard Rock Hotel says Anna Nicole was wasted early Tuesday morning. "She was messed up. She couldn't walk on her own," he says. "Her bouncer was on one side and her lawyer friend on the other."

And just hours before she died she was seen doing shots at the hotel's Central Bar. A bartender says the blonde bombshell looked "plastered" and was slurring her speech. She then moved the party upstairs, where her room looked like a "pharmacist's shop" allegedly stocked with Xanax, Provigil, Fentanyl and Methadone.

Another Daddy for Dannielynn: A Dead Billionaire

As if things weren't confusing enough -- now there's a fourth possible baby daddy for Anna Nicole's daughter, Dannielynn: J. Howard Marshall, who's been dead more than 10 years.

The bombshell was dropped by Anna's half-sister, Donna Hogan, in a manuscript –- aptly titled "Train Wreck" -- she wrote, reports the New York Daily News. She alleges that her deceased sis froze the sperm of her 90-year-old hubby before he died, and used it to become pregnant as a "trump card" in winning the ongoing legal battle for the billionaire's estate.

Stern Steers Clear of Bahamas Drama

As the custody battle for Dannielynn heats up, People magazine reports that, despite Anna Nicole's mother touching down on Bahamian soil, the baby is with Howard K. Stern's mother and sister in the Bahamas while the supposed father stays in Florida. "Of course he wants to be with [Dannielynn]," says Smith's lawyer Ron Rale, "but I don't know exactly when he will get there." Before Anna Nicole died, a high-ranking Bahamian official was watching the baby.

Gawkers Can't Get Enough of Anna

In the wake of her death, DVD sales for Anna Nicole's reality show are skyrocketing. Since Thursday, its ranking on has soared an amazing 180,000 percent, moving from number 27,014 to 15.

In Other News...

Britney Spears ditched her bodyguards to party with some friends at hotspot Tenjune. Page Six reports that she was at the club till the wee hours, and had the DJ play four tracks from her upcoming album ... Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne are having a garage sale this weekend, according to IMDB News. They will charge a $10 entrance fee to get into their West Hollywood house, which will benefit the Sharon Osbourne Colon Cancer Program at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center ... Director Gus Van Sant pled no contest to DUII (driving under the influence of intoxicants) and will enter a one-year rehabilitation program, reports the New York Post.

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No Avatar

Finally exposed - shes a wierdo    

This should be the capper to the ANS story: the people from the town she claims to come from (another lie from this woman; she came from Houston & moved there while in Junior High) don't plan to do anything special for her now that she's dead; many are embarrased to be associated with her:

ANS lied (whenever she wanted to or when it was to her advantage), stole (she has a record of theft arrests), manipulated people (apparently she's told numerous people her baby was theirs, etc), was incredibly cruel to her former husband & all his staff (he died in a Houston hospital, calling out her name, while she was out drinking drugging & screwing an on-the-side boyfriend in LA), was a drug addict & alcoholic and was the most self indulgent & self centered person to walk planet earth. Uneducated, illiterate, empty headed & self destructive. Her only skill was to take off her clothes to show her surgically enhanced chest. Stop lionizing this woman, TMZ & ANS lovers; she was the most disreputable & reprehensible cow to foist herself on society; she embodies everything we strive to overcome. Her 15 minutes of fame are up; it's time to move on.

2775 days ago


#41. You are a lieing pig.

2775 days ago


NIcole was a sad example of how people can want to be famous soooo badly that they will DO anything. Most listen to people that don't have their best interests in mind. She did some silly stuff and was the butt of awful jokes for years; just to be noticed. I really feel sorry for Nicole's little girl. One day she'll have to be told why her mother is not in her life. That will be a truely sad day.

2775 days ago


The people around her were enablers. If her good friend Howard really did care about her he would have gotten her to a rehab immerdiately. Maybe he saw what was coming in dollar signs.

2775 days ago


actually, she's spot on. And if you'd get over your self-righteousness, you'd see plenty of people in the street protesting the useless sacrafice of the lives lost by our military in Iraq... Support the Military not the admin.

2775 days ago


Frozen sperm...hell Marshall was 90 years old...he was lucky he had blood circulating...never mind sperm. He would have needed a hoist to get it up...someone has a vivid imagination to think she had a sexual relationship with the old geezer.

2775 days ago



2775 days ago

Finally exposed - shes a wierdo    

Hey #43, looks like you need to learn how to spell. I agree with #41 on a lot of his/her stuff (although I think he/she needs to tone it down a little). Anna was a real piece of work. She did lie (I read that link on #43; according to the article, she did lie about coming from Mexia; she in fact came from Houston), she stole (it's a verifiable fact, based on her court documents on The Smoking gun website), she manipulated people (the way she let her husband die alone is unforgiveable). She WAS self indulgent & self centered; it was her defining characteristic. I can't think of any skills she had (she couldn't sing, couldn't dance; she certainly couldn't act (I've saw a movie she was in & she was terrible; good thing it was a dvd rental) & couldn't hold down a job like us normal folks do).

She will be remembered; unfortunately, not for good reasons. Her fans will not agree with this, but she will be remembered for her marriage to that older gentleman (which I thought from the start was a money grab), her subsequent battle in court to get as much money from his estate as possible (including her incomprehensible babbling on the witness stand), her E! reality show (which showed her to be massively overweight, constantly zonked on substances & bitchy) and the way she died (hopped up on prescription painkillers & booze). It's too bad, but it was how she lived her life (and ultimately ended it). Now, life goes on...

2775 days ago


Anna's money should be placed in trust for baby D.L. until she turns 18 and NOTHING SHOULD GO TO THAT DUEL MURDERING SCUM SUCKING PILE OF MUCUOS known as Howard K. Stern. It doesn't realy surprise me though to see that she was off her face right up til the end, that's just the way Stern wanted her. If she sobored up she probably would have ditched his ass and gone back to Larry.


2775 days ago


She might have been so depressed over Daniel that she just wanted to die. She might have OD'd hoping it would kill her. Howard might have thought she couldn't be helped so he figured why bother.

2775 days ago

Finally exposed - shes a wierdo    

She's gone, and all the hand wringing about who she was or what happened will not bring her back. Let's learn from all the stuff about her, apply it positively to our own lives & get on with living!

2775 days ago


Actually #41 is spot on.
The fact that Anna is dead now changes things a bit, people arn't so willing to bag her so much now; unless they're being honest of course. A few days ago they would have slagged her off like that, now they're being so nice and considerate and willing to forget all the shit she pulled, and lets face it she really pulled some crap in her time and treated a lot of people like garbage, thats why so many people couldn't stand her; your's truly included.
I hated her ever since I heard she was trying to rip off old man Marshalls family out of their inheritance, and of course the fact that she had married him in the first place, just to get his money of course; no one could deny that that was the reason, let's face it, would she had married him had he been brike! NO FUCKING WAY IN HELL! This woman spent money ike there was no tommorrow and she spent most of her life wasted, " what a waste of a life"
All that really matters now is that DannieLynne is placed with the right person, and I believe Larry is the best person for the job at this point in time, I just hope the paternity test goes his way.

2775 days ago


She should have known that combination of many different pills in large quantities and combined with alcohol would kill her. I think Stern is also a drug addict.

2775 days ago


To # 6 Jen and anyone else talking about Rosie trashing Anna Nicole.
Please YouTube it to see for yourselves. Some of Rosie's comments have been edited to please the bloggers. She was simply saying that all the news about Anna Nicole was a distraction from the real issues facing this country, such as our precious men and women losing their lives everyday for an un-just war. She did not know that Anna Nicole was going to die that day and Friday's View was pre-taped. See for yourselves. Rosie didn't say anything about her that was misleading or meant to be personally hurtful. She expressed what we all saw on ET and Inside Edition, that Anna Nicole was troubled and obviously slurring her words. She also mentioned how sad the entire situation was for Anna, dealing with the recent death of Daniel. She did not attack her like so many bloggers have, Perez was most likely the meanest of them all and nobody attacks him for his complete lack of dignity towards her passing. He posted pictures of her with his trademark rude captions moments after the news of her passing. In my opinion, if any of you readers wish to continue reading Perez's blog with the knowledge that he make money because of his crudness and hatred of certain celebrities, but still will not post anything about Paris Hilton's racial rantings, that's your business. You are contributing to his hatefulness that he tries to disquise as humor.
About Dannielynn, I for one, would be thrilled for that little girl if her father did turn out to be J. Howard Marshall because then the Marshall family might take a step in and protect her as one of their own and the money would not be an issue like it is for Anna's mother, sister and so called husband who sat by and watched her slowly killing herself with the drugs that he procured for her. He loved her so much that while she suffered with a 105 degree fever, choose to sit her in a tub of ice, instead of rushing her to the hospital. Loved her so much that he never intervened even when she was seen tossing back numerous shots of alcohol the day before she died. Loved her so much that he never sent her to re-hab. This poor women never stood a chance with this low life hanger-on.
I believe they will find her death to be a fentanyl OD which is a very strong narcotic and is not in a pill form, but is a type of cherry tasting lozenge that is takien by holding it between your cheek and gums. That's why there were no pills found in her stomache. Very clever HK Stern.

2775 days ago
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