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This Week's Biggest Losers 02/10/2007

2/10/2007 4:58 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sure, we could do our usual thing and tag people like Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake for trying to outdo each other post breakup (Diaz, with her my-new-boyfriend-is-like-this-breadstick demo during a dinner at Cut in Beverly Hills, would likely win). But in the wake of Anna Nicole Smith's untimely death, it seems only fitting to invoke the exception rule, and take serious stock of those she left behind.

Anna Nicole Smith with Danielynn tattooDannielynn Hope Marshall: This young tyke is only five months old, but already she has lost a half brother and her mother. According to People Magazine, Dannielynn is being cared for in the Bahamas by the mother of Immigration Minister Shane Gibson, in advance of what will no doubt be an extremely ugly custody battle. Her mom idolized Marilyn Monroe, the blonde bombshell with whom Smith was often compared. But now it is Dannielynn who must suddenly follow in the footsteps of Norma Jean and other real-life celebrity orphans, such as Deborah Harry and Dana Plato.

Howard K. Stern and Anna Nicole SmithHoward K. Stern: Blogger Perez Hilton wasted no time in the wake of Smith's death, restating his belief that the attorney is responsible for the death of Smith's son, and now, "the only known person alive who knows his part in the son's death." But Howard K. was not at the Hard Rock Hotel room at the time of her death, and Seminole, Florida Deputy Police Chief Michael Browne told the Associated Press they had interviewed everyone connected to the event and that it was not being treated as a foul play situation. If Howard K.'s marriage to Smith is deemed legal, and he goes on to inherit her full estate, he will trickle up to the top of many other people's hate lists.

Larry BirkheadLarry Birkhead: While expressing words of devastation on his personal website, former Smith boyfriend Birkhead also quickly went on the offensive. Birkhead's lawyer Debra Opri filed an emergency order for custody of Dannielynn and sought Friday in L.A. Superior Court to obtain a separate emergency order for DNA tests on Smith's body, as part of the ongoing paternity battle between Birkhead and Howard K (the latter attempt was denied). If you thought the legal morass surrounding Smith's battle with the family of Howard Marshall II for the oil heir's billions was messy, you ain't seen nothing yet.

Virgie Arthur: In a brazen bit of tough love, Smith's mother quickly made her thoughts known via "Nancy Grace," "Good Morning America" and elsewhere. After echoing Perez Hilton's claims that Smith's son Danny could not logically have died from an accidental overdose, she took her daughter to post-mortem task, saying that she had warned Smith against the perils of drugs and the people who came along with them. Certainly, anyone who saw Smith's last interview on "Entertainment Tonight" couldn't help but feel that she wasn't entirely herself (a thought echoed on "Good Morning America" by ET co-host Mark Steines). Arthur also threw her hat into the paternity-suit ring, insisting that it is Birkhead who is the father of Dannielynn, not Howard K.

Ron RaleRon Rale: While Wikipedia worked overtime to remove some of the more scurrilous user additions to Anna Nicole's file (ex: "She's dead. F***ing dead. Get over it."), the other attorney in Smith's life found himself suddenly thrust into a whole new level of client defense. For example, he decried the move by Howard K.'s attorney to get a DNA swab from Smith's body (a request denied Friday in L.A. Superior Court), telling People magazine that he thought "it was the lowest form of behavior I'd ever heard of." He was also privy on the FOX News Channel to something less egregious, but no less unsavory; anchor Rita Crosby delivering the news of Smith's death during an interview with Rale, and then quickly going on to dub it as an "exclusive."

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We, are not amused.    

#33 cynthia lindsey,
#34 ujay:
Thank you, thank you very much!
Insecure? Gee Doc, I guess so...I mean if you SAY so!
At least I'm not afarid to use Capital letters when I sign my tag line....

2791 days ago


#1 it did say half brother not step brother

2791 days ago


lol are u kidding?? she had affairs all over hollywood..even with JFK. The only difference between her and ANS was that mariyln didn't have any children due to her affairs which is a surprise!

2791 days ago


i have to agree with # 5 and # 8 on this. i also have to say that no matter what Anna Nicole was a human being, yes she had problems but who among us doesn't. JUDGE NOT LEST YE BE JUDGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that little baby already has a uphill struggle and the way it's going right now with all the legal stuff she'll be lucky if the lawyers don't end up with all the money and then where will she be?? i'm not judging Anna's mother and half-sister, why didn't they step up before now , her mother as a "law Officer" knows there are ways to have people committed without their consent. is it because of money they want to be involved now??? yes Annawas troubled and she may have even fabricated some of the events in her life, but God help each of you that has no compassion and understanding.

2791 days ago


I think we will find out that Howard is also addicted. He looked terrible in the last clip I saw. His eyes were slits. She looked bad too. Despite all we know about addiction today, many, many, more will die.

2791 days ago

Questionable??? are a waste of space! Complete 100% meaningless! You have no point and your words just reflect on what a piece of crap you are in your poor pathetic little world! To wish ANYONE death and to burn in hell only shows us true meaning to life and that people like yourself are worth nothing in the true world around us! She did not deserve to die and not even the people that I hate the most dont deserve death, nor do you...but you are nothing in the human race! And you clain to be perfect????? What a joke! Do judge people that you dont know and assume what "you" think they are about based on the news... She deserved to be here more than the scum we have around us like you! Watch what you say "Mate" karma might be kicking you in the ass here real quick!

2791 days ago

We, are not amused.    

STOP IT!!!!!

2791 days ago

We, are not amused.    

She killed herself because she knew that she was not living the right kind of life. She was scamming and ripping old men off and she hated herself and what she'd become and she took a bunch of pills, swilled a bunch of booze and died. It's sad, but true. We'll miss you ANS and always think fondly of you, and Daniel and little Danielynn, and Spot and Mr. Whiskers (they were our dog and cat when we were young) oh, and Oscar and Felix, they were the two hampsters my brother had...Oh, lest I forget my pony well he wasn't a real pony it was one of those broomsticks with a horsey head, my stepdad broke it over my moms head when he come home early one night and found her "wrestling" with a couple of colored guys....

2791 days ago


The poor woman was depressed. I'm not defending anything that she did, but the woman lost her son only days after the birth of her child, she was being sued left, right and centre, and she was having to deal with an ex boyfriend (who may or may not be the child's father) forcing her to have a paternity test so he could take the child from her. She was also having to deal with her mother and ex boyfriend selling their stories, as well as being hounded 24/7 by the media. I don't blame her for needing all that medication. The woman didn't have any time to grieve and was having to defend herself and her loved ones everyday. I have only seen interviews with her on Entertainment Tonight, but from what I could see she was a caring woman who loved both her children. She doted on her daughter and was distraught over the death of her son. I could tell that she wasn't coping and I don't blame her. I have depression and find it hard to cope with everyday life - I would not have been able to cope with the amount of scrutiny the woman was going through. Sometimes life just gets too hard to deal with and I believe that she just couldn't cope anymore.

2791 days ago


This video shows the fight for Anna Nicole Smith's life. i got it form

2791 days ago


I think that we should all hold off on any critisism, until after she is buried... is that too much to ask? The family and loved ones are still coming to terms with this.... they never did anything to us... let's show a little respect here, huh?

2790 days ago


Doesn't anyone see how much pain this woman was in? And not just since Daniel's death, but her whole life. Yes, she was very screwed up. She was acting out and she was with a lot of men. It seems to me that she was just trying to find someone to love her and treat her like a human being. She never knew who her friends were, and she didn't know who to trust. Yes, she was on a lot of drugs, but the only thing found in her hotel room were prescription drugs. People are blaming Howard for not getting her off the pills, but what about the doctors who prescribed them.? Maybe Howard thought the pills would help her. If a doctor prescribed them, they were supposed to help her. And did anyone think that Howard could be in pain too? Maybe he was just as depressed as she was and wasn't capable of caring for her any better than he did. Anyone who watched the Anna Nicole show knows that Howard played a big part in caring for Anna and Daniel. He lost someone in his life too when Daniel died. And now he's lost Anna too. And may lose the baby he's been raising. Whether he's the biological father or not, he has raised this baby since birth and will be losing someone else he cares for if it turns out he isn't the father. No one knows what went on in their private lives. I do know that this whole thing has been tragic and people have been hurt,and a poor little girl will now grow up without a mother and will have to deal with all that's being said about her life. We don't really know how many men Anna slept with, we don't know what feelings there really were between her and Howard, and we don't know how what drugs she may or may not have taken, though it did appear that she was on something, legal or not. All we know is the side of the story that's been played out for the media. How many people in Hollywood show their true selves to the camera? How many have made up parts of their past to make the story more interesting? I'm not defending anyone, and I'm not trying to say Howard was an innocent bystander. All I'm saying is that he ma be. I just think that we need to remember that there are two sides to every story and without the facts, we shouldn't be so judgmental. Let the facts come out before we condemn everyone involved. I just hope that in death Anna now will find the peace with Daniel that she could never find in life. At least everyone should be able to agree that she did love her son, and was devastated by his loss. The death of a child under normal circumstances is almost impossible to deal with. Who can say how they would have handled it if their lives were as screwed up as Anna"s?

2790 days ago

B.B Kings Momma    

Breaking News!
Anna's House broken into!
Theif got away with Computers,Paintings, Photos, andHome Videos!
Police belives theifs was a closefriendor employee.
Howard K Stern in the Bahama's today with Dannielynn,
warns anna's mother to stay away from baby!

2790 days ago


I had read a while back that someone had written an autobiography about Monroe saying she had given birth to a baby girl. Another one of those deals where they didn't know who the daddy was, but it was kept quiet. You know, back then it was shamefull to be a slut, but now, it's how some people make their money.

2790 days ago


I ask someone to respect the dead, & I get jumped on for it? What kinda "opinion" is your "yea! the whore is dead!"?? Man...I was never a "fan" of ANS & I'm here for fun and gossip like everyone else...but anyone raised with ANY decency knows that you respect the dead, fan or foe. And NO, I'm not "pious"*t, I'm extremely FAR from it! But, unlike you(going by your OWN post), my personal happiness doesn't rely on being hateful "just because"! So, "Magic Moment" person...that kid MAY be "eating out of silver spoons..." or whatever your moronic statement was, but apparently in your mind(what a lovely place to be, I'm sure), if a large sum of money is inherited/involved, it must make her mother's death all better, correct? I don't envy someone b/c they are lucky enough to inherit LOADS of cash----I certainly WISH I could---but not at the expense of losing someone in my life. That doesn't make me "holy" or "pious" makes me HUMAN.

And now that I have responded to someone who will probably just respond by beinh hateful just to BE hateful and calling it his "opinion", I'm done with this particular thread. It's not about you and I, it's about what's actually LEFT of that child's "family".(that term being used loosely) The $$ is an afterthought for me. Like I said, the WHOLE damn thing is absurd, unfortunate and sad. Or at least, it IS for those of us who give half a sh*t about children who can't help who or where they come from.

2790 days ago
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