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Howard Cashes in on Anna's Death

2/11/2007 5:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

There's a huge buzz going on among people connected with Anna Nicole who are outraged over the fact that Howard K. Stern sat down with "Entertainment Tonight" for an exclusive interview just days after her death. The inside scoop is that Stern was paid a bundle for the interview, which will air during the all-important sweeps period. The sit-down has created enormous bitterness among some people in Anna Nicole's inner circle.


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This whole thing has become a circus. It is really noones business what happened between Nicole, or Daniel or Howard. Unless you really know what it is like to try to control and addict, you have no idea. what is involved. Roxanne

2769 days ago

Carl Allen    

There is No Doubt, The Slime Ball Howard Stern is
G U I L T Y!!!!


2769 days ago


I agree with the previous supportive comment of Howard. Leave the man alone and allow him to mourn in peace. I feel that man truly loved her as she of him...I too agree that without him, Anna may not have lasted as long as she did. Anna lost a child, gave birth to a child and it was Howard who she went was Howard whom supported her. If he does recieve payment, does it really matter...he has bills and he is not working at present so he has to bring in money somehow...leave him in peace to grieve.

2768 days ago


whatever Howard K Stern involves himself in is of no surprise to me,
This is a guy that has never had a job, never earned a living and is probably gay,
Sponging off his client for years is all he knows how to do.
A Male Pimp who prostitued poor Anna. Now he has lost his
paycheck. I wouldn't be surprised , if he gains custody of her corpse, then travels the Carny Circuit with her remains charging
for a quick peek.
When the term low life was created Howard was first in line to claim the title.
As a jew I am embarassed by this self proclaimed member of our faith.
May our God punish this pathetic person for his transgressions all of his adult life.
So say We all!

2768 days ago


If howard could'nt have Anna nobody would. Howard killed her for money and was also jealous of Larry and frustrated that he could never have her. That commitment ceremony was a joke and designed to make it look like howard was the father when she knew it was really larrys. Howard said things to make an already paranoid Anna think badly of larry. First he killed the son then it was so easy to give anna to much medication since we all know she was on drugs.her. This judge is a joke and using Anna for a piece of the limelight just like everyone else. I hope Anna is finally at peace now.

2765 days ago


Well I think ank/hks were a couple of freaks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As for Larry Birkhead------ I hope he gets his daughter.
With all the drugs that went thru her--- it is hard to tell
what kind of condition she may end up in. Has anyone thought of that?
Her own mother didn't even care what she went thru. ans must've
been a real NO Good/ obviously she cared as much as her own
mother virgie whoever she is. Hell virgie won't even let her be buried
till she is falling apart so maybe ans is ALOT like her mother?

2762 days ago

Free BabyGurl Now    

if that's the same tape howard and his lawyer christy played in the courtroom, showing a snarling anna (with howard talking into her ear), claiming her mother was hideously abusive ... well, that was just anna telling more lies to avoid becoming the object of suspicion. she lied to multiple people about who was DannieLynn's father because she wanted to be in total control of dannielynn, without the "interference" of dannielynn's dad. that's why she tried to establish residency in the bahamas--to try to cut off larry birkhead's paternal rights. so we know she's not above lying to get her way. by the time of the ET interview, anna already knew that larry birkhead had filed his paternity suit to gain custody of DannieLynn and that larry and virgie arthur had met and had a common goal vis-a-vis DannieLynn.

also, we now know that one of the drugs responsible for her son, daniel's, death was methadone. methadone is a prescription drug. and only those for whom it is prescribed can take it legally. it was anna's methadone prescription, anna's methadone that was in daniel's body when he died in anna's hospital room.

flash back to when anna was a single mom and daniel was her baby boy >>>>> anna GAVE DANIEL, her baby boy, to none other than her own mother, VIRGIE ... for SEVEN YEARS ... day in and day out. from the time he was 1 to the time he was 7 years old, daniel wayne smith lived with his grandmother virgie.

everybody agrees that anna was an awesome mother
and that her son daniel meant the world to her
and that she'd never intentionally hurt daniel.
sooooooo ....... OBVIOUSLY ..... anna never would have entrusted daniel to the care of virgie if virgie had done any of the things anna said she did in that ET interview.

in the ET interview, anna was doing the same thing a lot of custodial parents do when their custody of the child is challenged ... she accused her opponent of child abuse ... in light of the fact that her only other child, daniel, had died in front of her ... with her drugs in his body ... in the HOSPITAL room where she held her NEWBORN BABY ... some might see her anna an unfit mother ...

the ET interview was anna's attempt to smear the very mother (virgie) in whose care DANIEL HAD SURVIVED AND THRIVED FOR SEVEN YEARS ... to try to prevent that same mother from having access to DannieLynn.

2761 days ago


It is a darn shame, that this society feeds off this type of moral disgust. Yes, he that is without sin cast the first stone & people living in glass houses should keep their traps shut. I my self have experienced some of this type of pain and you know something everyone who has lost a parent, brother, or sister has gone through similar situations. I didn't like it when I was acused of killing my mother and/or stealing her money from some of my relatives. But you know what, I know what is truth and God truly brought me through it b/c when mother needed help no one volunteered to help or even let her move into their home except for me. So I spent her last six to ten years doing what I could for her but that didn't matter to them. I remember that Mother had always said, "don't judge less ye be willing to be judged and remember to love your enemies, even those who persecute you. Please for God sakes let the woman be buried with somekind of dignity and respect, afterwards, you all can act like vultures. I only pray that Dannielynne end up not being the daughter of any of those men but maybe she might be from Marshal's sperm bank, therefore, the child be placed in the custody of an administrator/guardian until her 21st birthday, away from all this bullshit, including the debacled grandparents (Ms. Virgie) God help us all. Anelsen

2760 days ago


Well, even FOX NEWS is trashing ET's interviews with Howard & Anna! And Stern Pressures Larry TODAY to sign a deal!!

Howard K. Stern Plays Hardball With Larry Birkhead
Friday, March 02, 2007

By Roger Friedman


Anna Nicole: Stern Pressures Larry to Sign Deal

Anna Nicole Smith's two baby daddies (I don't know what else to call them) continue to be in a tug-of-war this morning, even as their beloved cash cow is readied for burial.

Overnight, attorney Howard K. Stern — whose hold on the situation is starting to slip — has been strong-arming photographer Larry Birkhead to do a couple of things: keep Birkhead's legal reps out of Anna Nicole Smith's Bahamas funeral, sign a contract deal with "Entertainment Tonight" and acquiesce even further regarding the future of baby Danniellynn.

Stern, as I told you the other day, has already had one secret meeting with Birkhead in which he cut out the photographer's lawyers.

I'm told that Stern has kept up the pressure on Birkhead, actually presenting him with contracts, sources say, in which Birkhead would join Stern for more exclusive interviews on "Entertainment Tonight" and "The Insider."

"Howard wanted Larry to sign so that it looked like everyone was in agreement, and that it wasn't just Howard benefiting from these deals," my source said. "Larry said the baby's guardian should sign the papers for him and the baby, but he wouldn't. So then Larry wouldn't."

At the same time, Stern is trying to negotiate separately with Birkhead, away from his attorneys, to sign a deal by which Stern would continue to be in baby Danniellyn's life and oversee her finances.

Stern, my sources say, is working as quickly as he can to effect these agreements before he has to turn over the baby to Birkhead, her biological father.

Sources say that Birkhead's representatives are considering taking legal action against Stern's side to prevent further communication between the two sides as soon as today.

The problem, sources also say, is that Birkhead — a novice in these games — continues to be intimidated by Stern.

"Entertainment Tonight" and "The Insider," both owned by CBS Paramount Television, have denied paying for interviews. But I'm told their method – it's semantics — is to "license" footage either directly from Stern or through a third party.

Recently, "ET" used Solana Productions of Southern California in such a deal. Neither Solana or anyone from CBS Paramount answered calls yesterday.

Anna Nicole: Dead, and For Sale

Today, Anna Nicole Smith — a ridiculous person who accomplished just about nothing in her life — will be buried in the Bahamas.

There are several wars taking place all over the world, not to mention famines; artists are hard at work, movies are opening, buildings are going up, diseases are being investigated. But hey: Anna Nicole is being buried, and "Entertainment Tonight" will be there for every cheesy second of it.

That's because "Entertainment Tonight" and "The Insider," two half-hour shows syndicated by CBS's Paramount TV, have paid a high price for this honor.

Real insiders (not the kind you have to pay for info) tell me that Paramount TV cut the deal with Howard K. Stern, Anna Nicole's lawyer and Svengali, right after her son Daniel died of a methadone overdose in her Bahamian hospital room last September.

Paramount TV has denied this, somewhat passively, so far. But my sources say it they paid Stern around $3 million initially, and that this was renegotiated right after Anna Nicole herself died on February 8th of this year.

Of course, we could believe that Stern — who in court told clueless Florida probate judge Larry Seidlin that he was living off his parents — just loves "ET." Anything's possible.

But the reality is that Anna Nicole's death has proven to be a ratings-sweep godsend.

Linda Bell Blue, the show's executive producer, previously helmed Paramount's ugly tabloid show, "Hard Copy." For years she's had to sit through Mary Hart's tedious, publicist-arranged interviews with low-level TV stars, just waiting for this moment: a huge celebrity death, in a sweeps month, and already contracted for!

As recently as last night, "ET" correspondent Mark Steines was reporting "from inside" Anna Nicole's Bahamas mansion — no mention of the fact that it didn't belong to her, and that the landlord is kicking everyone out.

Steines had "the inside scoop" about the B-list country singer who would serenade Anna Nicole into the next life, the color of her burial gown ("pink!") and what would be inside the coffin (with any luck, Anna Nicole).

Steines performs these interviews — as he has since last Nov. 1, when he had his first "exclusive" after Smith's son, Daniel, d

2756 days ago



2755 days ago


This surprises anyone??

2775 days ago


They are lucky Anna had Howard for the 5 months after Daniel died. Do you really think she would have lived that long with out him? I think people need to lay off of him.Who cares if he got a little cash from an interview, maybe he needs to set the record one knows and no one should be so quick to judge. I said it from all along on this site that everyone should have just left Anna alone. I hope Larry feels like the biggest a**hole in the world

2775 days ago


disgrace! THIS MAN HAS NO COOTH!!!!!

2775 days ago


Are we really surprised by this? Bastard! The guy is a snake. I truly think he has something to do with Daniel's death. This whole situation is just sad and the real victim at this point is that poor baby. God help her...

2775 days ago


Everyone needs to get off this man's back. He has to make a living too. Everyone in the media business is backs MILLIONS off the coverage about his terrible loss and tragic life. He should be afforded the same chance. I wished the whole world would respect ANNA NICOLE'S obvious choices and leave this man alone. You have no idea what the real causes of death of her and her son and it is a crime to say he had anything to do with it until it is PROVEN that he did. If you have any respect for the deceast Mother Anna Nicole, you will give this guy a break. He is in pure Hell right now and as common descency you should wait until all the facts come out before judging him. I am personally glad that he got paid to tell his story. He is going to have millions due in legal fees. It is his right.

2775 days ago
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